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SuperbowlSaints 05-22-2003 04:06 PM

The Cornerbacks
I think that having Dale Carter and Ashley Ambrose will improve our team. I think they will be good cornerbacks. I think that the Saints should focus a lot on covering short passes, because I noticed last year that other teams would throw short when we would be covering deep. And the other teams would ge a lot of yardage. Please correct me if I am wrong.

BillyCarpenter1 05-22-2003 04:10 PM

The Cornerbacks

SuperbowlSaints 05-22-2003 04:12 PM

The Cornerbacks
Well shouldn\'t Ambrose be better?

lumm0x 05-22-2003 04:15 PM

The Cornerbacks
Carter had a fine half season and is still a capable corner. I think what he meant was that alot of short passes went for long gains because our d-line couldn\'t recognize a screen, our LBers were poor in pursuit and couldn\'t shed blocks and our secondary was focused on their coverage man until they recognized what took place, shed their block and reacted on the ball carrier.
I didn\'t think our secondary was at fault on alot of those plays. Our front seven got the quick burn and 30 yards later a DB stopped the guy.

SuperbowlSaints 05-22-2003 04:20 PM

The Cornerbacks
Thankyou lumm0x, that is exactly what I was trying to say.

BillyCarpenter1 05-22-2003 04:22 PM

The Cornerbacks
Ambrose is an improvement. I pulled for Dale Carter as much as anyone last year and tried to fool myself into thinking he still had what it took. But he proved me wrong. I hope he proves me wrong this season too and plays well. The secondary will be much improved because of the safety position and the addition of Ashley Ambrose.

lumm0x 05-22-2003 04:25 PM

The Cornerbacks
Billy, you didn\'t think Carter played above par considering he only started a few games after his suspension ended? I agree he disappointed all with the off-field problems, but he was pretty solid in my opinion, for a guy that sat out that much. He showed he still had some degree of athleticism and veteran saavy in the appearances he made.

SuperbowlSaints 05-22-2003 04:29 PM

The Cornerbacks
And I think Dale Carter Played a whole lot better than any of the other cornerbacks we had last year.

BillyCarpenter1 05-22-2003 04:31 PM

The Cornerbacks
Lummox, put it this way. If you pulled Deon Sanders in is prime off the street after not playing football for 2 years and tell him don\'t let your guy catch the ball, how well do you think Deon would play? Better than Dale Carter I expect. Maybe you guys saw something in Dale Carter last year I didn\'t. I hope so.

lumm0x 05-22-2003 04:40 PM

The Cornerbacks
My personal opinion of Mr. Sanders is that the only way I would pull him off the street is if some of him got stuck to my vehicle after I ran him down. Just kidding. I think Carter was as good or better than anyone else we started last year and could have started for a few teams around the league. Granted he wasn\'t like he was in his prime, but he wasn\'t the breakdown on defense. Was he worth his salary? No. Was he more than I hoped after his late start is taken into account? Yes. Put it this way, lets see what he does when the QB is rushed.

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