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Peter King NFL Picks

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Kansas City (4-3) at St. Louis (4-3) I can feel the late-Sunday-afternoon tap on the shoulder coming again from David Neal, my NBC Football Night in America boss. "Peter," he'll say, after Larry Johnson registers his 43rd carry of the ...

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Peter King NFL Picks

Kansas City (4-3) at St. Louis (4-3)

I can feel the late-Sunday-afternoon tap on the shoulder coming again from David Neal, my NBC Football Night in America boss. "Peter," he'll say, after Larry Johnson registers his 43rd carry of the game, breaking the Chiefs' single-game rush-attempt record for the second week in a row, "get Larry Johnson on the phone after the game. Ask him if he'll still be standing in a month."
Kansas City 23, St. Louis 20

Atlanta (5-2) at Detroit (1-6)

Sometimes a feeling just comes over me about a football game. I can't give you any science about this one, other than to say that if Jon Kitna has a little bit of time, he's got a chance to riddle a defense. And without good health on the Atlanta defensive front, Kitna will have that time. By the way, Kitna has more passing yards (1,883) than Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Eli Manning.
Detroit 23, Atlanta 16

Dallas (4-3) at Washington (2-5)

Bill Parcells did last week what Joe Gibbs should have done two weeks ago -- play the kid quarterback. Unless Jason Campbell is an absolute dunderhead, I don't understand why the coach of a 2-5 team with a plodding old quarterback (and I love Mark Brunell, the person and warrior) would not have the gumption to make the switch this franchise very much needs to make.
Dallas 20, Washington 16

New Orleans (5-2) at Tampa Bay (2-5)

Sixth-round Toledo Rocket Bruce Gradkowski runs his starting record to 3-2. Got a Man Law for you, Burt Reynolds: Jon Gruden is the best in the business at getting lightly regarded passers to play competently in the NFL.
Tampa Bay 16, New Orleans 13

Miami (1-6) at Chicago (7-0)

Steve Bartman has a better chance of getting a key to the city in Chicago than the Dolphins have of winning at the Spaceship on the South Side.
Chicago 31, Miami 13

Tennessee (2-5) at Jacksonville (4-3)

Tennessee's surrendering a very uncharacteristic 4.9 yards per rush. I know Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz pretty well. Smart guy. Glib guy. Econ major from Georgetown. Really, really competitive guy ... and it's going to drive him out of his tree Sunday to see that lightning bug, Maurice Jones-Drew, break off runs of 24 and 46 yards.
Jacksonville 24, Tennessee 14

Houston (2-5) at New York (5-2)

I've heard the same two words about this Giants game all week, coming on the heels of a four-game winning streak and before the biggie with Chicago next week: trap game. "Coach Coughlin won't let us look ahead," Tiki Barber said the other day. "He's really good at making every game a one-game season. We won't be looking ahead." We'll hold you to that, Tiki.
New York Giants 24, Houston 20

Cincinnati (4-3) at Baltimore (5-2)

Chad Johnson's on the war path over getting fined $5,000 by the NFL for wearing "OCHO CINCO" velcroed over "C. JOHNSON" during pregame warmups last Sunday. "I would never do anything to embarrass the league," he railed over the phone Wednesday. "It's ridiculous. Of course I'm appealing the fine. I'm not paying." As if all that will have anything to do with the Billick Steamroller.
Baltimore 23, Cincy Ocho 21

Green Bay (3-4) at Buffalo (2-5)

Brett Favre throws TD Nos. 407 and 408. Winter comes early to 2-6 and playing-for-pride Buffalo. Dan Marino winces.
Green Bay 20, Buffalo 17

Minnesota (4-3) at San Francisco (2-5)

That Brad Johnson-is-woefully-underpaid story has been dying in my notebook for two months.
Minnesota 27, San Francisco 24

Cleveland (2-5) at San Diego (5-2)

Nandrolone not required to win this one.
San Diego 21, Cleveland 13

Denver (5-2) at Pittsburgh (2-5)

A lot of e-mailers are asking me this question, and I don't have a definitive answer: When is Bill Cowher going to spray some nationally televised spit on a referee/quarterback/linebacker/waterboy? And if he doesn't, does that mean he's lost some of his Mr. Intenso edge?
Denver 23, Pittsburgh 10

Indianapolis (7-0) at New England (6-1)

I don't know how football can get better than this. The Colts put up 34 points and 437 yards on Denver's top-ranked scoring defense; the Pats were almost the same -- 31 points and 430 yards -- against a good Minnesota team. Football's best two quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, were a combined 61 of 82 (74 percent) for 717 yards and seven touchdowns over the weekend. I don't think we can talk enough about this game. Remember last year, when ABC hyped this game to the moon? This year it's a better game. Last year New England was struggling mightily at 4-3, with ugly losses to San Diego and Denver in their previous three games. Now the Patriots have just gone 4-0 (at Cincinnati, Miami, at Buffalo, at Minnesota), winning the four by an average of 20 points. Why am I in New England's corner? Because, unlike last year, the Pats' defense is capable of holding the Colts scoreless on four or five possessions.
New England 26, Indianapolis 20

Oakland (2-5) at Seattle (4-3)
One last week of holding the fort until Shaun Alexander returns for the last eight weeks.
Seattle 23, Oakland 9



My Guardian Angel wears a hard hat.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

Bullsh**. I think the Saints are going to put a pounding on the Bucs this weekend, I just got a feeling. Brees will bounce back and Deuce is going to open the eyes of those in the NFL who haven't noticed him this season.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

Man, this guy made some horrible picks.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

I think everyone needs to realize that just about the whole country is waiting for one of those monumental colapses the Saints are known for. I know it wont happen, but the rest of the world doesn't.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

Pitt is going to mop the floor with Denver.

Detroit over Atlanta... man I want some of whatever he's got.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

Call me weird but I think the Falcons are getting a little cocky with their last two wins and yes....they will let this one slip away.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

Papz, no way Pitt is going do that to Denver with Ben in as QB. Now if Charlie Batch is in there maybe so.

You never know what Detroit will bring out, and I hope they do it because it would bring the birds down a couple of notches.
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RE: Peter King NFL Picks

tampa is going to be tough - if i were a betting man... well I wouldn't bet against my saints but I am worried. - but we seem to win when i am nervous.

please someone ease my nerves.
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please someone ease my nerves.
Last weeks' ill-advised prediction aside.
I normally don't make predictions.
But! Here I go again.
Saints 24 Bucs 10.
Money in the bank Baby!
Time for Road-Field Advantage!
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Re: RE: Peter King NFL Picks

Originally Posted by jrock
I think everyone needs to realize that just about the whole country is waiting for one of those monumental colapses the Saints are known for. I know it wont happen, but the rest of the world doesn't.
Too true. It's games like this where teams need to show their character. You can best believe that the Saints are going to be spitting fire in Tampa tomorrow. They'll be focused and ready to play. Coach will make damn sure they clean up those mistakes and penalties.

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