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Reggie's antics cost the Saints a trip to "theeee game&

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; No one player cost us the game anymore than I did. This thought is just stupid. Anyone who says one player cost the Saints that game doesn't know sheet about football. It's a team sport. No one player had 4 ...

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No one player cost us the game anymore than I did. This thought is just stupid. Anyone who says one player cost the Saints that game doesn't know sheet about football. It's a team sport. No one player had 4 turnovers. No one player was responsible for all the penalties. Get a grip! God, it's too early!
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You know . . . this story is getting old. Who cares if he pointed his finger and did a flip in the endzone. If it takes that to get a defense motivated, then that defense doesn't need to be on the field. The defense was fired up and motivated anyway. Besides, when anyone else does this it's funny. Why is it different with Bush? You folks are just looking for a scapegoat when the loss was a team effort. The only problem that I really have is that Bush may have gotten a taunting penalty. He knows that and he apologized for it. You folks need to get over it, already!
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I'm not sure I can even classify this as taunting. Dikembe Mutombo wags his finger, right in another player's face for that matter, and all the fans and critics and announcers think it's funny and cute. So Reggie briefly does from a dozen yards away when both he and the Bears are probably out of breath and now he's the AntiChrist. Whatever.

If the image burned in Urlacher's and the defense's mind and it fired him up then so be it. The Bears D isn't the only reason we lost the game.
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What I think is funny is that Reggie is probably the person who least deserves any blame in that game. He was more effective than anyone else on offense and didn't cough up the ball. I think there were some dicey calls, but still.
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other points are worth reading

....and it's always easy, as a FAN, to place blame. Hats off to the Saints for getting as far as they did!

Sure, the media had tons of fodder with Reggie's antics (finger pointing and somersaulting dive), and maybe the Bears used it to continue the cycle.

What really matters though is what the Saints can do to make that last step towards the Super Bowl! Surely had they had home field advantage, maybe Miamii would have been in their travel plans.

2007 season: get some tougher Cornerbacks and some more seasoned Wide Receivers. Caldwell's DROPS are just not the recipe for a championship team.

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RE: other points are worth reading

Caldwell's Drops??? Is he on the Saints team??? I understand what you are saying about the finger pointing but the Bears did alot of taunting and other stuff too before Reggie's TD. Brann thank you for saying that to Euph, it just seems like he points out everything in a negative way about anything. Does he want Haslett and Brooks, and possibly Venturi back? Support the team. Or support another team then.
Also as a fan I can place blame on anybody too, and that would be the Ref's for this game. I know, I know if you take away a couple of Penalties and possibly two TO then this is a whole different game.
Just my opinion.
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RE: other points are worth reading

Like the other losses, if we don't turn the ball over, we win. It's obvious that a new kicker (one who can kickoff and who is automatic from at least 45-in) is needed. I love Carney. He's a great guy, and despite that one XP problem, he's been pretty damned solid. It's just a waste to have two guys as PKs.

We had TONS of momentum after Reggie's TD. The defense shut down the Bears on their next possession, and the offense was marching down the field till that missed FG. The wind in the sails started to die down. After that safety, the momentum was completely lost.

And no problem, AP. I've been a Saints fan through thick and thin and it galls me when someone older and who has presumably been a Saints fan longer than I've been alive sees fit to whine and complain and point fingers after the best season in franchise history.
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What lost the game was that nice field we got to play on. It look like the cane fields here after the harvest.
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I like to look at the bright side.....we have Brees, Bush, & McCallister for a minimum of 4 more years. Colston will be here for at least 2 more years. And.....I have a feeling that our defense is going to get a serious revamping this offseason. All that says to me "This ain't your daddy's Saints!"
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