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Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Lmao if you go to the Cowboys Forums they Frankly think there the best thing that ever happen. First of all They call Brees overrated and Romo juss the Dan Marino of Modern Era. "Duece is not that good and ...

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Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

Lmao if you go to the Cowboys Forums they Frankly think there the best thing that ever happen.

First of all They call Brees overrated and Romo juss the Dan Marino of Modern Era.

"Duece is not that good and bush is just a Hoax"

Come on now this is a team that wasnt even thinking about playoffs a couple weeks ago and now they trash us like were nothing....And im sorry i give philly fans more Credit and Respect after this Week.

Saints Will Win this Week and Romo will Be Exposed!!!
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RE: Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

The Cowboys are a solid, deep, well coached team. I think that they are the class of the NFC, the Bears notwithstanding. It will take a monumental game from the defense and a mistake free game from the offense to stay with them. I'm not saying that the Saints can't do this, I'm just saying that this is a playoff game. Whoever wins this gets a week off, which as we all know, is nearly tantamount to reaching the NFC Championship game given the winning percentage of teams after 1st round byes.

On the road, severe playoff implications, both teams coming off impressive wins, this game is critical for both teams. The aura of invincibility begins and ends with a win this weekend.

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RE: Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

I see no reason for us not to win this game. Dallas is a good team, and they are coming together around Romo, but if the Giants weren't in the state they are in right now, they would have beat up on Dallas last week. Romo's two picks in the first half should have set the tone for them to crush dallas. But they didn't capitalize on his mistakes, making it easy for Romo to comeback and forget about them. I think our offense is pretty good this year, if Romo make two mistakes like that in the first half, it will cost his team the game early on. You also have to remember that Dallas is coming off of an emotional win, and it seems that just about every time this has happen this season, the winning team losses to next week. On the Saints side, we are coming in on a two game winning streak, both were two of our best games of the year, especially last week, putting up 34 points with our two best receivers out, and or 3rd receiver having his worst game of the season.
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RE: Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

I am more scared of the Dallas D than the offense...Demarcus Ware, Bradie James, Marcus Spears, and Roy Williams are all serious ballers...Reggie better watch out for Williams...Hope Colston is full speed and Horn capable of threatening...I think the Saints offense stands the best chance by spreading the field again with the pass and punching Deuce and Karney up the middle...I wish Branch was active to spell Deuce occasionally...
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dallas cowgirls had an emotional win last week and will have a letdown.
Our D can stop the pass and the cowgirls have a poor run game.
Will Colston be back? if so I see 3 TD's for him as the cowgils try to stop Duece and the
"hoax"(their fans term not mine)
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They're getting all the press... being the class of the NFC blah blah. It's okay after we demolish them this weekend. If Chicago gets home field advantage, they're the team to beat regardless if Rex plays well or not.
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Roy Williams couldn't cover a high school receiver. He tries too hard to freelance and make it onto Jacked Up. Their pass rush is considered a weakness by Parcells. They haven't faced an offense as talented and multifaceted as the Saints'. If Colston's back, I don't think this'll be much of a contest. And I can't overlook the revenge factor from Fujita and Shanle.

And the Cowboys didn't so much win that game as the Giants lost it. Two major brainfarts changed the game in Dallas' favor.
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Let's give Dallas credit, they're a good team. Terry Glenn and T.O. (when he's not dropping balls) are two dangerous deep threats. Witten is a good option at TE. Barber and Jones at RB are pretty solid too. That being said, I think that our defense will have a better game against them this week than in the preseason. This team was still coming together, still figuring out how to play with one another. Now, I think we could all see from last week, that they've gelled pretty well (and that was without Will Smith). They're OLine is suspect, and I'm looking for my boy Grant to have a monster game, and hopefully if Will's back for him to get some pressure on Romo too. I'm also not sold on Romo. People think he's the second coming, but that's just because they haven't had a good QB in SOOOOO long. They went through Quincy, Vinny, and finally Drew Bledsoe. These people just WANT Romo to be good because they're tired of seeing crappy play from that position. Do I think he's good? Sure, he seems to be a fine young QB. Do I think he's nearly as good as all the press he's been getting? Absolutely not. I hope we smash him in the mouth.

Their defense is also very good. They're very athletic and fast to the corner. However, that being said, I'm looking for a lot of Deuce up the middle. I was at the game 2 years ago and they just couldn't stop him. We need to run right at them, not to the sidelines on Sunday.
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Re: Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

Gimmie a break you guys are all over our forums talk trash and we are giving yall props

Its gonna be a good game.
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RE: Re: Cowboy Fans Trashing Us

I didn't see anybody actually trashing us Most of them are prtty cool if you ask me
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