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The Purge continues............

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; another read and perspective: http://www.sunherald.com/mld/sunhera...s/15386018.htm Who is NEXT? Hederson?...

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The Purge continues............

another read and perspective:


Who is NEXT? Hederson?
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RE: The Purge continues............

I dunno but they called Gandy a "turnstile of a left tackle". That isht is funny!

Seems like it's taken Payton 5 months to figure out stuff Haz never could.
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I think this shows what alot of us knew over the years. Haz let these things linger and never get better...it's why the Saints never played over their heads under him.

I will say this now... I like Payton alot. He is showing the balls to come in here and do it his way. I think his way is much closer to the way a Bellichick or Parcells works than the way Haz did it.

Screw your 40 time and your athleticism. Give us football players and solid citizens.

When did this team ever overachieve? A couple of games against the Rams in 2000?

First game against Carolina last year?

They never played above their heads under Haslett and I think the coach has alot to do with it.

Was that 2002 when we had 7 wins against playoff teams including 2 against the eventual world champs? We didn't make the playoffs because we couldn't beat the Bengals/Browns/Lions/Panthers

That is a coach who does not establish consistent discipline. If we can get the right personnel in here, Sean Payton will win football games.
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Haslett's biggest problem was he could never admit he made a mistake. We all know how much influence he had as to what players the Saints acquired yet Haslett couldn't bring himself to admit Johnathan Sullivan, Tebucky Jones, Cie Grant, Wayne Gandy, Victor Riley (even Haslett couldn't cover for this idiot), etc. weren't worth a damn.
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Not to mention throwing Turley under the bus...
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agreed on Haz. I have stated it elsewhere- he played favorites, he wouldn't give new guys a fair shot no matter how they performed, he stuck with mistakes he made, he was enamored with athleticism.
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Originally Posted by LKelley67
agreed on Haz. I have stated it elsewhere- he played favorites, he wouldn't give new guys a fair shot no matter how they performed, he stuck with mistakes he made, he was enamored with athleticism.


perfect example of hasbeen not giving a new guy a shot. injured AB starts and loses last game of season and a playoff spot while 70,000 chant for jake in the dome.

that still burns me up
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Why is Jim Haiz-lit (as spurrier called him) even being mentioned on this board? We complained about him the whole time he was here (except the playoff YEAR). Now he's in St. Louis, let's not bring up his name anymore! PAYTON is giving us enough reasons to complain about our current team...hahah...he will turn it around in time! Seriously, let's not mention Haiz-lit's name anymore..it's a new era!
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I think that things are a little different between the Haz and Payton eras. People forget that Haz came in after the 99 Ditka season where we went 3 - 13 and didn't have a Hurricane to blame! Haz took almost the exact same team to the playoffs the following year! I doubt that Payton will have as much sucess. From then on anything less was a hugh letdown and Haz suffered b/c of that. Now I'm not a big fan of the Haz era but you gotta look at things in perspective. I'm sure that Haz would have loved to explode the team after 99 the way Payton has been allowed too. And as much as we want to blame the coach for every player move we can't b/c the FO has as much if not more say in those player moves. You really think that the Texans coaching staff passed on Bush? BS that was totally FO/Owner making that call. And I doubt that D. Stallworth would have been traded if he would have been in the middle of his contract instead of the end regardless of Paytons opnion of him. I guess my point is that the perception that Haz let things get this bad (team need to be exploded) are all his fault is just a little misleading. I blame the Saints Organization for the lowly postion we maintain in the NFL. Only a top to bottom change will get us to were we desire to go...
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There needed to be three purges:
Haslett - for hanging his star with Brooks instead of Jake
Brooks - for not hanging onto the ball when throwing in a forward motion
Benson - for hanging good front office folk

2 outta 3 is very good. But I'm afraid we have another Meacom on our hands. Benson's not football savvy. Meacom hired cronies. Benson fires competent people. Variations on a theme of incompetency.
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