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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The only reasone Urlacher got juked against Brady is b/c he backed off thinking Brady was going to slide. He won't make that mistake with a QB ever again I believe the Bears came to town a few years back ...

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The only reasone Urlacher got juked against Brady is b/c he backed off thinking Brady was going to slide. He won't make that mistake with a QB ever again
I believe the Bears came to town a few years back and Urlacher was just starting out and the Saints qb juked his arse right out of his shoes..now who was that???OH!!
I believe that was a guy named AARON BROOKS!! Yeah..Reggie don't have a chance of making a play
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Our Papa
Who art a Bear,
Hallowed by thy fame,
Thy championship come,
Thy play be run,
At home as it is away,
Give us this day our Sunday win,
And forgive us our turnovers,
Though we pounce on those who turnover agains us,
And lead us not into fourth and long,
But deliver us from Brees.

In the name of Ditka,

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Great prayer. Keep saying it a lot. It's all you have and you're going to need it.
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Originally Posted by lumm0x
I have a couple of comments here.

First of all, I just want to show appreciation for the Bears fans who dropped in here and have to a decent degree maintained composure and genuinely tried to present some rational arguements why they believe the Bears will come out ahead this Sunday.

Goodnite Bears.
I agree. And thanks to Halo too, for not reflexively threatening to ban them.
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hats off to you 34payton34
just for the use of #34. he was the greatest.
But Sunday you may just see the new sweetness of the NFL in Bush.
We saints fans still have a bit of a bad taste in your mouths when we played you guys a few years back and some of your low life fans, we all have them, hammered a group saints fans with ice balls not snow balls.
I lived there for two years and love the gold coast in the summer so I know they do not represent the best of the bears fans. But some of us do remeber.
Enough of that. I am tired of cutting and pasting this on our web sites and will do one more time.

When you look at the teams and the match of your defense and our offense against one another, this could be an epic battle. Drew Vs. Brain. Who knows this match up may go for years. We only can hope. Two of the top players in the NFL on opposing sides battling it out with the play calling. Sweet

This will be the 11th time since the merger that a conference's top-ranked offense (New Orleans) is facing the top-ranked defense (Chicago). In the first 10 such matchups, the top offense has defeated the top defense seven times. In two of those games, the top offense shut out the top defense (Cowboys over Rams in 1978; 49ers over Bears in 1984). http://www.superbowl.com/news/story/9937316

The real key is which team will win on the opposite side of the ball. Saints defense Vs. Bears offense.

Which Bears QB will show up???????? You guys are not even sure.

Can the Saints get a good enough pass? Can the Saints LBers control the run enough to keep the Bears under 175 yards rushing? Can the Saints secondary give up no more than 1 big play? I have to answer yes, IMO. While the D is not ranked in the top 10 they have faced all the so called hottest teams late in the season and done well enough to win.

By the way the saints defense is ranked 11th. Bears offense is 19th.

Advantage Saints

This should be like all the other playoff games this year and be a battle to the end. The weather is your best friend right now. Our is it? Can the kid from Florida throw in the cold well enough to win? Another untested tid bit. Drew will be fine remember he was a boilermaker and closton is a new yorker. There are more than a few cold weather players on the saints so maybe it wont be as big of an issue as we think.

Hester scares me I must admit. Man he was a steal.

What should scare the Bears is the fact the Saints were a better road team this year than a home team. By the way you have to admit the rest of the NFC North was lame this year also when you compair records.

Best of luck and may you take the beating well.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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You know everybody is talking about Hester, sure he's run back six for touchdowns. He also bobbles a few. He did last week.

We sometimes forget, we have some pretty good special teamers too. Beerman and Bush ain't no slouches!
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I want a good game and that is all. It is the PLAYOFFS anyone can win, and anything can happen. I will be screaming Saints and bleeding Blackandgold all weekend, but if ,so be it,the Bears win I will still be proud of this team, and will still call this the greatest season of my life. So with that said GO SAINTS CRUSH THE BEARS!!!!!
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Its been a great ride!

Time to kick some Bear off the train to Miami!!!!

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