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Alleman comments

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I have been in and out lately and forgive me but what where the "alleged" negative comments he made? I keep hearing bits and pieces but nothing more....

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Alleman comments

I have been in and out lately and forgive me but what where the "alleged" negative comments he made? I keep hearing bits and pieces but nothing more.
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The words i heard the loudest

"I am not coming to NO to be anyones b####."

That can be taken a couple of different ways. I am going with on the field. I am not making such a big deal about it as some have. Lets see how he is once camp start. If the remark was ment towards team and off the field then it is an issue. But I believe he was talking about who is going to play against.
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Who wants a whimp? I like this kid cause he's got confidence. Nothing wrong with that. Better than slinking off into a corner.
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Smile Bucking the system

He is currently trying to buck the "brotherhood" of the NFL system. When your a rookie you get hazed, that is how it is, thats how it has always been. If the greats before you did it, then it should be no problem. Its not like he is the only one who is going to be hazed.

It has nothing to do with being a whimp, or someone's *****. It's just the way rookies are welcomed into the NFL. Ok maybe you are someones *****, but that's beside the point.
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I really don't blame him not wanting to do the hazing crap. Remember what happened to Cam Cleeland during the rookie hazing.

Just FYI, I liked Cam. Too bad he didn't work out. Is he still playing????
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"...he has a LOT of Kyle Turley in him."

I see that as a good thing, not all parts of KT but much of him.
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i thought kyle turley was awesome, personally.
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Originally Posted by SaintsfaninVA View Post
i thought kyle turley was awesome, personally.
Ditto...he talked a lot of smack, but backed it up.
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...just don't mess with his QB.
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as long as it is attitude only and not the uncontrollabe temper of turley,the attitude could be positive. i hope it is closer to being like conrad dobbler.then we got a gem.all of these players have to have tremondus confidence.later,we'll see if it's justified.
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