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Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; What stuck out to you most? Brees- not sharp, having a season with only 9 INTs on his resume I pray we do not see any multi pick games in regular season Deuce- surprising, nice Bush/Deuce- I think this will ...

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Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

What stuck out to you most?

Brees- not sharp, having a season with only 9 INTs on his resume I pray we do not see any multi pick games in regular season

Deuce- surprising, nice

Bush/Deuce- I think this will be a backfield that will be explosive- so many options. I think Payton is keeping this atomic weapon very close to his vest until the games count. The more I see, the more I believe Bush will translate the same electricity he had in college to the NFL.

OLine- much better, at least not scary bad. Big improvement by Brown facing Freeney even if he did get lotsa help

Colston- either the real deal or one A-1 showcasing job for a trade

Stallworth- with the juggles and drops I just hope they do not let him go outright. You gotta be able to get a 3rd for him ala Lelie value.

Bethel- showed some spark to make a spot for himself. Too bad about the injury

Jammal Jones- Looks like he has earned a job. My wife and I laughed all night at him. He was voted the ugliest Saint on some website LOL

Hass- I hope seeing so little of him is not a bad sign

Devery- he had that one catch and I shouted "He didn't bobble it!" The the replay showed I was wrong. I dunno if he will ever be a real receiver that can catch with his hands.

Branch- This kid is looking so good I think he could displace Stecker even if he wasn't injured. Quite a find!

Shanle- no All Pro but a definite improvement. For having been on the other side of the ball last Monday I think he did a great job.

Lay- had a pick but that was one of the worst burns I have ever seen in the NFL

Grant/Smith- much more visible pass rush pressure

McK- whole threads devoted his abysmal performance

Carney- I sure hope they kept hughes phone number!!

Weatherford- I think he could earn a job somewhere
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RE: Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

Colston- either the real deal or one A-1 showcasing job for a trade
I'm going to say this again: "Marques Colston is the real deal!" There is no way we trade this guy. As a matter of fact.....look for him to be the #2 guy before next season.

Branch just continues to impress. Bye-Bye Stecker!

Strief is a beast at RT! I look for him to start before the season is over.

Josh Lay has the pedigree. Let's see how Ty Law's cousin plays against the 1st stringers. He could move up the depth chart quickly with the lackluster play of our secondary.

LB's still looked lost, but seemed a little more active than the last game.

DT's & CB's still suck!!!!!! Although.....I did see a little more of that motor they say Brian Young has last night.


-G.I. Joe
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RE: Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

well it was better than last week. ok the colts had 5 on the D side out of the game.
The Int in the endzone should have been caught or at least got a hand on it.
basically another solid performance by all the players from last week.
hass 2 games and 2 goose eggs could spell his doom
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RE: Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

The entire front seven played extremely well against the run. Only giving up 60 Total yards on 38 carries is pretty impressive.

As far as the defensive backs go, they really need to make a trade. If they don't bring in a legitimate option at corner it is going to be a very long year.

The offensive line did a pretty good job pass blocking, and a great job of run blocking. One thing is for certain, the screen pass is going to be a big time weapon for that offense.
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RE: Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

I think the Saints will be mediocre against the run this season. They're going to be atrocious against the pass, though.
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RE: Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

im worried about a lot of things, carney being at the top of the list. we are always involved in close games and this guy just doesnt cut it. i think having him as our kicker will cost us 2-3 wins this year
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RE: Individual Player Notes of Colts Game

Nink-still is putting up #'s, love em and he's a definite keeper

Branch-another Deuce, quicker but slower...He makes it, a very good player

Brees-has gotten better, threw a few bad ones but hasimproved on his %

Deuce/Bush-back in action and ready to go, Bush has that explosiveness and will be awesome with Deuce

Stall-improving, has some drops, but needs to tighten up

Colsto-Still a steal, a keeper and very talented player

DH-stays consistent 3 games, can he keep it up?

Jones/Hass-Bith will make it, Jones needs to take better reads and Hass needs to earn more time

Brown-played way better, and is almost good not great

Shanle-looks to be kinda good, stops the run and makes good ball play

Fincher-plays extremely hard, has a motor...Definitely could start, he's comfortable now

Holis-does what he came here for

Bullocks and Harper-seems to be starters, make a very good combo

Lay-once again, looks good and wonders why they think of his cousin Ty Law 1st, he can play too

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Ok here is what I saw I watched the game twice every 1 hating on Stallworth if he hadnt had the drops he had a good game, Our D can stop the run but the pass well thats another story, Colston is the real deal, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL GREAT TE HILTON havent seen him much Conwell did good that game, Brees isnt 100% but lets hope he is ready by the opener, Deuce looked like he did before the injurys and reggie bush did good but he has to realize the spin dosent work every time.... and he has to hold the ball closer to him not let it float out like he did on the fumble, The O-line isnt as bad as it is said to be Jammal Brown held up good against freeny MM <<<why did we give him a new deal??? just wondering...... GOO Saints !!!

I just want a pass rush... Is that so hard to find.... Apparently....
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Stallworth if he hadnt had the drops he had a good game
And if Carney hadn't missed a FG bad he had a good game, if Brees hadn't thrown two picks he had a good game, etc. etc

Unfortunately MM if he hadn't had those 3 pass interferences I still think he had a bad game.
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Run D looked good for two weeks straight.

Still need a numer one cornerback, and maybe a number two. These guys can't cover elite recievers, and most second string.

O line looked pretty good this week, as well as the returning duce looking strong.

I like the mix on play calling but the execution down field is not there.

Brees fits the bill on knowing when and where to get the ball. Unfortunatly, the ball sails on passes deeper than 15 yeards and lead to two interceptions and quite a few incompletions. Prior to his injury those would have been on the numbers, now it is something that I hope that he will be able to learn to compensate for, or don't look to see to many down field passes.

Bush better watch some film on Tiki Barber with Payton. Man he is explosive but you gotta protect the rock.
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