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NFC South games played today

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Falcons beat the Steelers, Vick threw for 232 yards, 4 TD's & 2 picks, not a bad day for him, he actually stayed in the pocket a lot and looked down field finding the end-zone 4 times. The Panthers lost ...

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NFC South games played today

Falcons beat the Steelers, Vick threw for 232 yards, 4 TD's & 2 picks, not a bad day for him, he actually stayed in the pocket a lot and looked down field finding the end-zone 4 times.

The Panthers lost today to the Bengals which helps the Saints out some, the Bengals didn't have great numbers but did just enough to beat the Panthers.

Surprise surprise surprise, the Bucs beat the Eagles , the Eagles have now lost two in a row, what the heck is going on in Philly?

I watched the Falcon game and was shocked at how well Vick played, I hope he goes back to his bad playing next week, we don't need the Falcons to get HOT on us right now..

I guess the bottom line is that the Saints just need to continue to play their game and not worry about the other NFC teams right now..

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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If we(Saints) don't win.....it don't matter! You've got to win first and let the others take care of themselves.
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I think the bucs win goes to show that theyre not as bad as their record shows. Of course in the long run this will make our win against philly look less impressive in the eyes of the sports writers.....but who cares?

With all the upsets this weekend Im glad we had our bye when we did, it didnt seem like a good day to be favored.
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I look at it a bit different. the sports writers now have to admit that they were right after all. in the begining of the season the nfc south was thought to be the tuffest division in football. 3 weeks in they jumped off the band wagon. now they have to jump back on. thank you cinni. atlanta got lucky, played well, but lucky. if big ben was in at the end things probly would have different. so goes the bounce of the ball. bucs gave us all we could handle. so there win is not so surprising. phili is good but alot of espn hype. luck was bound to run out.
next up the ravens

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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7 Weeks into the 2006 Season, the NFC South is still the best division in the NFL, at least according to the overall combined records of the divisions.

AFC EAST: 12-15; .444
AFC NORTH: 11-13; .458
AFC SOUTH: 12-12; .500
AFC WEST: 13-11; .542

NFC EAST: 12-12; .500
NFC NORTH: 13-12; .520
NFC SOUTH: 15-10; .600
NFC WEST: 13-14; .481
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no doubt about it mjf...this was a crazy weekend...I think Indy was the only team to win that was supposed too..at least it seemed that way to me...Houston beat Jaxsonville for crying out loud!!!LOL
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All I know is that we are 2 games ahead of Carolina and 1 game ahead of Atlanta ( with a win in head to head. We should be 2 games ahead of atlanta but Vick pulled one out of he butt. He is so overratted. If he plays one good game a year. He will remain the king QB in the NFL according to the Media. He is nothing more that a Running back traped in a crappy QB positon
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