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Superdome memories...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Since its the slow period, i figured id share a few of my favorite/infamous moments from attending Saints games in the Dome. Feel free to add your own, and lets all get fired up for the coming season. -- The ...

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Superdome memories...

Since its the slow period, i figured id share a few of my favorite/infamous moments from attending Saints games in the Dome. Feel free to add your own, and lets all get fired up for the coming season.

-- The 2001 playoff win vs. the Rams. My friends and i were surrounded by Rams fans and the smack talk was intense. A Rams fan sitting next to us was wearing a Faulk jersey, which he threw off when the Saints took a large lead. I let him wear my "Saints come marching in" Gold T-shirt, which i had on under my Brooks jersey (which has since been given to Goodwill). He converted, and actually starting cheering for the Saints (what self-respecting fan would ever do something like this), much to the chagrin of the other Rams fans.
So of course, the Rams start assembling a comeback. Their fans start shouting "Never lose hope!" Homeboy with my shirt starts feeling like an ass now that his team is making it interesting. He starts to slink off, and i yell at him to return my shirt. At this point, he tries to run away, and i tackle him in the aisle. We exchange blows, and i forcefully get my shirt back amid cheers and jeers from the crowd. The dude sulks away, not to be seen from again.
Then Hakim fumbles the punt, which Milne recovers for the Saints. I start shouting, "Never lose hope", mocking the Rams faithful as they hurry for the exits. A watershed moment in my life.

-- Saints vs. Redskins, sometime in the early 90's. We are sitting in the nosebleeds, next to a section full from bottom to (almost the) top of Skins fans. Sitting a couple of rows up from the away crowd, is an attractive Saints fan female all by herself. Two Saints fans, highly inebriated, are making their way down from the very top of the section, next to the Dome wall. Each are clutching large, full draft beers. We all know how steep it can be up there in the cheap seats.
Both guys notice the girl sitting by herself. The first just kind of smiles at her, and keeps treading carefully down the steps. Fan #2 stops and tries to engage her in some conversation, although he can barely speak. I notice him swaying as he tries to spit game. He rocks back a little too far, and loses his balance. He goes flying in the air down two to three rows, and lands right in the middle of a bunch of Skins fans, dumping his full beer all over them.
All hell breaks loose, and i pee my pants a little bit i'm laughing so hard.

-- Saints vs. 49ers (late 90's, or 2000?) This game was the week after T.O. signed the ball with the Sharpie in his sock. We are running late to the game, which always happens when everyone you are going with was at the bar the night before. We get into the stadium right before kickoff. I hate not being in my seat for the action, so i leave my friends behind to better maneuver the crowd in the concourse. I bump a guy twice, trying to get around him in the heavily crowded area.
So this guy turns to me and says, "you just stole my wallet." I think he's joking so i laugh it off, and hurry past him. Seconds later, I am grabbed from behind by several police officers, and tackled to the ground. My instinct tells me to struggle, so i am promptly roughed up and handcuffed. The police shove me into the wall, and the guy comes up and again accuses me of jacking his billfold.
Now i am practically foaming at the mouth with anger, and i am cursing this guy and spewing something about murdering his family. The cops frisk me, and pull MY wallet out of my back pocket.
"I got the wallet," says the cop.
"Look at the picture on the id, genius," is my retort.
The cop finally realize that it is my wallet, and that i may be innocent. The dude starts to change his tune, muttering something about maybe i didnt take his wallet.
"Buddy," I say. "When I get out of these handcuffs, you are gonna be ina world of pain."
This gets me a few more elbows in the grill from the law, who finally decide to let me go and catch the game. But not before they escort me to my seat, handcuffed, where all my friends are already seated. The cops walk to my seat, undo the cuffs, and give me some sharp words before departing.
I fumed for most of the first half, but no one dared to give me any lip during the game.
Side note: Also during this game was one of the awesomest moments in my Saints history. Right before half, a drunken saints fan somehow made his way onto the field, and ran into the 49ers huddle. He pulls out a sharpie and autographs HIS name on one of the 49er o-lineman. The niner freaks out, and shoves this guy violently to the ground. The Saints players then, remarkably, came to the fans defense and started tussling with the 49ers. UNBELIEVABLE.

-- Can't remember the game, but it was during the Cha-Ching years. We are leaving the game, and have just got into traffic on I-10 West. There is a pickup in front of us swerving all over the road. Irritated drivers are honking and throwing the bird at this maniac.
Then, all of a sudden, the situation takes a turn for the awesome.
The passenger door opens, this is in traffic, while driving. A good-looking chick in a Saints jersey sticks her head out and vomits red liquid ALL over the road. This goes on for quite a while.
In a spontaneous, simultaneous demonstration, all the other cars on the road, including ours, begin honking their horns. And the hands that were moments ago giving these people the finger all switch to the fist-pump up and down motion of the cha-ching salute.

Good Times. Man, I can't wait till next season.
Much love, Saints fans...

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