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The Perfect Offseason

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Sign: CB Samuel DT Starks or Redding TE Stevens or Graham LB Fletcher-Baker or Donnie Edwards QB Anthony Wright Re-sign: Shanle-let him bak-up Fletcher, he won't cost much nice player Stinchcomb-totally agree, he'll get better...Or try to let Streif bet ...

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The Perfect Offseason

CB Samuel
DT Starks or Redding
TE Stevens or Graham
LB Fletcher-Baker or Donnie Edwards
QB Anthony Wright

Shanle-let him bak-up Fletcher, he won't cost much nice player

Stinchcomb-totally agree, he'll get better...Or try to let Streif bet him for the job(which he will)

Clark-excellent player

Scott-why trade, good player who is young and gets injured alot. Keep him for back-up, better than keeping Gleason, Bellamy, and Stout forever

Think of/Let Go:
Grant-wants too much. If cant talk him into a serious deal, then bye bye and let Ninkovich start who I think will produce more when healthy anyways

Holland-if wont go anywhere else, keep him.

Thomas-we all know

Tank Thomas-if we get Redding or Starks, no need to kepp em

Allen/Polley-think of Polley, but lets get rid of Allen


1 LB Timmons-extremely talented player. Has the atheltic ability to play any LB position on the field. Has the look of Ray Lewis, love him here
Notables:Not gonna say Poz, If Willis drops, this is a hard pick. If both are gone, I go Beason, Davis or Alexander(an underrated Timmons)

2 CB Marcus McCauley-he'll drop to us b/c of his stock is falling due to his practices. Has all the talent to be a starter for us, would be one of the best nickel CB's in the league, rookie or not
Notables:MeBane looks good here as well, if he isn't here we like Ross, Jackson, or Wright

3 DT Ryan McBean-really high on this guy. Praying for him to go to us, exactly what we need at DT. Can stuff the run with no problem and is a nice pass rusher, a good compliment to Starks and Young
Notables:No way he doesn't fall here. He is way underrated and is awesome. Other players would be good here are MeBane and Chandler

3 CB Fred Bennett-love this kid. Has the frame and speed of a WR and can run with almost anyone. Big and solid, and can lay a hit as well, would be really nice in case we can't snab a descent FA CB
Notables:Another player that would be nice here is Jonathan Wade, just has better hands and more speed. Not much experience though, and Josh Wilson

4 TE Clark Harris-amazing kid, and is a reciveing threat. Not as much as a blocker but can get the job done, would start out as back-up and can contibute big on this team.
Notables:maybe WR here, like Higgins, Hill, or Clowney but not yet

4 WR Jacoby Jones-just what Payton loves. The guy's stock is making a sprint upward, wont last like Colston did, definitely like him here. So much of a sleeper, big frame the Matt Jones type
Notables:Marvin White would be great here, but he wont last. Maybe Jarrett Hicks with a good combine or Ryne Robinson, who is a big sleeper

5 DT Antonio Johnson-this guy is a beast. He has the strength and quickness to thrive in the NFL. Teams say he's not all a pass-rusher, I like em in a rotation with Starks, Young, and McBean
Notables:would look for a Safety but so many teams need defensive backs, I like Gattis or Daniels

6 LB Zach Latimer-saw this guy play almost every game and is a beast. All the attention goes to Rufus Alexander but he is a darn solid LB, that wont go early in the draft.
Notables:Michael Okwo is really talented and I think can back-up Fujita better than Fincher. Fincher is better at middle, Okwo has the speed and strength, Nate Harris looks good too

6/7(from ATL) DE Jacob Ford-The guy is very productive. Makes plays when its time to, played for a mild school but still is a very good player, and better than Whitehead.
Notables:Justin Hickman outta UCLA is pretty good as well here in the draft. Another player worth taking is Daren Stone at safety, the guy has talent

Nick Folk-screw all the talk about Mason Crosby let ATL have em. This guy booted a 62 yarder, not that accurate but we could let him work with the coaches and Carney. No more kickoff problems

Daren Stone-like I said, he has top talent. Better than Gleason, put him on S's and let him make a difference, can really lay a hit, too

Jarrett Hicks-if he can come from that injury and have a good combine I like him to compete with Copper for the 4th spot. The guy has skills and talent, he just needs to stay healthy, reminds scouts of Colston

Brandon Myles-this guy can fly, and is 6'3". He has amazing leaping ability, when I saw him play I thought Larry Fitzgerald was back in college playing for WV. He can definitely beat out Jamaal Jones, and plays ST's better

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RE: The Perfect Offseason

I forgot this:

Trade Block:
Stecker-personally I like Branch better. Hes worth something to another team

Simoneau-he needs to get off the roster as soon as possible. Teams will take as a ST specialist or maybe a contributor but we dont need him anymore

Joe Horn- If he expects the team to ask him to take a paycut, it's proabably b/c he knows he should. There's no doubt in my mind he can still perform at a pro-bowl level, but I just dont' know how many games per year that will be. His recovery time for injury is ridiculously long as he gets up in age. Look for a team like NE who love aging vets to come in as role players to give him a look.

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RE: The Perfect Offseason

I'm really for keeping Charles Grant. I don't have enough faith that Ninkovich (who barely played, and also was only a one season starter in college) is exactly of the same caliber at this point. He needs a year or two to mature into the rotation. I can see losing Grant coming back to bite us in the butt when we are complaining about a lack of pass rush next season.

I'd also like to see us keep Hollis Thomas even if we add depth through FA. When Thomas was in shape and playing regularily he dramatically changed our defensive effectiveness.

Other than that I am on board with alot of the ideas, perhaps even more promotion to getting rid of Fred Thomas, Simoneau and James Allen. Even Polley can walk. Keep Danny Clark and Shanle for sure.
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RE: The Perfect Offseason

nice shopping list guys.
DE/DT Redding, Cory UFA Lions 6-4 290
This is a name no one has mentioned. 4 year guy at DE who last year moved inside and still got 8.0 sacks. detriot may franchise him though at DT money VS DE money which is about 2 million less. wonder how the players union will react to that move.
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RE: The Perfect Offseason

Free Agency:
I would sign CB first - Clement or Samuel, second get LB briggs or fletcher, third get TE Graham, then sign DT Sand or Reddings or Starks.

C. Grant, Stinchcomb, H. Thomas (1YR), Shanle, D. Clark

TE Conwell, CB Thomas

Re-work the contract:
Horn (if Not Trade)

Best Player available
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I think we really need to keep as many of the players together as possible.

I don't think we need Horn and definitely don't need Thomas. I truly believe the linebackers are average but will get better the longer they play together. If we can pick up an above linebacker, CB and DT in free agency we will upgrade our defense tremendously. We need CB's, LB's, TE and QB in the draft and in that order.

Harper will be back next season and everyone will see how much this one player being out hurt the defense this season. How many times this year did Thomas get burned and Bellamy was out of position? Harper has excellent cover skills and instincts that are at least alot quicker than Bellamy's now.

Consistency wins games and we need to keep as many players together as possible. We will be expected to be one of top teams in the NFL next season and we certainly cannot make alot of changes in the off season if we expect to stay that way.

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cheramie where you been dog. i am not for letting good players go, for instance grant. he has to be fair with what he wants though. i am for keeping a team a team. i felt like we had a team this year. i think our biggest hole is cb. thomas is ok as a nickle but he can not start. we need to get someone on the other side of mm. that was just like the worst thing to watch the two post season games.

as for joe, i would love to keep the guy, but he has to take a pay cut. if not i think he is heading somewhere else. i would like to see us pick up a dt too cheramie.

oh and um by the way lets make sure karney is locked up. i love that kid

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Ben Utecht TE (IND)- Eric Johnson has alot of injuries and Graham is a better blocker.
Floyd Womack OL (SEA)- I would love to have this guy. Can back-up pretty much all positions.
Boss Bailey LB (DET)- See if he can compete. Probably get him cheap because I think he has a injury history.
Asante Samuel CB (NE)- Asante mainly because I think he will contribute BIG time.

Charles Grant DE- He is just a good fit here.
Jon Stinchcomb RT- Played well enough to earn a contract
Montrae Holland OG- Mainly for depth, btu if we get Womack not a big need
Hollis Thomas DT- Did a pretty good job for us minus the 4 game suspension

Joe Horn WR- Mainly because his cap hit. Still like him though.

Fred Thomas CB

27. Paul Pusluszny LB- A LB who could start right away. He is here at #27 because his knee injury.

58. Chris Houston CB- Fast CB who can play nickel now.

89. Paul Soliai DT- The big DT we want to plug the middle if we don't resign Hollis/ his replacement. Also could be Mason Crosby K

91. (assuming they resign Stallworth) Craig Davis, Johnnie Lee Higgins, or Chansi Stuckey WR- Any of these guys would be fine with me.

120 (Kansas City) Leonard Peters S- His only problem is durability problems. But with a 4th is a gamble.

123. Sam Olajubutu LB- His last two years at Arkansas are worth this pick.

154. Noland Burchette DE- Can be a back-up with Ninkovich

185. Chris Leak- I am not a Florida fan, I am just a HUGE Chris Leak fan. I would love to get him and develop him.

Theres my perfect offseason, go ahead and rip it up haha.
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