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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Hey I read in an article (please don't ask where...I think I got the info from nola.com/saints) but Robbie Gould kinda sorta cheated. During commercial break Gould was seen practicing feild goals backing up in increments of 5 yards By ...

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Hey I read in an article (please don't ask where...I think I got the info from nola.com/saints) but Robbie Gould kinda sorta cheated. During commercial break Gould was seen practicing feild goals backing up in increments of 5 yards By the the time he got to like the 40 someone finally noticed and told him to get off the feild. .(As a Dolphin fan as well this kinda reminds me of the early 80's playoff game where that convict started clearing out the snow so the Patriots kicker had a clearer shot at the ball and planting his foot. But the dolphins who tried one earlier did not get such treatment.) He admitted that all that practice allowed him to decipher exactly how and where he needed to kick the ball. Wow...talk about confidence. Your own kicker needs to make sure how to kick the ball before he officially has to? Pathertic. And what makes me even angrier is that becuz of his "practicing" we are playing away instead of in NO. GARBAGE!!!!!!
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I have a couple of comments here.

First of all, I just want to show appreciation for the Bears fans who dropped in here and have to a decent degree maintained composure and genuinely tried to present some rational arguements why they believe the Bears will come out ahead this Sunday.

All fans go at it with blind faith, just trying to will their team to win. It's always nice when some fans can try to add some insight and research into it as well.

Likewise, I believe our Saints will prevail this weekend. I really don't think the weather is going to factor in at all in the Bears favor. The field difference may, as our offense is less explosive on natural grass as opposed to turf though. After watching last weekends matchups, oddly enough I am glad we are facing the Bears instead of the Seahawks. The Hawks were a banged up team on both sides of the ball and the Bears really struggled to pull out that win. The defense had alot of trouble stopping what really is a very inadequate offense in Seattle. And Seattle's defense is less than stellar, and even against a patch work secondary missing pretty much every starter, the Bears passing game was just above average.

I will say this, if the Bears show up with that same game they played they will have whiplash watching us race past them. I'll start with the Bears offense. Last week was a pretty decent performance when it comes to Grossman. He limited his mistakes and was relatively effective. Our defense struggles against a couple of things. Speed in the run game, defending screen plays and preventing the deep ball. The Bears only do one of those things effectively and I think our coach knows that all too well. I also believe we can pound alot more pressure on Grossman that Seattle was capable of. They were limited because of their secondary and could rarely blitz. I believe we will produce more pressure than Grossman can handle. And the lack of speed on your run game will bring it to a plodding halt if you get down in points. The only thing that concerns me is the deep ball to Berrian or Davis. I'm only hoping Payton has something figured out to help in that area. I assume we will give up a big play or two.

Your defense, partly due to injury, and partly to simply having to be your entire source of victory in games is like it or not declining. Missing Harris and Brown are taking it's toll. Your secondary is becoming one of the worst tackling groups in the conference. I equate Philly's back 4 pretty close to the Bears and we were running circles on them. Your LBers and DEs are formidable. But we have the best protection offense you've faced all year and if you fail to get pressure you will fail to stop us. Your defense relies on Urlacher and Briggs to make all the plays. I know the creativity of our coach will have our playbook designed to have them going sideline to sideline all day long. I can believe by late in the game your defense will be giving up yardage in chunks. They have shown lately that they simply are not the dominant group they are when fully healthy and united.

With that said, your regressing defense, lack of consist and diverse offense, and general disregard for the opponent you are about to face are about to bite your team in the arse. I do believe the Bears are thinking Super Bowl, whether the fans can admit it or not. What many do not realize is that our team has never been this far before. Ever. This game Sunday is our Super Bowl. It is the most important game in the 40 year history of a franchise and the players have had the hopes and dreams of an entire region on their shoulders ever since proving we are for real this year. I say that the Saints come out of the gates as we did week 3 versus the Falcons, with a passion and fervor unmatchable. I don't think the Bears will know what hit them, and they will realize 60 minutes later that an unstoppable force just blew threw town.

Goodnite Bears.
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Hurricane Katrina was two seasons ago. The NFL has gravy-trained our hardluck situation for the second year after Benson tried to move us with no success from the owners. Nobody loves our team except the fans and now, because of our success, the owners and the sob-story lovers. We will go to Chicago and beat that ass for America and defeat you terrorist sumbit****WOOO. And PS while you watch us play in the Super Bowl we have vacancies in the French Quarter.
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Grossman has the worst QB rating of any qb in the postseason. Brees has the highest. Divide by pi and the teddy bears can't beat the Saints. DA SAINTS
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Originally Posted by duece4pres
Originally Posted by CUBBIEBEARS
Come Sunday, Mr. Brees will become aware of who Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are.
They are two great LB's, but didn't Urlacher get shook out of his shoes for a td by a QB a few weeks back. WAIT TILL REGGIE SHAKES HIM. HIS ANKLES ARE GONNA BREAK.
Just like Vick did against the Bears last time we played the Falcons? Urlacher isnt scared of anyone! The only reasone Urlacher got juked against Brady is b/c he backed off thinking Brady was going to slide. He won't make that mistake with a QB ever again!
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Come Sunday, Mr. Brees will become aware of who Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are.
When Urlacher sees Karney coming through the hole he will be considering early retirement.
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That's a good one sac-a-lait.
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who here remembers old AB faking Urlacker out of his jock strap on a run?
(sorry to bring up AB)
What will # 25 do to Mr Urlacker
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I' m tired of hearing people talk about the cold weather. Last time I checked both teams have to play under the same conditions. Besides how successful have the Bears been playing in January in the last 5 years, not very. So the only real advantage the Bears have in the cold is Tank Johnson because he's packing the heat.
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the Bears are the worst 13-3 team in the history of the league!
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