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Why McKenzie?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The more I watch these preseason games I wonder why we let Fahkir Brown go & showed McKenzie the money...

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Why McKenzie?

The more I watch these preseason games I wonder why we let Fahkir Brown go & showed McKenzie the money
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RE: Why McKenzie?

I liked Fahkir too, But don't sell Mckenzie short just yet.

I think he'll step up before too long.
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RE: Why McKenzie?

I wouldn't count Mckenzie out just yet either...
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RE: Why McKenzie?

Pre-season jitters....he'll be fine..(crossing fingers and lighting yet another candle)
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RE: Why McKenzie?

I just don't know. I mean he was pretty good last season, but even last year I watched him get caught out of position a lot. I don't think he's worth the money, but he's the only thing we got right now. After watching that preseason game, I think I'd be safe in saying that we have the worst secondary in football. They couldn't stop anything: short stuff, long stuff, plays outside, plays over the middle, screens, dump off passes, fades. Nothing. They were a joke. This group seems to be the worst unit on the team.
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RE: Why McKenzie?

he needs help out there. I have always said he is a pro bowler at the #2 not the #1 we put him at. If the DL and LB can stop the run better the S wont be leaning in for run support as much. when he gets beat watch the deep coverage. they are always a step or two late. rewind and watch the safties, they are holding for run support first, 80% of the time. besides MM had a heck of a two weeks covering some of the best WR in the NFL. I am hoping for a FA CB signing that can take over the #1 and let MM do his thing with the #2 WR.

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RE: Why McKenzie?

he needs help out there.
I agree 100 %

He is a risk taker and when he looks bad, he looks REAL bad.

Once he is in his zone though, he is right up there with the best. Consistency takes him out of the so called elite #1's in the league, but like this team, it's not from the lack of Talent.
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You know its bad when a receiver catches a pass and there is not one defender in sight on the whole TV screen! That happen like five times in the Dallas game, the camera man had to actually locate the defender to get him in the picture.
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Hind-sight is always 20-20
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I wouldn't say "worst defensive backfield"! I think our safeties are the only defensive position on the defense that is good and has a little depth! Our Ends maybe better than the safeties, but they are pretty stout!
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