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So now we get...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. Anyone wanna guess our record after week 5? I say 4-1 at best, 3-2 at the worst....

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So now we get...

Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. Anyone wanna guess our record after week 5?

I say 4-1 at best, 3-2 at the worst.
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3-2 is likely, but 2-3 won't suprise me.
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3-2, unless our defensive backfield wakes up and our DE's don't fall for every fake in the book, then 4-1
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vick could be a HUGE problem this week!!!

the falcons are starting to run an inside option play that has been killing teams. the saints D-line needs to clog the middle and the linebackers need to play outside.

im not too worried about vick throwing...i am worried about dunn and vick running wild.

i think we beat ATL this week...lose to carolina and then beat tampa bay

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I see 3-2. I think we lose to Atlanta and Carolina, and turn it around in Tampa Bay.

We are a young team still putting it all together, Atl and Car are veteran teams whose time is right now. Our best is still yet to come.
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Beat Atlanta and loose to Carolina? Is that just a hunch? Because Atlanta is great and Carolina, who was supposed to be good, looks like dog poopy! I think we run the table!
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If we're going to lose to any of the three teams it'll be Atlanta. Their D is looking very good, and their run O is awesome. That said, if we make Vick try to win it with his arm we have a legit shot.

Carolina is only going to be a problem if Smith returns (which is our luck). If he's out the D (see secondary) has less to worry about and can keep the game close.

Tampa Bay... make Simms win this one. I don't see why we can't match the last couple weeks, three ints on him. We win the turnover game we win.

With luck we could go 5-0 (not happening), but 4-1 is not totally unreasonable. Call me optimistic, but I like the direction this team is headed (and the way our divisional foes are headed also).
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Absolutely! We are actually a team on the rise, while Tampa Bay and Carolina are teams showing signs of decay.
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To hell with the experts......I think we've got a shot at beating Atlanta! Our D-line & LB's have played well against the run. If they can bring that energy to a sold out dome on Monday night, there's a good chance for win #3. We always play Atlanta tough & I really don't see Vick as the type of QB that can beat us in the air. If we can contain him & Dunn, it could be an upset. The dome will be rocking like the Dome Patrol days!
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