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I'm sure I'm wrong but.....................

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm as optimistic they come especially when it comes to the Saints!!!!!!!!!!! I know we won't make any significant run playoffs or super bowl but in my opinion in most of the Saints losses I watched penalties, turnovers, and jsut ...

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I'm sure I'm wrong but.....................

I'm as optimistic they come especially when it comes to the Saints!!!!!!!!!!! I know we won't make any significant run playoffs or super bowl but in my opinion in most of the Saints losses I watched penalties, turnovers, and jsut dumb plays killed us especially on 3rd down defensively. Not to mention Antowain Smith/Aaron Stecker started at RB. If the Saints got 3 wins with that bunch, I shudder to think that we can't get at least double that this year. No Brooks, no hurt Deuce, No hurt Joe, a proven starter at LB, best RB tandem possible(IMO perfect compliments), MM with a chip on his shoulder, better coach, more discipline, Will Smith(budding SUPERSTAR IMO), Josh Bullocks(ball hawk), good corps of young recievers, Drew Brees > Brooks, solid LB additions, more aggressive play-calling on defense. I think we should win at least 3 division games at least maybe 4 because we should win the home opener off pure emotion. Granted our division will be a killer and we have to find a way to beat the Panthers. I don't know about you but in the years i've been a Saints fan the Saints have a nack for beating teams they're not supposed to beat(remember the rams) so watch out division rivals, Bengals, steelers, and giants
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My opinion is that your estimate is a bit exuberant. 2006 is unfortunately the perfect storm for the Saints. We are play the three arguably best divisions currently in the NFL: the NFC South, the NFC East, and the AFC North. There are nine or ten playoff caliber teams on our schedule this year.

The objective is to become a team that other teams must actually play to beat us. Recently when playing the Saints, it was sufficient to simply run the ball and wait for us to make a mistake either giving up a big play, turning the ball over, or getting a stupid drive killing penalty. The 2006 Saints should be a tougher out simply because there will be less mistakes.

I'm interested in how the team will do in 10 of the 16 games. The 6 division games and the 4 games against teams that were in 4th place last year. Two of the latter games are first up against Cleveland and Green Bay. We'll have a successful season in my opinion if we can win at least 6 of those games including at least 3 division games.


Super Bowl Championships: New Orleans Saints:1, Carolina:0, Atlanta Chokers: STILL ZERO

Only Atlanta choked in an unchokable situation... Life is definitely good.
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You forgot to mention the fact that we don't have to play all road games and practice on blacktop!
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What really worries me is there corners. The rest of the positions I think will gel when they get use to eachother, but we've gotta seriously tackle that position next offseason. It's been looked over too much by this organization.
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I agree with SFIAH! The question is not whether or not we go 3-13 but whether we are competetive in all 16 games. Payton appears to be a no BS coach. That has been lacking since Jim Mora, Sr. What gives me the most pleasure is that Payton is looking at FOOTBALL players and not "a heckofanathlete who's 'fast.'"
Couple that with a QB who exudes class and leadership, a young RB who has put himself in the middle of the New Orleans lifestyle as a role model, and the rest of the fine things that one could say about Reggie Bush even if he never plays a down. Getting Danny Clark is a plus, Faine, Fujita, Shanle, Haynes, and Potiti (sp) all promise to make the games competetive. I think that the following year is the one that tells. Also, if you have observed our preseason activities in games, the false start flags were few and far between. Ninkovich was flagged because he was too aggressive. Anyone ever see "Buffet Line; Fat Chops; Where da food? Sullivan" flagged for too much agression? I don't think so. What we face on the down side is the Schedule from Hell. It's like the NFL said "How much worse can we make the Saints look?"

I look for between 3-13 to 6-10 at best, but look to see two things:
1. How many unforced errors did we make?
2. What was the final score?

Finally, and I can't help it!!! I am so glad to see Brooks aka Leon; Fumbles the Clown, Laughing Boy; Dopey; Smiley gone I can't stand myself. Even Bouman looked better this preseason. Discipline, hard work, repetition are the by words of this regime. Look for better results than before.
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