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Saints Losses - 2003

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Dude, you must be a Falcons fan....

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Saints Losses - 2003

Dude, you must be a Falcons fan.
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Saints Losses - 2003

cloner man you are a well of negativity, i agree with billy, are you sure you\'re a saints fan? everything you post is negative as hell, i\'m not trying to call you out but damn!

dallas? you think we can beat guys like tennessee and seattle but not washington and jacksonville?

i always assume a 3-3 record within division but looking at our other opponents we should win at least 6 more games outside of division even with a december crash and burn

i bet you think atlanta wins division?!
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Saints Losses - 2003

Not everything I post is negative, just almost everything. I was one of the first to praise the Sullivan deal for example.
The Dallas game will be lost because the players will have quit on the season (and Haz). Noone quits on Bill Parcells, even if they have been eliminated, which will probably be the case. Washington may be like Cincinnatti 2002 revisited. Jacksonville - Leftwich comes in in the second quarter and burns our CBs for 3 TDs.
We win 6 games outside of our division, but go 2-4 inside.
Atlanta will finish 2nd in our division but not make the play-offs.

Yes, I call myself a fan, just not a believer. Not yet anyway. Would be great if they prove me wrong.
We have the players to go 12-4 or even better IF EVERYTHING GOES AS PLANNED. My fear is simply that there will be games we\'ll lose because of sheer stupidity of the coaches and there are still some question marks. Has Brooks fully recovered from his surgery (probably) and has he managed to rebuild his confidence (I really don\'t know) and will he be able to carry the team once they start a losing streak (I really don\'t know).
Okay, we aquired some good players on defense and kept the core group together on offense. But we still have a defensive coordinator who is a liability and an offensive coordinator who has to prove to me that he has a back-up plan.
8-8 is my realistic guess for the season, 10-6 is absolutely possible, but anything better than that would be a huge surprise to me.

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Saints Losses - 2003

I\'m with nocloning. I\'m not trying to be negative, or to dis my favorite team. I just see it the way cloner does.

Well said.

I sincerely hope that I\'m wrong, that the Saints go 12-4 and win the division. I just don\'t believe that, however. The Bucs and Falcons are both scary teams in my opinion. Both of them have the potential to win the Superbowl. Even Carolina, well, their defense scares me too.

I -know- that the Saints have the ability to win this, to win the big one, more than ever before, they have the talent now. But they just haven\'t proven to me they can overachieve. More likely, from history, they tend to underachieve.

I think Nocloning is right. I foresee a record of anywhere from 8-8 to 10-6. I don\'t foresee any better than that. I wish to hell I did.

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can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

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Old 06-01-2003, 07:41 AM   #15
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Saints Losses - 2003

In earlier posts regarding the same topic I picked 9-7. I still think 9-7.
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Saints Losses - 2003

yeah sub i picked 9-7 too 10-6 at best and i\'m sticking to it as well

good points cloner i just don\'t agree that all of our trouble areas of the past will show up again this year, we had to have fixed at least one thing
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Saints Losses - 2003

I predict an 0-16 season. The lower I keep my expectations, the better the Saints usually do. 0-16 in my mind could mean division title for them. :P
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Saints Losses - 2003

I say 1-15. This way if we win more than 1 game I\'m elated!!

Actually, I think when we did this earlier I said I thought we could go 12-4. Buuuuut, we won\'t. I figure 10-16 or 11-5.
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Saints Losses - 2003

Gatorman, you called me out on my 9-7 prediction before, didn\'t you? I didn\'t notice your prediction.

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Saints Losses - 2003

Whodat a pessimist? Get out of here!
If you said 9-7, your a WUSSY!
Sack up, go out on limb and say they\'ll suck at 8-8 or do a little damage at 10-6.
9-7= What a wild prediction.
If they do go 9-7, I\'ll apologize, but if they don\'t your all Wussies!
I wonder how many wussies predicted 9-7 last year? I don\'t think a 9-7 prediction deserves being called a wussy, but I see your point. Its friggin June, nobody knows nuttin\'.

I revise my prediction from 10-6 to 12-3. We lose a game due to an NFL Offiicials outrage over drunk Saints fans storming the field (still astro-turf by the way) over a bad instant replay reversal as we are destroying the Falcons, but a Falcon win puts media darling Vick in the playoffs so we\'re forced to forfeit, the 1st in NFL history.

Half the fans blame Brooks and are convinced he sucks and always will even if he eventually wins the SB, half blame Haslett and think Brooks is the greatest QB in Saints history and everone else who thinks otherwise is simply a racist.

We lose the title game at Philly, and Haslett trades Horn, and Howard, claiming they are locker room distractions.

Venturi stays!

LA looms!

Dr Z says \"told you so\"

We don\'t draft a frickin\' CB again next year.

Gatorman personally calls out all the 9-7 clones as wussies!

Whether we agree or disagree; its all for Him.
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