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Where is everybody?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Did we fall off the face of the earth?...

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Where is everybody?

Did we fall off the face of the earth?
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RE: Where is everybody?

I've been busy as hell for the last month or so, if not at work here at home.
I come here everyday to see how things are going, seems to be smooth sailing here at the BNG..
The draft is just around the corner, I hope to see good talk going into draft day..
Should be interesting for the Saints camp.
I can't wait for the next season to start, the Saints should show improvement .
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Merces Letifer
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RE: Where is everybody?

I was kidnapped by aliens, and taken to a planet far away... I clearly remember going through a black hole and coming out to another side of the universe, with a sun star 1000's of times bigger than ours. We landed on a huge planet that had nothing visible but sky scrapers from as far as one could see...

...there, I was submitted to unimaginable horrors. I was placed in a cage, that looked just like Pat Obrien's, with nothing but a robotic bartender, a hurricane glass, and 100 extremely hot female extraterrestials, 1/3 blondes, 1/3 brunettes, 1/3 redhairs...

... the horror...

... The hurricane glass had a hole at the bottom, so every time the robotic bartender served me purple people eater - I like hurricanes but didn't want to look like a tourist - , the precious nectar will spill all over my shoes.

...and none of the women had one...

... the horror...

'Cause the simple man pays the thrills, the bills and the pills that kill
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RE: Where is everybody?

I have been here but using the web site was kind of like a mine field.... Much better now though
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RE: Where is everybody?

This is the first time the site has loaded for me in about a week.
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RE: Where is everybody?

everything seems to be running smoother now
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Re: RE: Where is everybody?

Originally Posted by wheelman
This is the first time the site has loaded for me in about a week.
Same for me.
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RE: Re: RE: Where is everybody?

The same for me, I had to resort to saints revolution for my news. I dont care much for that site.
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RE: Re: RE: Where is everybody?

I'm waaay over my .6 posts per day...
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RE: Re: RE: Where is everybody?

first time the site's loaded for me in over 10 days. Unfortunately, there's not much different now from then. Drag.
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