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saints record speaks volumes

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saints fan, You have every reason to be excited about your team. You have won the games that you should win. You have a great record. However, you have lost every game you've played against a team with a winning ...

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saints record speaks volumes

Saints fan,

You have every reason to be excited about your team. You have won the games that you should win. You have a great record. However, you have lost every game you've played against a team with a winning record. Philly and Atlanta are respectable wins, but you have yet to prove yourself in a big game against a winning team. You have your chance Sunday.

I don't think you will get it done. The Boys are more balanced, stronger defensively than anyone you've played, better coached and we have already beaten arguably the best team in the NFL. Your record speaks for itself...

Date Opponent Time/Result
Sep 10 @Cleveland Won 19-14
Sep 17 @Green Bay Won 34-27
Sep 25 Atlanta Won 23-3
Oct 1 @Carolina Lost 18-21
Oct 8 Tampa Bay Won 24-21
Oct 15 Philadelphia Won 27-24
Week 7 BYE
Oct 29 Baltimore Lost 22-35
Nov 5 @Tampa Bay Won 31-14
Nov 12 @Pittsburgh Lost 31-38
Nov 19 Cincinnati Lost 16-31
Nov 26 @Atlanta Won 31-13
Dec 3 San Francisco Won 34-10

After the Giants win, the city of Dallas is going crazy right now. Texas stadium is going to be raucous. Breese hasn't been prepared for this. And we remember what happened the last time Reggie Bush played in a big game against a Texas team.

Here's to no injuries and and a Dallas victory - 31-17
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RE: saints record speaks volumes

Yeah, you guys' defence is stronger than the Ravens - whatever. The Cowboys are hugely overrated. They barely beat the severely depleted Giants. The Titans beat the Colts, so don't give me that bull.

Your team is good, but they're not that good. I hate to break it to you, but they're not the best team in the NFC - don't believe the hype. Tony Romo is just a metaphor for the entire team. He's hugely overrated and he's about to get exposed tomorrow night.

Good supporting your team, but lets not get ridiculous.
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RE: saints record speaks volumes

The "boys" haven't exactly been blowing away their opponents either. And if you had bothered to look a little deeper into our losses, you'd know it more a case of us beating ourselves with turnovers than actually getting beat by them. The way some of you Dallas fans talk about your team, you'd think they were as good as the team with Emmit, Troy and Michael. Y'all aren't, and I've seen nothing from Dallas that overly impresses me, so I'm not all that worried going into Sunday nites game. We have confidence that we can win and I think there is gonna be a lot of pissed off Cowboy fans late Sunday nite.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” ― Patrick Henry
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RE: saints record speaks volumes

First of all, take a look at your record, it's not that different from ours son. Like i said in another post, if not for that fumbled interception by Kiwanuka you don't beat a Giants team that we're missing 3/4's of it's defense. Say what you need to say to make yourself feel better about the game, but the BLACK and GOLD NATION smells your FEAR. P.S. Your defense never faced a REGGIE BUSH. GO 1ST PLACE SAINTS!!!!!!!
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blind optimism

Cowboys fan is no son of yours. In fact, we are hours away from taking your altar boys over our knees, putting a spanking on them and making them enjoy it.

Saints fans are great. You all love the word "IF." IF this hadn't happened... we would have won! IF that hadn't happened... you would have lost!

Here's your thought for the day: If ifs and buts were sugar and nuts, you'd all have a Merry Christimas.

And as far a smelling fear, anything you're smelling is in your house, not ours. I don't remember a time in the history of the NFL when any team, anywhere, has been afraid of the Saints.

Your tradition is legendary. Your fate is inescapable. Accept it and quit setting yourself up for more disappointment.
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Hmmm...I hope after the game tonight, when your 'boys are licking their wounds from the beating we gave them, you'll grace us with your presence again on this board. But, as per the rest of the opposing, boisterous fans we've faced, you'll never be heard from again. Maybe, if you make it far enough into the play-offs, and you have to come to our house to play us again, that bow-legged walk you have will be a reminder of the vaseline you needed the last time you faced us.
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Hey, when was the last time the Cowboys beat the Saints in a regular season game?
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Many, many moons ago, I'm afraid. I believe I was still using the 199? on my checks. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. I believe that it might have been in the Aikman years, I could be mistaken though.
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um, boysripsaints? are you there? hello? I guess he got all he needed from the game and will never visit this place again. what a shame.
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Yep, just what I thought. Just a quick message to all the boisterous fans from other teams, "This ain't your daddy's Saints!" If you're going to come to our site, at least man-up and come back for your medicine. In response to one reporter's question to Drew Brees about what we feel we could do against the 'boys, I quote a favorite movie of mine, "...Whatever we feel like doing, gosh!" -Napolean Dynamite
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