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SapperSaint 10-30-2006 08:21 AM

For those not FREAKING OUT!!!
Just figured we need a blurb on here for those not worried about this loss.

Who were you pleased with during the game???

As for me, I think Colston is the MUTHERLOVIN' MAN!!!!!

If he continues to play at this level of performance it should be a no brainer for Rookie of the Year!

I am still very pleased with the play of the Brees (minus the INT's) and the Defense.


hagan714 10-30-2006 08:25 AM

RE: For those not FREAKING OUT!!!
I think this was a gut check at half time for them and they as team came out and played well. Never gave up and gave us the chance to get right back into the game more than once. It just was not in the cards this week. this was a ...Good????....loss.

SaintFanInATLHELL 10-30-2006 08:28 AM

RE: For those not FREAKING OUT!!!

this was a ...Good????....loss.
No it wasn't. This was a loss created by turnovers, penalties, and mistakes. Any loss that occurs because of those issues are a bad loss.

The team needs to clean it up for the next game.


SapperSaint 10-30-2006 08:29 AM

RE: For those not FREAKING OUT!!!
I would say it was a good loss. Just a little wake up call. Everyone needs one.

jrmllb 10-30-2006 08:33 AM

RE: For those not FREAKING OUT!!!
can't wait for next week....Deuce, Reggie, Joe and Colston are going to light up the Bucs....Wake up calls are good Sapper...I think this was one...I like that again, they never gave up and I did not see one stinking smerk on the face of our QB...I will take that loss better than I could before...

SapperSaint 10-30-2006 08:45 AM

RE: For those not FREAKING OUT!!!
ATLHELL, this is only if you are NOT freaking out. You sound like you are freaking out to me.

poydras 10-30-2006 08:53 AM

I really don't consider it "freaking out". It's more like suffering a flashback from a disaster in the past. I've been a Saints fan too long to not have those.

hagan714 10-30-2006 08:53 AM

RE: For those not FREAKING OUT!!!
what the heck
not like Ravens are a 1-5 team. McNair is not Walters.
We played a good team that was hitting on cyclinders and the bounces were going their way.
You have to be perfect to win those games and we did not. but the boys kept driving and defense made some key stops but we could not put it all together. We just kept bouncing the ball and turning it over. OL paniced because they played the #1 defense. i can understand that. trust me i would hate to be sitting there watching game tapes with Payton.

redjem25 10-30-2006 09:25 AM

Colston is the bomb! Joe is back and I am looking forward to next week!

hagan714 10-30-2006 09:30 AM

Add henderson to the list. were was he? was he carring the water bottles in and out of the huddle? Lets hope the TE step up soon. the killed us.

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