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51/2 under Pittsburgh

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i think you need to put a plus sign in front of the 6 for that statement to be poltically correct papz...............

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i think you need to put a plus sign in front of the 6 for that statement to be poltically correct papz............
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The Steelers scare me this week. I do believe the Saints have a better team, but the Steelers are due a win because of their strong defense and a recovering Big Ben. I hope we don't look ahead to Cincy, and we play strong!
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The only problem we have is we can not seem to be able to buy an INT. Even the gift wrapped ones get pass us. That is what killing the Steelers right now. They are moving the ball up and down the field and not scoring.
B. Roethlisberger 38/54 433 1 3 Vs Denver
B. Roethlisberger 25/37 301 1 4 Vs Oakland
And in Denver they had 6 fumbles and lost 3.
Now if we get these chance we can not let them get away. Pitt will make us pay for miss turnovers. lets hope we get the same number of chances. but do not count on it.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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The Steelers scare me too this week, I agree with B&B, this team is much better than their record reflects, the Steelers biggest problem is the turnovers and other mistakes that they make, I sure hope they wait two weeks to start correcting their problems.
IMO this game won't be like the Bucs game this pass Sunday, this will be a close game...
I think our best chance at winning this game will be with our passing, yes we have to be able to run the ball too but to beat them Brees will have to have another 300 yard game with no picks.
The Steelers have nothing to lose this week, the Saints do, should be fun..

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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i'm not scared of them, for this reason.... roethelisberger will create opportunities for us.... we just have to play smart and capitalize on their mistakes (and they will make them) and we should be fine.... they are going to pull no punches b/c they are trying to salvage whatever hope they have left of the postseason, and usually when you force things, things go wrong..... we have to come out and play our game.... establish a run game would be nice, considering it's been nonexistant for a couple of weeks....
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I do not understand that.
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this feels like a trap game for me and as optimistic as i try to stay i dont like the way this game is shping up....they are virtually done from the playoffs even if they win out but it is all they have and they will be playiing every game like a playoff game until they lose another. Id love to deliver that blow but its gonna be tough to fight a superbowl champion in their house with their backs to the wall.... Man what a statement it will be though...
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Re: 51/2 under Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by redjem25
Pittsburgh 51/2 faves over New Orleans
WTF? Why? I ask Why? Come on, we're 6-2.
Is it just me that thinks this is crazy?
You're thinking that point spreads have anything to do with reality.

Point spreads attempt to get bettors to balance the money on both teams.

The bookies really could care less if the Saints are better than Pittsburg. The reality is that the bettors think that Pittsburg is going to beat the Saints.

Hence the line.

If you want to stick it to them, plunk down your money, take the 5.5 points, and collect on Monday after we've handed to them.

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RE: Re: 51/2 under Pittsburgh

I just realized all this time I thought the Saints were giving points... opps. Anywho, it's down to Pitt -4 this morning.
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Re: RE: Re: 51/2 under Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by papz
I just realized all this time I thought the Saints were giving points... opps. Anywho, it's down to Pitt -4 this morning.

Sounds like they are finally getting a clue, maybe by Sunday it will be +3 saints
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