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MVP MY A$$!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Brees MVP LT Offensive Player of the Year Thats the way it should have gone...

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Brees MVP
LT Offensive Player of the Year

Thats the way it should have gone
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I for one like LT. And unfortunately for Drew, LT really did deserve the MVP award this season. You can't have the season he had, and break the records he did, and not deserve it.

What I have issues with is the meltdown after the game. I didn't see it, but supposedly he lost it and started trashing just about anyone, including his coach. Did anyone catch it? (Sorry, the Saints win drained me so much I couldn't stay up past halftime!)
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He got pissed at the way the Pats acted after the game and rightfully so. They went to the middle of the field and started doing the lights out dance before the game was even over. He went off on them afterwards saying they had no class and that they must have gotten it from thier coach. He didnt bash his team or coach.
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I'm playing devil's advocate. Obviously, I'm a Bears fan and I accept the fact that Drew Brees had an outstanding year, especially coming off a season that raised questions to whether he would be able to pass the ball efficiently again. His numbers were staggering, however LT broke numerous offensive records, and led his team in the toughest division to the best record in football with a rookie quarterback. Brees had a veteran crew around with the exception of bush and colston. But with a rookie QB, come on.......
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hey Cubbie..I must dis agree....Brees did not have a veteran crew, much less a crew that had played together. They played merry go round at tight end and receiver all year. Their O-line was "patchwork" according to many at the start of the regular season...A new Center, a rookie Guard, a one tackle who was switching sides, another that was being regarded as a bust, and a center that was cast off by his old team. A running back coming off major knee surgery, and the #2 pick of the first round tyhat many doubted could handle the strain of being a go to guy, or going into the middle. He had a 7th round receiver, and after Horn went down he had major patchwork at the receiver position.

The only "constant" Brees had all year was his fullback, and Bree's himself. Plus, Brees was coming off major shoulder surgery, and was being doubted by everyone.

What it appears you fail to see is that his leadership, desire to win, and ability helped to propel a team that last year finished 3-13 into the NFC championship game.

It appears that if you would have done your homework, you would see that it was Lt who had the most experinced teammates to help him..all that changed for him was his quarteback.

I hate to say it, but your theory lacks....well...theory.... And this is not Homer-ism..it's fact.

Hope you see the error of your ways. If not, hopefully Bree's can prove something to you and yours this weekend.

Respect my authori-tie
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Plus 27 out of the 53 man roster weren't here last year. Over 50% of this team is new to the Saints.
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I don't get it. The Pats celebrate by mimiking a dance that LTs "Awesome" cheating LB does after EVERY sack, and he is pissed because he says "They have no class" Well you know what LT YOU AND YOUR TEAM HAVE NO CLASS. After crying like children who lost a school yard scrum, you have no right to talk about class. I used to like you. I thought you were what was good about the NFL, but now your true colors fly. So what if the Pats did Merriman dance. It's no different than when he does it. So go home and shut up.

Boo cry baby running backs HOORAY BEER!!!!!!!!
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LT can play receiver better than most receivers in the league. By far, LT can play running back better than most running backs in the league. If called apon, LT could probably play corner or safety better than most professionals in the league. He is explosive. Drew Brees is by far....................the 3rd best QB in the league, but did have a better year than the other two this year. Congrats to Brees, excellent year, and good choice as runner up.
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LT is a good player playing on a squad that has been together in a well defined system. Without him, the Bolts would have been blown out rather than barely lose. But what's really telling is when the Bolts needed to convert, they went elsewhere in their offense. The Bulls went to Jordan, Brasil looked for Pele, and Edmonton looked for Gretzky. The Bolts looked for someone else. You're not MVP if you're not the guy in the clutch.

Brees is a good player directing a bunch of misfits, rookies and castoffs in a new system within a culture that has really never experienced winning. Without him, the Saints are vying with Oakland for the 1st pick in the Draft instead of playing for the right to go to the SuperBowl.

MVP should be selected at the end of the season, not the end of regulation.

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