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Is anybody else..........

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; sick of hearing the letters T.O.? This guy should be the poster child for birth control. God I'm sick of him!!!!!...

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Is anybody else..........

sick of hearing the letters T.O.? This guy should be the poster child for birth control. God I'm sick of him!!!!!
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RE: Is anybody else..........

AMEN, brother! I'm pretty sure most of America is pulling for this guy to finally explode and disappear from the football scene forever. And it's alot of the media's fault, no one would give a flying ****, other than a passing thought, if it weren't for the media.
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RE: Is anybody else..........

I hate the media commenting on how much the media talks about him. If you guys in the media are tired of it, think about us fans. His weekly 5 minute segment on EVERY pre-game could better be spent on actually talking about the upcoming games. And maybe even players who could portray a positive image of the NFL and athletes in general.
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RE: Is anybody else..........

It's definitely the media's fault. I love ESPN, but those guys deserve most of the blame for the disgusting amount of material we have to see about T.O. It's one guy, and they're making him bigger than the game. Every headline seems to have something to do with T.O. The guy is a good receiver, not necessarily even elite anymore. It pisses me off when class acts like Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce continue to have phenomenal seasons (they're #1, 9, and 14, respectively, in receiving yards so far this season), and we never hear a peep out of the media about them. Those guys are good for the game. They keep their mouths shut and get the job done. They don't call out teammates, yell at head coaches, show other players up, get into locker room fights, hold out, and all that other b.s. Why can't I hear more about how good Harrison is? Why can't I hear about how Holt and Bruce are probably going to be HOF'ers and how still at like ages 40, they continue to be top echelon receivers? I guess because drama sells, and T.O. ain't nothing but drama.
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I hate the media commenting on how much the media talks about him.

Exactly. They follow that with "and now for more on TO."

They feed the frenzy. But hey, here we are talking about him. DAMNIT!!

They should just have a channel called ESPNTO.
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I'm amazed ESPN.com hasn't tried to get exclusive rights to put him on a 24/7 webcam for a subscription fee. You could buy private time with TO like he was an internet striper... or hooker.
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I've been sick of T.O. ever since Sharpiegate. Everyone talking how horrible it was, but, hey, like you said, here we are talking about him, too. He was rewarded for that by growing his fame and notoriety and that's what is the root of why we're still talking about him (tho there were things and god knows since then). But earlier this year, if it wasn't T.O. then it was somebody named Manning. For God's sake, there's 1,800 players, I'd like to know something about them, too. All the attention does is fuel the already oversized, undeserved ego.
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T.O will never change, did anyone see him go off on his coaches yesterday and teammates?, he's a bomb that will soon blow up on Parcells, it's ticking.
I'm sick of him too..
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Sign of the times... unfortunately, seems that Americans love to pry into the created drama in the "private lives" of "celebrities", and as long as they are tuning in or buying the tabloid, it'll keep on coming.

... look at the success of so-called "reality TV"... here's a summary of every reality TV show out there:
people bickering, eating bugs, playing cub scout games, soft porn.

... don't have to look pass Paris Hilton to see it... stupid, ugly, stupid, personality of a door knob... yet...
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Im sry who is this T.O. guy yeah I just ignore that name.... ok lets talk about football and the SAINTS !!!! GEAUX SAINTS !!!!!!!! Yall ready for Philly !!!
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