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PFW Q & A with Reggie Bush

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Q&A with Saints RB Reggie Bush Bush, Schutt team up to outfit NYC, N.O. kids with proper football gear By Eric Edholm April 26, 2007 Reggie Bush is teaming up with Schutt Sports, the leading provider of football helmets and ...

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PFW Q & A with Reggie Bush

Q&A with Saints RB Reggie Bush

Bush, Schutt team up to outfit NYC, N.O. kids with proper football gear

By Eric Edholm
April 26, 2007

Reggie Bush is teaming up with Schutt Sports, the leading provider of football helmets and faceguards in the world, to issue football equipment to New Orleans-area youth players — and their goal is to have every high-school football player in the city fitted with gear they need to play next season. Bush, along with Team Schutt, also announced that a $20,000 donation has been made to the New York City Public School Athletic League to help replace outdated and worn-out football equipment in use there.

Bush has logged some well-earned down time from a strange rookie season of incredible highs and lows. He entered last year’s draft as the No. 1 prospect but was passed over by the Texans because of his contract demands, and this all happened amid charges that Bush’s family received improper gifts from a would-be agent while he was still playing at USC.

Though he might not have had quite the explosion onto the NFL scene as many thought, Bush was a strong performer for a Saints team that won the NFC South, made it to the NFC title game and helped revive a region that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In the regular season, Bush totaled 1,307 yards from scrimmage and eight touchdowns, and he added an 88-yard reception for a touchdown in the NFC championship-game loss to the Bears in Chicago.

Bush took a few minutes to chat with PFW about his Draft Day memories, comparing his White House and Playboy Mansion visits, Lane Kiffin’s challenge in Oakland and filming commercials with David Beckham.

PFW: Talk about this arrangement with Schutt Sports and donating the football gear. How did that come about?

RB: Well, both of us just kind of linked up. We thought it was a great opportunity to build a relationship and a partnership and do something special. I am excited and Schutt is excited, and I know we are going to do something special here. We just had the press conference (Thursday) in New York for the New York Athletic League and then we’re going to donate all the equipment in New Orleans (in the future).

PFW: How sick of answering pre-draft questions were you at this point last year?

RB: Uh, well, looking back on last year, there was a lot of anxiety and excitement. Obviously, now, this trip, I can enjoy it. (laughs) Last year, it was definitely a special time. Being drafted in the NFL is definitely a huge accomplishment and a chapter in my life that I will always remember and something I always dreamed of. For me, it was special — I loved every minute of it. I remember it like it was yesterday.

PFW: Any advice for guys like JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson, who are going through what you did?

RB: Obviously, having my family and friends supporting me helped. Once I found out I wasn’t going to be the first pick, Drew Brees actually called me the night before (the draft). He told me he would love to play with me and that he couldn’t wait, that he was excited. That alone, for him to call me, I think speaks volumes about the type of person he is. Drew was always a guy that I looked up to, and for him to tell me that meant so much.

PFW: And what did Drew do that maybe we didn’t see, below the radar, that made him an MVP candidate and just so important to the Saints?

RB: Everything that he did behind the scenes — the hard work, the preparation — that went into him playing well game in and game out, those are the things that most people don’t see. The dirty work. You see what happens on Sundays, but people can’t appreciate the amount of time that goes into the team and getting ready for a season. He does it all.

PFW: How did the two-back arrangement work for you last year — were there enough touches for everyone?

RB: Well, I think if you look around the NFL, it’s something that is becoming … teams are becoming fans of the two-back system, where you don’t just have one running back to depend on. You have two backs to where they can split the time and save each others’ legs and bodies throughout the season. If you look at a lot of teams, like the Colts, the Patriots, even the Steelers when they won it all, the Bears last year — a lot of teams seem to be leaning more toward that.

PFW: Do you care how you get the ball?

RB: If I get 11 carries, catch six passes and have three returns (in a game), I am happy with that.

PFW: I fully expected to see you throw a TD pass last year. You had, what, three TD passes in college?

RB: We’ll see. Hopefully, I get another chance to throw the ball. I had that one pick last season. I definitely love being versatile.

PFW: Have you talked to Lane Kiffin since he got the job in Oakland?

RB: I haven’t, no.

PFW: What qualities does he bring to the Raiders?

RB: Well, Lane coached the receivers, so he didn’t really coach me directly, so I know that he has a lot of support. Everyone knows who is father is, Monte Kiffin. We’ll see what happens. He’s the youngest NFL coach right now, and there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him, not only because he’s young but also because the Raiders haven’t been doing too well lately. There’s going to be a lot of pressure on his shoulders, and we’ll see how he does, but he’s a well-respected guy.

PFW: How was your visit to the White House?

RB: It was good! I had a great time. Had a chance to meet with Condoleeza Rice and some other high-powered senators and congressmen. It was a great time.

PFW: Better than the Playboy Mansion?

RB: (laughs) Yes, better than the Playboy Mansion.

PFW: Sure, that’s what you have to say!

RB: Exactly!

PFW: How are you health-wise now? How did you feel after the season?

RB: I think I feel great. I felt good after the season, but I definitely felt like with the four preseason games, 16 regular-season games and the two playoff games, I could easily have been in worse shape. But the fact that me and Deuce (McAllister) had each other, that definitely helped out.

PFW: It was an incredible season, but you came up just short of the major goal, which was making the Super Bowl. Slight disappointment to go along with all the good stuff?

RB: Yes. First, to do what we did at that time, those people definitely needed that. They needed something to uplift their spirits with all that they endured. So it was perfect timing, even though we didn’t win it all; in a way, it was almost like we did win it. But still, we wanted to do more.

PFW: Will you watch the draft? Pull for your USC guys?

RB: Well, I will watch the first part of it, but I am actually heading off to Europe for a little vacation and to shoot a commercial with David Beckham.

PFW: Beckham is not in L.A. yet?

RB: Not yet. He’ll be over there pretty soon, but not just yet.

PFW: Is the commercial for adidas?

RB: Yeah.

PFW: Where in Europe are you going?

RB: Going to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

PFW: Enjoy the food.

RB: Oh, I will.

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Good find and good interview.
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Thanks for posting the interview, good stuff.....
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Yeah a bit old, I think I remember reading this
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sorry d 24, we'll try to be quicker next time
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