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So this pisses me off.......

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; the Saints come back from a 3-13 year to win the NFC South, they do it with a QB everyone throw to the wayside, and with a reciever NO ONE wanted, and an O-line who didn't have a starter returning ...

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So this pisses me off.......

the Saints come back from a 3-13 year to win the NFC South, they do it with a QB everyone throw to the wayside, and with a reciever NO ONE wanted, and an O-line who didn't have a starter returning to their same position. EVERY SINGLE "EXPERT" said that Payton was screwy for taking the job. They said Bush would have zero impact. They said Deuce wouldn't be the same. They said the defense would be the worse in the league and the Saints had ZERO shot at even a .500 season. Well now the Saints are 10-5 they have won the NFC South AND a bye in the playoffs they beat 5 teams who still have a shot for the playoffs , and lost to 2 more playoff teams, and what is everyone saying?

"Eirc Mangini should be coach of the year"

"Chad Pennington for Comeback player of the year"

"The New York Jets are the most improved team from last year."

You know what.................Keep it coming, because when it comes time to play that playoff game I hope all the so-called "EXPERTS" give us ZERO credit for being a talented team. Then we can slide under the radar all the way to the Super Bowl.
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RE: So this pisses me off.......

Who do you think should be "Comeback Player of the Year"?
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RE: So this pisses me off.......

deuce, but i might be a little biast
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Who do you think should be "Comeback Player of the Year"?

I could go either Deuce or Brees, but like Pak, i'm a bit biased too.
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Brees. Deuce is a close second. Pennington's a distant third. Pennington hasn't distinguished himself like Brees. Deuce didn't get the touches.
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Going back to Mighty12's original post, not only that but now the media has all jumped back on the Eagle band wagon. To hear them talk you'd think Garcia's the second coming or something. And yeah the Jets are being fawned over too. But then again, none of the division winners are being talked about all that much. I guess most of the interest right now is on which teams are gonna squeak into the playoffs on the 5th & 6th seeds. Its pretty convoluted and every analyst is going thru the playoff scenarios. Its all good though, because after this weekend there will only be 6 teams in each division to talk about and they'll have to mention us, if only to eat up broadcast clock.
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Who do you think should be "Comeback Player of the Year"?

I think it should be Brees, but in my heart I would like it to be Deuce.

If we need one or two yards in a critical situation, I want Deuce in there, he rarely goes backwards.

Payton ridded the team of malcontents, discontents, slackers, nutcases etc. We have some quality people in there and Deuce is at the top of the list.
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I dont consider Brees a comeback player because although the Chargers did not make the playoffs last year he had a decent year, also he got hurt in the last game...Palmer has had a respectable year and no one is talking Comeback PoY for him so I think they are in the same boat on that one...I do think Brees is a Co-MVP when you measure his importance to the team...There is no way anyone can convince we are 10-5 going into the last week with a first round bye with Brooks, McPherson, or even Martin...

Coach of the Year: Payton, hands down....Mangini deserves credit for what he has done but look at the records and try to tell me Mangini's is just as impressive...Not gonna happen

Comeback PoY: Pennington...He was out almost the entire last two seasons with the same debilitating injury, give it to the guy, he pissed in everyone's cornflakes with this comeback...

"When you see a fork in the road, take it" -Yogi Berra
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I will give Mangini credit, they survived Curtis Martin's retirement and they have rallied and got the job done. BUT ... they have won a lot of close games. They're lucky to be 9-6 and I checked their schedule - they got shutout twice this year (vs Chi 10-0, vs Jax 41-0) and they've scored 99 less points than the Saints this year. And also, the Saints won their division, while the Pats still rule the AFC East. That gives Payton the clear edge over Mangini IMHO.
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This Week, The Eagles are the flavor of the week
It changes all the time, like Baskin- Robbins Ice Cream.

But all that really matters is what happens on Feburary 4th.
Black and Gold Superbow?

Coach of the year- Sean Payton
MVP- LaDamian Tomlinson
Comeback Player of the year- Drew Brees
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