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Coaches made right moves in off season

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; With free agency being what it is in the NFL today, teams make a lot of moves in the off season and Jim Haslett has been as bold as anyone. The Saints organization has completly revamped the team since Jim ...

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Coaches made right moves in off season

With free agency being what it is in the NFL today, teams make a lot of moves in the off season and Jim Haslett has been as bold as anyone. The Saints organization has completly revamped the team since Jim Haslett and Co. have taken over. They signed Aaron Brooks and made him the starter, someone who was completly off the radar and it looks like he is a rising star in the NFL. If he lives up to expectations, I think the Packers will regret trading Farve's potential successor.

They signed Duece McAllistor and traded Ricky Williams. While Ricky had a great year with the Dolphins, Duece did likewise with the Saints. Only time will tell which back will have the best career, but with all the turmoil Ricky caused, it was a wise move for the orginization. Not to mention Duece fits the offensive vision more than Wiliams.

The Saints offensive line was considered among the NFL's best when Hasslett took over. What did Haslett do? Gone are Willie Roaf, Chris Naole, Kyle Turley, Wally Willams. Now look at what Haslett and Co. did----They signed Wayne Gandy, drafted Le Charles Benltley, Spencer Folau, Victor Riley, and Jon Stinchcomb. This is perhaps one of the best and deepest O-lines in the NFL.

When Haslett and Co. took over this football team, I hardly think any team was worried about the passing game of the Saints. But this coming year any team that has the Saints on their schedule will wake up with bags under their eyes. Haslett brought in Joe Horn, drafted Donte' Stallworth, signed Jerome Paython, and signed several other promising wide receivers. Although the tight end position has not put up the numbers Haslett would have liked ,they signed Ernie Conwell in the off season and David Sloan should have a better year. Boo Williams also looks like he could be a major threat in passing situations. This will be a much better year for the Saints at the tight end position.

Before Haslett arrived in New Orleans ,the Saints special teams were anything but special. Haslett has brought in players such as Michael Lewis, Fred McAfee, and a slew of other new faces that make this probably the best special teams unit in the leauge.

Now defense. The defense Haslett inheirted was not very good to say the least. Haslett enjoyed some early sucsess and it appeared this was going to be the easiest of the 3-units( offense, special temas, defense) to correct. Last year the defense proved they could not get the job done. What does Haslett do? He trades up in the draft and gets a potential superstar at the DT-position with Johnathan Sullivan ,that was only possible because of the Ricky Williams trade to the Dolphins. He also brought back Ashley Ambrose, signed Dale Carter, traded Norman Hand, signed Orlando Ruff, and brought in or drafted several other players. Will the defense be sucessful this year? With the wild sucess on offense and special teams, I vote yes.

If you look at what Haslett and Co. inherited, he took over a team that was probably has bad as it gets in todays NFL and put them in contention rather quickly. Something that Jimmy Johnson couldn't do when he went to the Dolphins and something Mike Holgrem has not been able to do with the Seattle.

Haslett has done a terrific job since joing the Saints and this year the Saints should be considered one of the favorites to go to the SUPERBOWL, but we know the Saints will never get any respect from the media until they do just that.

I think the fans and media have not recongized exactly what Haslett has done since joining the Saints.

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Coaches made right moves in off season

billy, you\'re right on all points of the Saints free-agencie gems. I\'ve claimed it all along that Haslett is a pure genius and possibly the best coach in the NFL. In 2000, he inherited a 3-13 with no cohesiveness or leadership, and after free-agency was over, signed two new Quarterbacks in Jeff Blake, and Aaron Brooks, Wide Receivers Joe Horn and Willie Jackson, etc. When the Saints lose big name players to sallary cap or free agency, all Haslett\'s genius mind has to do is fill in that gap with an equally impressive or more impressive player live he has done throughout his 3 years with the Saints. This guy is a great coach with a great team, and people wonder why the Saints aren\'t in the playoffs every year?

I wonder the same thing, and when people ask me why, I just say: \"They\'re the Saints, that\'s why.\" lol.

But, one day it will all come together and curse of being a Saint fan will come to an end(as maybe will the world).

\"With the 23rd pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select Deuce Mcallister, Running Back, Ole Miss.\"-Paul Tagliabu,NFL Commissioner.
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Coaches made right moves in off season

Haslett is a fine coach but i\'m not quite as high on him as you. What he has done has been great. People have short memories and the more the team improves, the more everyone is going to expect from the Saints. Very few people give Haslett enough credit and I can promies you will have a few BlackandGold memebers that are going to come after you with the Haslett praise you just put on here.

Welcome Aboard....
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