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Eagles not going for 4th down and 15

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Y'all still don't get it. If they go for it, and don't make it, then the Saints get the ball on downs. Now if the Saints don't make a 1st down, then at most the Saints would've had to try ...

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Y'all still don't get it. If they go for it, and don't make it, then the Saints get the ball on downs. Now if the Saints don't make a 1st down, then at most the Saints would've had to try a 47 yard or longer field goal. So what if the Saints make the field goal. If they don't make a first down, then the Eagles would've gotten the ball back with time to go for the TD. Their is also a chance that the Saints don't risk a field goal.

Now if the Saints get a 1st down no matter where they were on the field, the game was over.

By punting, at best for the Eagles the Saints don't make a 1st down, but they wind the clock down to about 1 min, with no timeouts, and probably punt it deep into Eagle territory.

The smart play is to give yourself a chance for the first down, no matter if it was only a 1 in 20 chance. Giving the Saints a chance for a field goal was not very significant, and when you weigh the way the Saints had been racking up yardage in the 4th, it was definitely not the high percentage play.
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Going for a 4th and 15, in your own territory is suicidal. Unless there's like 30 seconds on the clock, then I can understand it. The Eagles defense IS the team. Reed made the correct call for his team, at the time.

Hindsight is always 20/20. He's the coach, his call. Dum or not, it was made, and they paid for it. Now, let's talk about bear soup......
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I would've gone for it. I was very surpised, no SHOCKED, when Andy opted to punt. They'd just made a 4th and 10, they'd just shown they could move the ball. But to punt with Deuce waiting in the wings... I just didn't understand that.

Be what it may... I am a very happy camper.
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The worst coaching decision of the year hands down. The 3 and out of the Saints after a Philly punt or a 3 and out after a turn over on downs would of resulted in roughly the same field position to get the ball back. Maybe its because Andy Reid is actually not human and is an amazingly stupid walrus that got completely out coached and out played?
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I think it was the right call to punt. 15 yards in one play is very difficult to get. If he gambles and doesn't convert, the best he can hope for is a 3 and out by the Saints, and getting the ball back on the 20 yardline. With the punt, you hope to stop them 3 and out, force a punt and have the ball around your own 35-40 yardline. 15-20 yards is a big deal, especially when there is around a minute left and you have no timeouts.
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Apparently Andy Reid forgot about the drive that burned 8:26 off the clock to secure the Saints victory in their last meeting.

As soon as they set up for the punt, I said to everyone in the room "Saints win!"
Reid should have known that the LAST thing he wanted to do at that point was let us touch the football again. His ONLY reasonable chance to win was to extend that possesion.
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I'm on the "It was stupid" side. Whether or not he saw something he didn't like on the 4th and 10, he saw what we did and had another play to adjust. I guess that tells the story right there. Andy Reid didn't adjust his playcalling.

Also this is the same man that went for it on 4th and 26 and converted a couple of years back. You'll go for that but not 4th and 15? Mind boggling.
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4th and 15 with under 2 minutes left in the game.

I have Garica who can run out away from trouble and have Stallworth, Brown and Westbrook, I'm on the road and down by 3 points.

If I would have been the coach for the Eagles that night I go for it on 4th down, chances are a lot higher that I get it compared to giving the ball back to the Saints the way Deuce was running the ball, the Saints had three downs to get 10 yards, pretty good chance that the Saints would have converted, in fact we did convert, so IMO Andy made the wrong decision by punting the ball away, easy to say what I think now that the game is over and have no pressure on me.

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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