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has anyone noticed?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The offseason, so far, IMO has been very good. I think however that it has the option to swing to either a famous offseason, or maybe even an infamous one. There are several players (Brees, Simmons, B. Scott, Stoutmire, Hollis ...

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The offseason, so far, IMO has been very good. I think however that it has the option to swing to either a famous offseason, or maybe even an infamous one. There are several players (Brees, Simmons, B. Scott, Stoutmire, Hollis Thomas, and some others) that have the ability to make a very positive impact. When healthy, these guys have been some of the bright spots on their former teams. Brees has obviously been terrific, being voted into the Pro Bowl is proof of that. However, nobody honestly knows if he will be able to take shots (maybe a lot if J Brown has a big learning curve on the left side) and still get back up. Anthony Simmons has the raw talent to be, IMO, one of the best LBs in the NFL if he can stay injury-free and focused on the game on the field. He can be great, but he also has the potential to be a bust if he gets hurt. I think Brian Scott is a guy who has been flying under the radar so far this offseason. He's got all the ability in the world, but the Falcons coaching staff could never get him to put it all together on the field. If our coaches can, watch out. But maybe he will be the same guy who got torched A LOT last season. Stoutmire is old and not very athletic, but maybe we need a savvy guy back there to compliment Bullocks' athleticism. Hollis Thomas has been great for the Eagles in the past, but he is old. Will he be effective, or a bench warmer? Who knows about any of these guys? Not me, that's for sure, I can only guess. However, what I do know is that some of our best offseason moves have come by releases, not additions. We have released so many cancers that it's hard for me to remember them all. Getting rid of Brooks automatically bumps our team IQ up about 5 or 6 points. Also, his ineffectiveness to be a leader is almost as great as Brees ability to be THE leader. I think this team is really going to come together with the departure of Brooks and the introduction of a guy who has shown in the past he believes in accountability and teamwork. I also think the overhauling of the coaching staff will be huge. For years we have been known as one of the most "talented" teams in the NFL, and it made me cringe everytime I heard it because everybody knew we were wasting what we had gotten. I think this new coaching staff is all about work ethic, fundamentals, accountability, reliability, and teamwork. I think they will get the most out of guys like Mayberry, Karney, Stallworth, and others who have been known to have the talent, but have either been misguided or underutilized. I'm very optimistic right now, but we still haven't played anybody yet, so I warn you to be careful about getting too far ahead of yourselves.
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Tropical punch please.,,, Smith for nothing grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Well if we use that money for Medows or a seasoned CB then I will go with lime. Still is tough to take.
B. Scott and Stoutmire are the key. Stoutmire must give payton some real warm fuzzies and they must see some thing in Scott I have missed. not to say he is bad. Both of our young guns better step it and be ready by year 3 is all I can say. the starting postions have just been handed to them in 2008.
The OL is a concern. more one the lines of the time it is going to take to get them working as a unit. We still got some building to here also for the future.
LB is set of a year. then what? hope next year we get a big name from the FA market that is young. Briggs (Chicago) is on my short list right now. With simmons AWOL.
Talk to me after 2 years and then we will see

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