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My 2007 Saints starters

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This is how I see our offense and defense goin down... QB= Drew Brees- Ummm this is a no brainer lol. RB= Deuce Mcallister, Reggie Bush- They will do better than last year FB= Mike Karney- This guy is very ...

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My 2007 Saints starters

This is how I see our offense and defense goin down...

QB= Drew Brees- Ummm this is a no brainer lol.

RB= Deuce Mcallister, Reggie Bush- They will do better than last year

FB= Mike Karney- This guy is very underrated. I see pro bowls in the near future.

WR1= Marques Colston- Another soon to be pro bowler

WR2= Robert Meachem- He kinda struggled in rookie camp but hes gonna improve alot and be a stud.

WR3= David Patten- This is a guy who is underrated and has very good speed, oh and better hands than devery.

WR4= Devery Henderson- I like the kid but all he can do is the up route.. Devery's hands are not that good. To many times he goes across the middle to keep a drive alive and he drops it.. The up route brees puts the ball on the money and he cant drop the ball... Will he prove me wrong this year, maybe but from what i seen so far Im not impressed.

TE= Eric Johnson- Another guy who will come in and be the tight end we never had in so long.

LT= Jamal Brown- No explination needed.

LG= Andy Alleman- Everything about this guy I like.. He's a monster.. A lot of u are gonna say what about Nesbit, he never was anything before he came to us and his first years he didnt start. He did do I guess alright last year but he was lined up on side of Brown... I think Alleman is the better athlete.

C= Jeff Faine- No explination needed.

RG= Jhari Evans

RT= Jonathon Stinchcomb- Alot of people want Bushrod to start but Stinch had just as good of a year as Brown... When the sacks came from Stinch's side is was always the tight end who was getting burnt...


DE1= Will Smith

DT1= Hollis Thomas- The guy is an animal... All I need to say

DT2= Brian Young- This has to be the most underated saints player there is... Brian Young is quick and also very strong for his size. He's only 290 ILB's and is a very good DT.

DE2= Charles Grant

SLB= Scott Fujita

MLB= Brian Simmons- We werent that good at stopping the run last year and this guy will come in and help... He is better than Mark S. in every category.. Not saying Mark's a bad player but he is mainly a special teamer.

WLB= Scott Shanle

CB1= Mike Mckenzie

CB2= Jason David- I was hoping we would get him when the season ended. He's young , smart, and most of all fast, everything thomas isnt

CB3(nickel)= Usama Young- He will be starting in the next 2-3 years.. Mckenzie will be 31 this year... I give him two to three more solid years left under his belt.

SS= Roman Harper- I see him to have 80 tackles with 4 picks this year, if he stays healthy which i think he will

FS= Josh Bullocks- This kid will get better, He's still learning and they switched the defensive scheme on him. so now its gonna be his second year with this defensive scheme, I think he will do much better.. The only problem I have with him is he's not the best tackler but for Kaesviharn ,besides that one big hit on the patriots receiver, he's not the best either..Bullocks is way younger than KK, Bullocks is 24 and KK is 31 and Bullocks is going to have a good year IMO... Let's not forget that he did win the Jim Thorpe award, the same award Aaron ross won, in his last year of college..

K- Olindo Mare

P= Steve Weatherford

KR= Michael Lewis, Lance Moore- Lewis will make the team!! He always was the special teamer instead of the WR...Last year every return he had was past the 35 almost... The other Kick returner will be Lance Moore, ON WWL radio there talking about how fast the guy is and he reminds them of a young Lewis so I think Lewis and Moore will get the KR jobs

PR= Reggie Bush- Bush is an awsome returner and I wouldnt want to put Lewis doing both, plus being now Bush knows what to exspect on returns, I think he will do better this year..

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I agree with most of what you said except for LG, and a few others. I don't think Alleman can is going to step right into that spot. I think thay Payton is gon' go with the veteran at first. I do think that Alleman is the better athlete but I think it's going to be his awareness that keeps him out of the starting lineup to start the season.

Josh Bullocks is my boy. I want him to do well in this defense because he is a great athlete. But watching him last season, I saw too many times when he looked lost on D. Maybe thats why we picked up KK!!

But overall...It's a nice lineup.

The best conerback tandem in the league reside in the N.O.
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QB - Brees
RB - Deuce, Reggie
FB - Karney (small hands, smell like cabbage)
OL - Same as last year barring injury. Alleman and Bushrod (maybe Dyakowski) get some good reps.
TE - Eric Johnson
WR1 - Colston
WR2 - Henderson with Meachum as understudy
WR3 (Slot) - Meachum, Bush
WR4 - Copper


DE - Grant, Smith
DT - Young, Thomas
MLB - Simmons
SLB - Fuji
WLB - Shanle
CB1 - McKenzie
CB2 - David
Nickle - Usama "The Terrorist" Young
Dime - Thomas
SS - Harper
FS - Kaesviharn with Bullocks hot on his heels

PR - Pittman
KR - Pittman, Beerman! (C'mon...we gotta keep the Beerman around, he's a legend!)
K - Mare
P - Me (I figure with that offense, who needs a punter? Give me league minimum, I'll dress out and donate my entire salary to charity and live off of the tax deduction...plus I'll double as the mascot and massage boy for the Saintsations)

"defence's personal to allwats double team or watch is over, that one reason why the saints or not any good." - Vador101
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I totally agree with what you said about FB Mike Karney
He is in my opinion at the top of his game the guy can put people on there @$$es with his blocking and he has grate catching skills

the guy is an all around grate back
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i think copper will be no 3, devery no 4, and KK will start over bullocks. i dont see how you can keep the leading int. safety on the bench, when we had trouble causing turnovers.
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2007 Depth Chart
WR 12 Colston, Marques 19 Henderson, Devery 89 Jones, Jamal *
LT 70 Brown, Jammal * 64 Strief, Zach *
LG 67 Nesbit, Jamar * 60 Archibald, Ben *
C 52 Faine, Jeff * 76 Goodwin, Jonathan *
RG 73 Evans, Jahri * 65 Andy Allenman
RT 78 Stinchcomb, Jon 74 Jermon Bushrod
TE 82 Johnson, Eric * 83 Miller, Billy * 80 Campbell, Mark *
WR 18 Copper, Terrance *17 Robert Meachem 15 Rhema McKnight
QB 9 Brees, Drew * 3 Tyler Palko 10 Martin, Jamie *
RB 26 McAllister, Deuce *25 Bush, Reggie * 24 Antonio Pittman
FB 44 Karney, Mike *
LDE 94 Grant, Charles * 00 Grant Wistrom 98 Whitehead, Willie *
NT 99 Thomas, Hollis * 96 Lake, Antwan *
DT 66 Young, Brian * 98 Whitehead, Willie *
RDE 91 Smith, Will * 00 Grant Wistrom
SLB 55 Fujita, Scott * 56 Fincher, Alfred *
MLB 51 Simmons, Brian 53 Simoneau, Mark *
WLB 58 Shanle, Scott * 54 Evans, Troy *
LCB 34 McKenzie, Mike 30 David Jones
SS 41 Harper, Roman * 37 Gleason, Steve * 20 Bellamy, Jay *
FS 43 Kaesviharn, Kevin 29 Bullocks, Josh *
RCB 42 David, Jason * 38 Usama Young 22 Thomas, Fred *
Special Teams
LS 47 Houser, Kevin *
P 7 Weatherford, Steve *
H 10 Martin, Jamie *
K 2 Mare, Olindo * 7 Weatherford, Steve *
KO 2 Mare, Olindo * 7 Weatherford, Steve *
PR 25 Bush, Reggie * 27 Stecker, Aaron *
KR 18 Copper, Terrance 27 Stecker, Aaron *
Pratice Squad
QB 11 Fife, Jason *
RG 75 Sims, Wes *
FB 40 Dudley, Kevin *
LCB 28 Groce, DeJuan *
SLB 57 Faulk, Trev *
LCB 36 Phillips, Anwar *
LDE 97 Cooper, Josh *
FB 35 Branch, Jamaal *

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Jason Craft will make the team before Fred Thomas
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Fred Thomas = Toi Cook

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Did we sign grant winstrom? i havent notcied anything about that.
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