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***Open Mic, what surprises you about the Saints?***

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; A few things that I'm impressed with but didn't think all was possible with the 2006 Saints.. Sean Payton, Here's a guy that we really knew nothing about, I mean we knew that his boss was Bill Parcells and that ...

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***Open Mic, what surprises you about the Saints?***

A few things that I'm impressed with but didn't think all was possible with the 2006 Saints..

Sean Payton, Here's a guy that we really knew nothing about, I mean we knew that his boss was Bill Parcells and that Sean was his assistant, we really didn't know if he was the right coach needed in N.O when he was first hired, or if he had what it took to turn around a 3-13 team, not only did he turn it around this year for our team but we now know that the future for the Saints is really good because of him, IMO he's the main reason the Saints are having so much success this year, he came to New Orleans with a brand you play book that the players bought into, not right away but they did eventually and I think they love their coach and have great respect for him, kind of like Parcell's players.
Payton will be coach of the year ....

The Saints are the #1 ranked offense in the NFL that averages 400 yards a game, this I would have never believed going into the season if someone would have told me going into week 1, I'm most surprised with this than any other thing they accomplished so far this season.

Drew Brees, leads the league with 4240 passing yards, 296 passing yards per game on average, threw for over 300 yards in a game 8 times this season, has a QB rating of 98.2, he has thrown 25 TD's this year, Brees might not win the league MVP but IMO he's the MVP on the Saints roster.

I am kind of worried about the Giants, but I feel that the Saints will win by a big margin but you never know.
The Saints are the NFC South Champs and are in the playoffs , something that not many of us thought was possible going into the season, we lost sight of this due to the Skins loss, we need to be thankful with what they accomplished so far this year, they have a chance at going to the Super Bowl but if they don't make it that's ok because we really didn't see that happening this year anyway.

Go Saints...

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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it has been nothing short of a humbling year.
the giants started 6-2, (amazing, isn't it?)
and now their playoff hopes ride on us
and many other scenerios..........
someplace no one wants to be......
we waltz in as nfc south champs at 9-5...........
unfreaking believable...........
of all the years to be a saints fan,
and i've been one from the beginning,
this is without a doubt the best year
ever so far.........
while i would like a bye, i'd much rather be healthy
going into the playoffs....
either way, we're here and i'm totally enjoying it.....smitty
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With 50% of the roster new, I am supprised how well they have seemed to gel. I am supprised how well the ball is spread around on offense. At the start of the season, I'd have been happy with 8-8 record. Let's get on a roll for the last 2 games and make a run.
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Well the Saints surprised me again yesterday by not allowing the Giants to snap the ball in Saints territory all game, not one snap..
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The OL playing so well, especially Faine and Evans. The pass protection has been great and the run-blocking has been effective. Kudos to Doug Marrone and the OL.
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I think that I'm most surprised by the performance of our defense. I don't think anyone would argue that was the weakest point on the team coming into the year. I think that Gibbs has done an absolutely terrific job getting this squad to play with discipline and commitment. I know this isn't an absolutely dominating unit, but they've gotten better as the year has gone on. And, one thing that you don't hear much about, but I absolutely love the way Shanle and Fujita have played. Individually, they're not Pro Bowl players, but those two guys have really solidified the linebacker corps. This has allowed the safeties and corners to play more aggressively and I believe is a big reason for the drastic improvement over the last couple of years.

I've just realized that I could go on and on. I'm not going to. I am so damn proud to be a Saints fan right now. Sundays have never been more beautiful. And, I tell you what, I think that this team has the character to......*gasp*......... go the the Super Bowl. There, I've had the guts to say it. This is Norm, proud to wear the Black and Gold. Out.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch, and your arms be too short to scratch.
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I second that neugey.
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i'm surpised by the fight in this team. countless time we've seen them give up after being down. this year has been a different story, we've lost leads, we've been down big early....everytime we've fought back and not once have i seen them give up.
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I third that neugey, except I would have named Stinchcomb over Faine. Bigger suprise, in my humble opinion.
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- Colston is a HUGE surprise. and not only bc of his skills, but also due to his being listed as a wr and te on yahoo fantasy football.

- The Caucasian Dome Patrol -- played above and beyond all season

-- it seems like every week some dude i've never heard of makes a play. where do they find these guys? Razoo's?
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