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Phase 1: Grant for Kelly and Picks.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Phase 1. This is how I spent my time with B&G off line: New Developement: Buccaneers | Kelly a no-show Tue, 10 Apr 2007 15:45:46 -0700 Rick Stroud, of the St. Petersburg Times, reports Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Brian Kelly ...

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Phase 1: Grant for Kelly and Picks.

Phase 1.

This is how I spent my time with B&G off line:
New Developement:

Buccaneers | Kelly a no-show
Tue, 10 Apr 2007 15:45:46 -0700
Rick Stroud, of the St. Petersburg Times, reports Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Brian Kelly did not attend the first day of the team's voluntary offseason workout.

Buccaneers | B. Kelly in team's plans for 2007 season
Sat, 6 Jan 2007 18:06:03 -0800
Roy Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, reports Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Brian Kelly is in the team's plans for the 2007 season, according to general manager Bruce Allen. Kelly is scheduled to earn a $1 million roster bonus, earn $2.6 million in base salary and count $4.43 million against the salary cap in 2007.

Brian Kelly - 5-11, 193, 10yrs, USC

Kelly had a season ending surgury on his turf toe in week 7

Who they have now:
Juran Bolden - 10 yrs, Ronde Barber - 11 yrs, Alan Zemaitis - 2yrs IR (shoulder), Phillip Buchanon - 6yrs, Torrie Cox - 5yrs
Not a bad group at all. So it is possible.

Trade Grant to Tampa
Grant = 1420pt (pick 16(1000) and 48(420))
Tampa (1800) - They will not give up the #4, so we have to try a deal that will help us out long term. We must threaten to tag him again next year.

Tampa's picks in 2007.
Picks: 4, 35, 64, 68, 102, 141, 214, 245, 246

35 (550), 68 (250) = 800
swapping 102 (92) for 126 (46) = 44 = 844
2nd in 2009 = 420 = 1260
3rd in 2008 = 190 = 1350
Kelly = 90pts.
Fair considering he is 31and coming of injury. Plus spreading the trade out to 2009. That is a good third rounder in value. Unless Tampa thinks they will stink it up for the next 2 years, like they did last year.

Saints picks.
27(680), 35(550), 58(320), 68 (250), 88(150), 102 (92), 123(49), 125(47), 163(26.2), 220(3.40)
2nd in 2009, 3rd in 2008, and Brian Kelly. Plus some 4 million in Cap space.

Grant for 2 Seconds, 2 Thirds, swapping 4ths and Kelly.

Tampa's picks in 2007.
Picks: 4, 64, 126, 141, 214, 245, 246 and Charles Grant
They still have picks in all the rounds. nothing lost but position for 2007.

Phase 2: Trading Up....coming soon.
First, let's see if this sounds. Possible? What do yall think?

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I would not trade Grant to Tampa. You know Grant would have his two best games every year against the Saints. It would probably we wise to draft his replacement in 07 or 08, then let him walk. If at that time he signs with Tampa then fine. Kind of like the Saints did with Darren Howard, they drafted Will Smith and eventually let Howard walk. I would do the same with Grant. To me, Grant has great ability but usually plays pretty average. Yes, he is great at times, but he also very non-existent at times. If an AFC team wants him, I would say pull the trigger on a trade if it makes sense. How about the Jets send us Vilma for Grant?
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None of the DE 1st rounders get me excited, I think his replacement should wait till next years draft or be found in a late round this year...the D's version of Colston (wish upon a star), also I read the article about Roman Harper and he says both he and Ninko will be ready to go....Watch his playing time this year and I think we will all have a good idea of what the future holds for Grant...Although I will say that getting something for him now is better than letting him walk next year because we have someone more important to tag...

Any idea who's contracts are up next year???

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A lot of work, but simply mental masterbation. It is more likely that we'll resign Grant before the draft than trade him to Tampa for their redundant CB and rights to draft choices that don't get the team anywhere this season.

Best to work a deal with an AFC team next season because this year's draft doesn't seem to have the kind of players the team needs who are worth trading up for. At the very least, let him demonstrate he's Pro Bowl material on a team picked to make the playoffs. If he does, he's worth signing or extending the franchise tag, if not he'll be dealt. No sense letting this guy go before seeing where this team is really heading.

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How about Jenkins? Would NO and Carolina trade within the division? It might be headache for headache...

I do not think we can afford to let Grant go without a proven replacement. We are not strong enough in the back 7 to jettison a lineman right now.
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