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What a Draft!!!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Holy Cow! I don't remember what our grades were after the draft ( probably an A just for drafting Bush, who wouldn't have "Texans") but the FO deserves an A+++++ We have four rookies making a serious impact on this ...

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What a Draft!!!!!

Holy Cow!

I don't remember what our grades were after the draft ( probably an A just for drafting Bush, who wouldn't have "Texans") but the FO deserves an A+++++
We have four rookies making a serious impact on this team. Bush was an obvious playmaker. But look what we did with the rest of the draft. Colston, a seventh round pick starting opposite Joe Horn and putting up bigger numbers. Evans from some no name small school starting at Guard and doing an outstanding job as well as the rest of the OL. Harper starting at safety, key sack. This is a good staff. If we keep drafting like this, we can count on a Super Bowl appearance in the near future, and a strong showing in the first year. Playoff Bound!!!
I hope.
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RE: What a Draft!!!!!

Thats why you really shouldn't pay attention to Draft grades right after the draft. Draft grades right after the draft are gay. You don't know how the player will adapt, you don't know how they will produce in the system that snagged them. If you do grade the draft you'll have to be flexible and be able to change the grades due to how the players perform. In which case why even publish 'grades' in the first place... its nothing more but to sale a magazine.
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RE: What a Draft!!!!!

'Draft grades are gay', I like that.
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RE: What a Draft!!!!!

If I say that you can't judge a draft until you see the players play one more time
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RE: What a Draft!!!!!

Draft grades are meaning less. You can't really review a draft until 4 or years down the line.

Unless you trade your whole draft for one pot smoking psycho. That is automatically bad.
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RE: What a Draft!!!!!

Our draft looks even better when you consider that we traded down twice and got Hollis Thomas and Jeff Faine. Both those guys are starting and are playing good football for us and we didn't have to overpay in free agency to fill those positions.
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Dont leave out Ninkovich. Before he got hurt, he was making an impact as a reserve and ST standout.
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All you heard about for the first 2 weeks was how many new guys we had , guys that were rookies and guys that were starters last year for other teams. In the Saints case, change, ANY change, was good. Yeah, it was a lot of changes but it was PRECISELY those changes that made me feel hopeful for this year. Whether it ultimately worked or not, at least it was something different than a clapping seal at QB and a coach who apparently expected a different result on the 10th try after the first 9 tries failed.
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Colston, what a stud! That long TD reception when he broke the tackle, unbelievable.
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