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YouTube video of "the shirt"

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Can't cha just hear huh sayin it na?? Thanks y'all! No one else saw it but me and didn't believe. Now They Believe!! Pinch me! I'm not dreaming! It's all true dawlin'!...

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Awrite! thaut I dreamed it! But shouldn't it be "DA shi

Can't cha just hear huh sayin it na??
Thanks y'all! No one else saw it but me and didn't believe. Now They Believe!! Pinch me! I'm not dreaming! It's all true dawlin'!
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RE: Awrite! thaut I dreamed it! But shouldn

again, it should definitely be "DA SHIRT"!!
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I know not all Saints fans are that stupid, but that may has to be the most classless, pathetic representative of your city that I've ever seen. If you are all proud of that, then you deserve your fate... a throttling at the hands of Chicago.

As I said in an earlier thread, you have a playoff curse. The Gods of football have allowed you to get to the Championship game this time, only to insure that your disappointment even more agonizing. As much as the NFL and referees are trying to get your city to the Super Bowl, the curse cannot and will not be broken. It all ends next Sunday.
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RE: classless

This guy is pretty funny, go back and masterbate to old Cowboy film and rid these threads of your garbage. But if u decide to stay, maybe you should change your name to like "ReggieDoesDallas" or something....just a thought...
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You guys do me a favor and ignore this idiot. He's probably a 15 year old crossdresser and his momma won't let him in her closet. If you were A 15 year old crossdresser and your momma wouldn't let you in her closet you might be mad too. Ignore this clown, he's just showing how clueless he is. I had 6 calls on my cell phone after the game saying they were pulling for the Saints to win. All Cowboy fans aren't as stupid as some seem to be.
Go get you some new panties boy, and try to stay away from the sandpaper panties, I hear they tend to chaffe you.

Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt!!!!!

"Every time you think, you weaken the nation!" Moe Howard...The Three Stooges.
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Enjoy watching your team on the golf course, boysripsaints.
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All Cowboy fans are the same, and unfortunately, I know plenty. If they lose, it's not because they were beat by the opposing team, it's that they beat themselves. If they win, they were simply a better team, and the outcome shouldn't shock anyone.

And I find it humorous that he brings up "class", like the Cowboy organization invented it. Real classy the way they handled Landry, but that's a distant memory. And I've been to plenty Cowboy games, your fans are no angels either.
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Who cares what a Dallas Convicts fan thinks? Begone with you!
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RE: classless

oh, gloom, despair and agony on me. . . bigger than Dallas. . .Extremely sad state of affairs if the only way for you to get attention is to insult fellow humans who are just havin a good time - for a bit of a change. And so cryptic and condescending-on a weblog no less. What a ridiculous, absolutely pitiful rant! Yeah, we're proud . . .of all New Orleanians - because we love and know how to laugh - - at ourselves, even! And, thank you, we are now laughing our asses off at you. Dawlin', you sound like you need a stiff one - - both kinds. Come on down and see us anytime-we can take care of you-24/7. We've learned to limit cause for frustration, not instigate it. If not, at least say a Flyin' Novena to your Football Gods to save our single-Gawd, fun lovin' souls. (Hmm, did it hurt when they branded that star on your ass during the secrect induction ceremony?) Ready to go Super, but damn proud of our boys, no matter!!!
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