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Where's the love?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Why cant the Saints get some love from football "experts?" Brees won neither the MVP award nor the comeback player award. Colston didnt win the ROY. Everyone's picking the eagles to beat us in the second round. we're still a ...

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Where's the love?

Why cant the Saints get some love from football "experts?" Brees won neither the MVP award nor the comeback player award. Colston didnt win the ROY. Everyone's picking the eagles to beat us in the second round. we're still a "feel good story."...sure i had my doubts about our fast start, but c'mon we beat the giants, the eagles and the cowgirls. so like that black eyed peas sng goes, where is the love?
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RE: Where

good. Let'm get comfortable in that concept. Makes winning out more important and provides additional, if not completely unnecessary, motivation.
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RE: Where

We don't need "experts" to tell us how good we are. Let our play on the field speak for itself. We were the dogs all year long and we've done a damn fine job.
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We will get the love by earning it in the superbowl. This year and maybe next, then after that,...........
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Why the obsession with "getting love" or "respect" from the "experts"?
Heck, what makes a writer from the Associated Press an "expert"?
"Expert" in what? Footballl? Injuries?
Who's "everybody" who's picking the Eagles?

... man. Halo should just make one of these threads a sticky, so everyone who doesn't feel the love or feels dissed can post there.
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I don't care what outsiders have to say or not say about the Saints, we know everything about them and what they're capable of doing in the playoffs.

Go Saints!!!!
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Hey everybody! Just got back from vacation. Hope everyone had a great New Year. Now...

We have to face the fact, that when we play Philly, everyone will say, "Well, you guys won by three, and you weren't playing against Garcia." So what. Who cares. I don't see Philly beating us at home, and I certainly don't see Garcia taking them to a Superbowl. I mean, come on, it's Garcia. He will choke when it counts.

If we do play Philly and win, then, I have a feeling we will have to play Chicago, where, we will be considered the underdog AGAIN!!! They will say that their defense is better than our offense, even though Green Bay put a butt kicking on them. Oh well.

Now.... Let's say we win out, and go the Superbowl. We will be the underdog again, because everyone believes the AFC to be superior in all facets, to any team in the NFC. I myself do not think San Diego will be there, because Shottenheimer will figure out a way to lose. He can't coach worth a crap in big games, and he will find a way to screw up. He always does. Marty ball will rear it's ugly head, at the worst time, guaranteed.

The facts are, that for the rest of the games leading up to, and counting the Superbowl, NO ONE is going to pick us to win. It sucks, but that's the way it is. Think about it this way, when no one picks us, we usually win. So I don't have a problem with it at all. Go Saints.
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We beat every NFC team in the playoffs except the Seahawks and Bears. Did they expect us to beat those teams we beat?? NO So do why sweat those stupid experts about us.

That gives us extra motivation. Every team they we were gonna lose to, we either beat them or beat the **** out of them!(Excuse the Language) These teams aren't ready for us, and they know it. Remember, we were the team that was supposed to be "un-for real"
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Lookin for love could be a hurtful thing. I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for the entire national media to embrace the Saints as favorites. Why should they? History says the Saints arent a good playoff team. Brees lost his only game. Payton has never been there. I am in fact surprised by the amount of people who list the Saints as true contenders. No one knows as much about the Saints and how they compare to the old Saints teams than us. The fans and the local media are the only ones who know what we have. Let it be the way it is. I like being the feel-good story that comes from nowhere and surprises everyone.

It's all in the reflexes.
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Hell, even if we win the Big game, it wouldn't surprise me to hear the "experts" continue to dismiss the Saints as a feel-good story. They still won't be immediately regarded as a "legitimate" contender.

After so many years of average and poor play, with relatively few good years, this team will have to build a legacy of success to wipe away the memories of seasons past. If the 07 season is as good as 06, I think we'll see the 'expert' opinions change on a large scale.
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