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Let's Talk Nawlins Wideouts

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; It could be a very interesting camp. her's what we have and my immediate thoughts- HORN- #1 but definitely at the age when WRs get real old real fast. His attitude might not be a great match with Payton. I ...

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Let's Talk Nawlins Wideouts

It could be a very interesting camp. her's what we have and my immediate thoughts-

HORN- #1 but definitely at the age when WRs get real old real fast. His attitude might not be a great match with Payton. I think he will have a big year if he stays healthy. After that, no one knows.

STALLWORTH- rumored on the trading block, has seemed to toughen up and get over injury bug. He does seem like a better match in a more vertical offensive game. Gotta think attitude is an issue for the trade talk. Free agent next year, I'd rather get a high second round pick for him than see him walk away with no compensation.

HENDERSON- has been erratic but Haz played him so little it is hard to tell what exactly he can and cannot do. If he has what it takes i could see him taking over at a starting spot. If not, he probably won't have much future in NOLA since he was a Haz guy.

LEWIS- if he isn't back to his former kick return threat level he may not even make the team. He isn't good for much besides that. It was a nice story but it may be over.

CHRIS HORN- looks like a stud special teamer and classic backup to me.

HASS- he already seems to be a fan favorite! a classic west coast offense posession guy. Looks like a great fit in this group.

LYMAN- if ever healthy he could be another ideal WC receiver. that IF is so big that he may be on the practice squad this year. Then again, he could be as good as the #3 guy.

COLSTON- Reminds me a lot of Lyman but a bit bigger/slower but much more healthier. A big jump from Hofstra to the NFL. Plenty of Hall of Famers have jumped that far though. Probably raw enough to keep and develop.

POOLE- will have to have a "heckuva" preseason to stick IMO

Looks like the practice squad will have a couple of good guys on it! Trading someone for areas of greater need looks very sensible.
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Horn isinthe last couple of years in football, but I think he's still top shelf. with a good QB he should be great. He made some rally tough catches that should look a bit more unspectacular when actually on target.

I think his replacement is Hass. Something about the kid just screams pro bowl. I think he is one to def. keep an eye on over this season. He and Lyman. If he can stay healthy.

I guess my wild cardis stallworth. I wonder how he responds to the trade talk and the obvious questions about his ability. I kinda wanted us to make a move and get Walker, but i'm glad we didn't.

All of them should be in for a treat though with Brees, Bush and Deuce (BBD! - instead of AB's playing like Bobby Brown) in the backfield to scare the hell out of defenses
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Ok...lets break this down....

Horn...although he talks a lot the truth is he gives his all each and every single down. Payton will like that regardless of Horn's behavior.

Stallworth...last year he finally showed us that he can play. He was tough, durable, and effective. I'm sure if his attitude does not get in the way he will do fine although I agree he is best used as a deep threat. If Payton is gonna run West Coast then I expect to see Stallworth running more slant routes and posts. Lets face it...if Stallworth can catch a slant pass and there happens to be daylight in the middle of the field...he is gonna look a lot like Jerry Rice used to when he ran the slant.

Henderson...like LK said.....he has shown flashes of brilliance but never played long enough. Personally...I think he will do very well. he's eager, young, and quick. He has made some amazing catches and I think he will do very well.

Lewis...kick returner. Period. Although he has made his share of contributions from the wideout position....at his age and with the abundance of recievers (especially the young ones) he really only serves one purpose on this team now. Returning punts and kicks. Truthfully I hope he comes back. Sure he is a little old but he can still fly and he has always been a benefit to our special teams.

Hass...if the reports are accurate (including what we saw from rookie camp) then we are looking at the next Eric Martin. Maybr even the next Jerry Rice even though I really don't want to be so bold. Not too fast....not too flashy...but never, ever, ever drops a pass. Its always good to have a security blanket on the field and it looks like this guy WILL be starting for us next year.

Lyman... I hear when healthy he is good. Size does matter at the reciever position. Not saying the little guys never produce cause Chrebet obviously proved us all wrong but this man is tall. A good back up for fades and design plays.

My 2 cents....
I can't speak too much about the other guys cause I really have not seen or heard much about them
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I think Stallworth will have another good year, hopefully better. I see 1,000 yards this year, and if we trade him, watch him bust out and become All-Pro (just guessing) But your right, hopefully the injure bug has left him. I duno much abuot Hass, but hopefully he is the reception guy we need. Has Henderson ever learned the play book? I remember thats why he wasn't out there his rookie year.
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Here's my take on the receivers:

Horn: A question mark this season due to age. Can he stay healthy for an entire season? If he can, he'll still be a top receiver. I see a drop in his statistics, because Brees is the prototypical QB for a west coast offense, and the TE and runningbacks will be utilized more. However, this could keep Horn healthier without taking a lot of hits. Will his ego be able to handle it? He may be dialing his way out of New Orleans after this season just for that reason.

Stallworth: Stepped up his game on a pathetic team last year and stayed healthy. Will he be able to keep it up? Will he be traded? Could very well explode for his first 1,000+ yard season, but also could be bumped down the depth chart if he doesn't respond well to trade rumors. This guy is an enigma.

Hass: There is no secret that I wish I were the love child of Mike Hass. This kid is special. I truly think that if there is anyone who can dethrone Stallworth of the #2 receiver spot, it's Hass. There have been many comparisons made about him by people on the board, however. If he reads any of these forums, I hope he doesn't let the pressure get to him.

Colston: Future TE. Could be another Boo Williams but not with such high expectations. That may prove to work in his favor. Could have the potential to become a decent TE after he learns the position.

Lewis: Not sure if he's ever going to regain his Pro Bowl form. Serious knee injuries are hard to overcome, especially at his age. I honestly will be shocked if he makes the team again this season. The Saints will have a much more competitive field to return kicks and punts. Future looks clouded.

Henderson: If he can learn to catch, he can be lethal. He's more of a downfield receiver, though. Burning speed is great to have, but will he able to broaden his game by going over the middle or running good routes? Not sure if he's fit for this style offense.

Lyman: He intrigues me, but seems like a wide receiver version of Cie Grant. If he stays healthy, he could be a potential #2 or #3 receiver and be the future of the Saints receiving corps with Hass and possibly Henderson. The main question is if he can stay on the field.

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If Henderson can develope into a return man he will stay with the saints after this year. The beerman will be gone. If he can fine tune being a WR, Donte is gone.
Donte breaks out and becomes what every one says he is, Henderson is done.
It is that last year of a contract that makes you wonder.
Horn's mouth may buy him a ticket out of town. Just like Smiths.
If both Donte and Henderson step up their game Horn will be gone.
One of the three will get the boot by next year. Dropped passes will not be allowed by Payton so Henderson and Stallworth are both on thin ice. Ernie better be careful.
I hate to see us pull a Bentley and let Stallworth walk.
Both our picks (Hass and Colston) are safe.
Chris we will wait and see. Special teams is a plus.
Lyman who knows? he may trip on the way to camp.
Poole is another. he seems to be better suited for a west coast system.
If they upgrade the special teams we could see all of the WR at camp on the team.

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I think either Henderson or Stallworth needs to go. They are the same reciever....exceptional speed....less than remarkable hands. Hass will be here for a while and could be REALLY good. I'd like to see him put in some work as a #3 reciever, and hopefully #2 eventually. As far as Stallworth goes, I don't think those trade rumors were an aberration. I think he will be gone by this time next year, hopefully sooner so we can get something for him(who wouldn't want a second rounder, right?). I don't think Horn's heir apparent is on our roster yet. I see a FA pickup in the next couple years or a bona fide 1st round reciever in the draft(Dwayne Jarrett, anyone?).
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WR is another position with a bunch of question marks. they could be a strong suit, or they could be aweful. Horn is 32 i think, and there have been a lot of WR's be effective in their mid to upper 30's. (Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Rod Smith, Jimmy Smith) Stallworth in my mind will have a good year because he is playing for the big money in his contract year. Henderson seems to have all the makings of a solid WR. Or at least someone you can put out there to stretch the field. Hass may be the kind of possession receiver we need, but he is not going to set the world on fire. As for the rest of them, i dont expect any contributions from them in the passing game. That includes Lewis, Lyman, Poole, Colston, C. Horn and whoever else we have.

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I personally think that WR is one of our strongest positions. Despite his age, Joe still has "it." He makes a lot of good catches, has good speed, and knows how to find the endzone. The only concern I have is his recent inability to stay healthy. Assuming that he can put those doubts to rest, we have a very solid #1 receiver.

I really like Donte Stallworth. He's got world class speed and I think that last year he vastly improved his pass catching. He's a legitimate threat after he catches the ball, and I think that if he stays with this team that he has #1 ability.

Chase Lyman is nothing in my book. I've already written him off. If he can get healthy and make a contribution, great. If not, it's OK because I've already labeled him as a bust. I would love for him to prove me wrong, and I think he has the chance with his athletic ability, but I haven't even seen the guy in a Saints uniform in a real game, so there's no reason why I should expect anything from him.

Devery made some big plays for a bad team last year. He's obviously got great speed, but his hands and route running are still suspect. I think with a little instruction from a competent coaching staff can go a long way with this kid.

I've seen Michael Lewis make some nice catches, but at this point he's nothing more than a fourth receiver IMO.

Hass has great hands and I see him making a contribution right away. #3 receiver? I think so.

Colston has great size and athletic ability and the chance to turn into a VERY good player. Will he put it all together and become a good receiver in the NFL, I doubt it.

Don't forget that Reggie Bush might very well be used as a slot receiver for a couple of downs on each drive. He's got unbelievable speed and rare pass catching ability for a "running back." I personally think he's good enough to not only be a full-time receiver, but to be a very good one as well.

And the last point I want to make which makes me believe that our WRs are going to be a really strong unit this year is the fact that they have a consistent and accurate passer throwing to them this year. Everybody has seen AB marvelous ability to throw the ball behind every receiver. Drew Brees is noted for his accurate passing. I think his addition immediately upgrades this unit and will really allow several of these guys to show the world how good they really are. It helps when your QB actually hits you in the chest with the ball...
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a lotta good observations, some knowledgeable fans fo sho.

I am of the opinion that many who live and breath black and gold have a lot deeper and better insight into the team that beat writers who have to cover thirty other teams, NCAA, or other sports too.
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