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Buzzkill: Neither Saints, ’Boys true contenders

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I wouldn't worry what these guys have to say, enjoy this season, we've been waiting for a season like this for years. #1 offense in the NFL. Can clinch the NFC South come this Sunday. Only 1 loss in our ...

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I wouldn't worry what these guys have to say, enjoy this season, we've been waiting for a season like this for years.

#1 offense in the NFL.
Can clinch the NFC South come this Sunday.
Only 1 loss in our division.
Payton will be coach of the year.
Colston could be rookie of the year.
Bush is turning out to be the real deal.
Brees should be MVP. (# 1 passer in the NFL)

I could go on and on but you know all of this already..

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I told you guys this week it would be something different. It's not going to end until we get to the Super Bowl. Until then we will get BS every week.
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You guys....don't forget this important fact!!! Do you remember one of the reasons why the Saints were predicted to do soooo poorly this year? It was because at the start of the season when none of the games were played yet everybody thought and figured that the demise of the Saints would be the toughness of the schedule. Everybody beilieved that the Saints schedule was too difficult despite coming off the 3-13 season. I still have the NFL preview issue from Sports Illustrated where it predicts the success for the season and all that crap. On the top of each teams page it had a difficulty ranking for the toughness of schedule and the Saints were tied for 3rd in THE LEAGUE!! So now that we are cruisin through the season and kicking serious ASS....you wanna come with this garbage that we are not beating quality teams?!?!? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!!! WAS OUR SHCEDULE TOUGH OR NOT?!?!?!?
Eat that sucka!!
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What hacks me off is that they talk about the strength of the Saints' opponents and don't bring up the Bears' schedule when talking about them.
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At the beginning of the season, everyone was saying how tough the Saints schdule was. Now it's an easy schdule. I hope people make up their minds.
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People will always find a way to try and drag others who succeed down. Crabs, all of em! They are haters, obviously, and I think it just adds to the fodder that will be shown lacking come January '07. They just got to go out there and play their game, regardless of the talk. I know in my heart that is what Peyton tells em. Because with this team, its the actions on the field, not the talk in the (press)box that makes us proud to be Saints fans, in the end.
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Check out the letter I sent Mr. Byrne, on his analysis. I will post his reply when I get it.

To Mr. Kerry Byrne,

Your analysis on the Saints and Cowboys schedules, was very interesting. Statistically on point. The only problem is, that you don't remember your history very well. I remember a few teams winning the Superbowl, that had what you would term as a "cupcake" schedule, in the history of the NFL. This isn't college ball, this is the NFL. The BCS computer system has already wrecked quite a few title games in the past few years, so your analysis doesn't hold water with me at all. In case you haven't noticed, teams that looked real good at the beginning of the season, are falling by the wayside in December, because of injuries, and emotional drain, from the long weeks of practice, and game days.

This is the Pro Football league, and every team may not have as much talent as the other, but they are all pro players none the less. Getting to the play offs, is all that a team needs to do, because that's when the wins really count anyway.

Most every predictor, prognosticator, and so called football expert, has looked more like an "educated guesser", in the past few months, considering, the fact that an average of six underdogs, have won every week. Teams, that people in your profession considered shoe ins, are failing miserably, while you guys scramble each Sunday night, to come up with an excuse for your incompetence, and apparent ignorance on the subject of football.

Last time I checked, there is no NFL Master's Degree program anywhere, so to assume the role of a football expert, is pretty much as arrogant as one person can be. You can factor every kept statistic, for every team, in the league, since the first game, and your computers are still going to be wrong at least fifty percent of the time, if not more. Also, considering, that you do not factor in heart, determination, and the will to win, how do you publish this kind of analysis, and feel good about what you write?

The amazing thing to me I guess, is that you get paid to do this. Which tells me that snake oil salesmen are alive and well in 2006. I have an idea, that will save your journalistic integrity, if you ever had any to begin with: Let the teams play the game, and then write about it, after it's over. Anything you do before that, is nothing more, than what I can hear down at the barber shop, on Friday morning.

I will keep this article you wrote on hand, so when the Superbowl is over, I will write you back, and wait to read what you have to say then. I'm sure it will be more of an excuse piece for yourself, than an intellectual piece of sports journalism. Thank you for your time.
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Not enough indignant edge, but a great start. Keep stroking that menacing pen.
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Sorry, that didn't sound so gay in my head when I wrote it.
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