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Your thoughts about the Browns game.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Although one can't predict a season from one game...I can at least say that I was impressed by a lot of things in this game today. First off, I can't say enough about our defense. I'm sure they may have ...

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Your thoughts about the Browns game.

Although one can't predict a season from one game...I can at least say that I was impressed by a lot of things in this game today. First off, I can't say enough about our defense. I'm sure they may have tougher tests ahead but for today.....the flat out KICKED ASS!!!! I can only pray for consistency because they gave Clev. (especially the running game) all kinds of hell. Our offense was a little slow to get going but as the game went on I noticed that Brees was beginning to feel a rhythm and the offense was slowly feelin it with him. Bush was outstanding, McAllister was punishing and.....the most impressive thing about today had to be......Payton. How you lose all your FB's and still come up with an effectyive offensive scheme is....nothing short of genius. We basically lost our ability to run short yardage running plays when both FB's went down and yet he still called the necessary plays needed to get yardage and put points up. I know this is still only the first game but hey.....at least for today.....they looked pretty damn good. GO SAINTS!!!
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They played hard for all 60 minutes.
They won.
I'm happy.
We will see.............
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in no particular order-

*the play calling, yes, effective with the loss of FBs but the mix was fantastic, everyone got a little bit and there was no predictable play whether it was short or long yardage.

*more change from the past- the 5 penalties for 44, though not sterling did not seem glaringly bad. Were there any false starts?

*defense in general but especially the run D. How many YEARS has it been since we have seen anything close to that. Fujita had an All Pro game. He, Shanle, and Simoneau had 17 combined tackles! Droughns is no slouch to shutdown. If I was picking our 2007 first draft pick by position today I would say a cornerback.

*Both lines were impressive. The fears of how the O-line looked early in camp faded. They weren't great on pass protection but good enough. Cleveland has a good D too. Was that the same Bryant Young that has been here for a while??? He was visible, active, and penetrating. We have needed a Hollis for a long time. Good pressure came from both ends. I can't believe a homer in my fantasy league had the Saints D and scored more than I did with Philly.

*The more you see Reggie the more you know he is the real deal. Nice to see a NO player on national ads all over the place on other games too.

*I loved the mix-implementation-scheme of how Bush-n-Deuce were mixed... just as I had envisioned.

*I'm sorry for bad mouthing you so much Carney.

*The Browns are bad. It looked like we were playing the 2005 Saints in how much they self-destructed.

*There were few if any bad drops by the receivers. Brees is definitely still tuning up though both in timing and touch.

*certainly improvement in the red zone will be needed to beat any better teams
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Oh...and another note.....McKenzie did a pretty damn good job today as well so lets give the man a little slack. Just a little eh?
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Reggie and Deuce might lead the league in rushing, together. But both can catch also.
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Payton gain alot of respect from me, I was very critical over the draft picks & free agency...but he forming a great discipline team. I was so pumped just waching him chew into Melton A$$ for that stupid face mask penality..WE GOTTA COACH!! That wr Colston, I am just in awww, I can see him being the one to replace Horn.
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I'm still concerned about the way our team starts. We were down by 6, just nine seconds into the game, if that touchdown didn't get called back. And I don't want to see that stuff anymore.
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We were down by 6 because of the hold, if they don't hold Will Smith he's sacking Frye A$$.
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Patdog typed the letters right out of my keyboard. I looked at that play carefully. If that lineman didn't hold Smith....Frye would have never gotten the ball off. That game was just downright fun to watch.
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**In Review, just about all the Browns plays that were called back on the were plays that wouldn't have happened without the penalty. The announcers kept calling it self-destruction on the part of the Browns, but it was just damn good defense by the Saints.

** Roman Harper is mean, and I like it, but he needs some self control...after seeing Payton disclipline Melton afer the facemask was SO un Hazzlike, I loved it. Harper will be addressed by our new coach...

**Bush is Great, but none of the sports shows say anything about how great a game Deuce had. If Bush hadn't been there, Deuce would have had MONSTER yardage. I hope Deuce doesn't need the spotlight, cuz he's gonna be overshadowed by Reggie all year, no matter how well he does. He's going to need to be the definition of "team player"

**The Browns aren't that good, and we had trouble scoring TD's, but considering it was the first game, and that Brees' timing with his receivers will only get better as the season progresses, I'm so excited I get the dry heaves thinking about it!!

** Shame on all you long time saints fans that picked the Browns to win, and have been badmouthing the Saints all week....and have been silent since the win.
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