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BillyCarpenter1 06-14-2003 10:16 AM

What is the QB's job?
Someone can corect me if i'm wrong, but when one team scores more points than the other team, that team wins the game. Which brings me to the QB position. Is it not the QB's job to see that the offense puts points on the board, You can talk about game management all you want, but if the offense doesn't score points, it's really a moot point. Everyone keeps talking about Aaron Brook's lack of game management and his leadership ability(that's a matter of opinion), what is not a matter of opinion is that we scored a lot of points last year. He did his job, could it be that that our defense didn't do their job? Sure I guess he could have played like Trent Dilfer and played not to lose the game, I wonder what our record would have been if he had done so?

WhoDat 06-14-2003 10:27 AM

What is the QB's job?
You are wrong.

The job of the quarterback is NOT to put points on the board... nope. That falls on the head of the offensive coordinator. It\'s the OC\'s job to develop a system and implement it appropriately in order to make his offense successful.

The QB\'s job is simply to recognize the opportunities that present themself within the system\'s framework, and execute the system with as few errors as possible. He needs to be able to identify what the scheme\'s purpose is, how it will exploit the defense, and then act on that.

It\'s no more his job to put points on the board then it is the runningback\'s or wide receivers\' or tight ends...

The burden of moving a team down field and scoring points falls equally on all offensive players.... b/c the QB can\'t do his job without the line, receivers, runningback, fullback, and/or tight ends... that\'s true for every position...

so to answer your question again... NO. Your assumption is erroneous.

BillyCarpenter1 06-14-2003 10:33 AM

What is the QB's job?

You are wrong.
The job of the quarterback is NOT to put points on the board... nope.
The burden of moving a team down field and scoring points falls equally on all offensive to answer your question again... NO. Your assumption is erroneous
If that\'s the case why do you keep blaming Brooks? Maybe you need to read what you just said again?

WhoDat 06-14-2003 10:46 AM

What is the QB's job?
It\'s very simple my dear Billy...

As I said before, the job of the quarterback is to recognize the opportunities in the system and act on them. If a play breaks down, don\'t make a mistake by doing something stupid. Realize that your job is not to be the star or the playmaker. Your job is to get the ball out of your hands and into the hands of your real playmakers...

Aaron Brooks does not understand this. He makes a lot of mistakes. He doesn\'t understand his role in our system. He wants to be THE guy... he doesn\'t lead the team...

I\'ll give you a good analogy... is it a racecar driver\'s responsibility to build a good car? No. But it is his responsibility to drive it well. He can\'t win a race without his mechanics, his pit crew, etc. etc. etc. But once out on that track, it is his job not to clip the wall too many times, or bump other cars... avoid oil slicks on the track... and know what his car can do, recognize a gap when he sees one, and floor it and drive right on through it...

Aaron does not know how to drive the high powered stock car that is our offense. We need a better driver... get it now?

lumm0x 06-14-2003 10:54 AM

What is the QB's job?
WhoDat, just a quick question for you. In your last post you said we need a better driver. I\'m not picking a side here I\'m just asking you if you think Brooks will never grasp our system and his role? Is your opinion that he has hit the wall and this is all there is to him?

BillyCarpenter1 06-14-2003 10:55 AM

What is the QB's job?
Let me give you a good anology.....that stock car went around the track pretty damn good last year. The difference is we had 21 other people in that stock car. Let me fill you in. This is football. The name of the game is scoring points on offense and prevent the other team from scoring points on defense...IT\'S THAT SIMPLE. Aaron Brooks and the offense scored a lot of point. The defense didn\'t do their job. Again.......IT\'S THAT SIMPLE. You have stated your case about Brooks leadership skills, and I agree he needs to improve. But if you want to find the reason we lost most of the games that we would be well advised to point it at someone besides Aaron Brooks.

WhoDat 06-14-2003 11:05 AM

What is the QB's job?
lumm0x - not at all. To go back to my analogy... there are stock car drivers and there are indy car drivers... different skills sets. I think our offense is better suited with a stand-up drop back passer with more smarts and better game management skills... a chad pennington type if you will.

Billy... again you change the subject. You assume that I am saying that the Saints biggest problem is Brooks. I am not at all. Can you not understand how a person can question one thing without questioning another?

The Bucs won the Super Bowl... does that mean that there\'s no room for improvement on their team? Of course not... they\'re looking for ways to get better right now. We scored a lot of points last year... does that mean that there\'s not room for improvement on offense? Should we not have signed Conwell? Should we not have drafted OLmen? Should we have kept Turley? Hard to say right now... the point I\'m trying to make somewhat inarticulately right now is that we are all looking for ways for our team to get better in every facet. I strongly believe that the offense could be even better with a different quarterback with a different skill set than what Brooks has...

I could be wrong, just as you could be... we don\'t know. At least I can make a valid argument and focus solely on the topic at hand... c\'mon man, I know that you can do better than what you\'ve given me so far.

Give me reasons why Brooks is the right guy for our system....

JudeThaddeus 06-14-2003 11:08 AM

What is the QB's job?
I\'ve been reading these boards for a while now. I really like the community spirit I see here, especially considering how difficult it sometimes is to state with pride, \"I am a Saints fan.\"

I now I am Joe Nobody here, but I have to agree that AB was a large part of the downfall of last season. No one can deny that the defense played poorly for most of last year. What was the average points we gave up? 20 per game? I can\'t remember.

Still, we were successful as long as Duece was healthy. What does that mean? When Duece lost that ability to make the hard cuts he got a lot easier for defenses to take out of the game plan. Remove Duece and you have to depend on your receiving corp and QB. Although the receivers are numerous, there was only one QB. That is the common denominator in this equation.

Don\'t get me wrong. I like AB and think he has tons of talent. I truly believe that if it were not dependent on him to build a bunch of players into a team, he can absolutely destroy any defense out there. However, since it is up to him to lead the team....well, I just don\'t see it happening.

I haven\'t given up hope. He may grow up and become the man we need at the helm. Even so, at heart I am a pessimist (I am a Saints fan, after all :) ) and I truly believe we have to get a leader in there to take us the last yard.

Just my opinion.

SaintsFan1967 06-16-2003 09:52 AM

What is the QB's job?
WhoDat makes a very good point. I really like the race car driver referance. :D Brooks has a lot of talent and a very strong arm. But he is playing in the wrong offensive system. He is a running style QB, that the league seems to be trying to install in the NFL. And there\'s nothing wrong with that. But it requires a different offensive scheme. The Saints are running the west coast offense. And the QB needs to be a standup pockett systle QB. AB does not have the mechanics to suceed in this type of offense. As we saw last year, when the RB, Deuce, was hurt the opposeing defenses where able to force the Saints to rely on there passing game. this hurt for a number of reasons. (1 the TE was ineffective (2 the QB would back peddle and the blocking of the Linemen became ineffective and the result was the QB scramling right into the rush of the defense. This was not the fault of the line men. And when running lanes opened up the QB was to slow in reading and reacting to them. It is the running of Duece last year that opened up the high scoring that the Saints enjoyed. But the lack of a pass rush by the defense and the inablity to stop the run caused the Saints to have to out score there opponents to win games. This must be corrected this year if we are to be successful. And we need a good RB to back up Deuce, cause we know that without one, our offense will stumble and fall. And it wouldn\'t hurt to have a better QB coach.

subguy 06-16-2003 10:17 AM

What is the QB's job?
No one can ever underestimate the importance of having a key player,usually a qb,assume an on field ,pick me up atitude. Billy, you said the purpose of offense is to score alot of points. And you said we did that. Well, all of those points couldn\'t get us where we need to be at the end of the year. Brooks has talent. Brooks has skills. They are not strong enough to bring it on home. As the on field coach,he hasn\'t delivered. He makes flaky mistakes. But he is not the only reason we have given up at the end of the past two years. He lacks maturity and with the receiving corps we have, In my opinion it is forcing him, or he is trying to be something he isn\'t. Now what is available to pick up...............nothing. Brooks has been blessed with a good RB and strong set of receivers. And it still is not happening.

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