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Your Top Five?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; oh and how could i forget Ki Jana Carter. that man rewrote the record books...

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oh and how could i forget Ki Jana Carter. that man rewrote the record books
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5. O.J. Simpson
4. Gayle Sayers (didn't play long, but damn he was sweet)
3. Walter Payton
2. Jim Brown- a man amongst boys

1. Barry Sanders- put him with Emmit's offensive lines, and his records would have been untouchable. Put him in Jim Brown's era, and he would have made everyone look foolish. He did what he did behind a usually mediocre at best O-line.
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Franco's a beast!

Originally Posted by hagan714 View Post
How does he not even get considered in your original post? The guy was a beast. you are selling him short. Has to be one of the top 3 backs for size and speed ever to play. Brown, Campbell and Franco are the best. LT when he is done will be among this group.
Like I said I really like power backs with speed.
Hagan, Let me clarify. I didn't mean to omit Franco from my original list. Yes, he was a beast. Yes he is a bonified Hall of Famer. I just don't believe he is a top fiver. I also enjoy the big powerful backs with speed. I'm a football lover...I love all types of backs. Not to diminish anything that Franco has accomplished..."to me", he's just not one of my "top five".

And Ladanian...dawg...Ladanian is a beast!!! I don't have a problem with putting existing players in the group with the greatest of all time (if there deservant). I realize that we are witnessing greatness, so I rate him as such. But I appreciate you reminding me of the greatness of Franco. The boy was a beast.

The best conerback tandem in the league reside in the N.O.
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5. Deuce - you know him, you love him.

4. LDT - 31 TD's in a season? He throws and catches too. I guarantee you he could play linebacker too. He's the most phenomenal RB I've ever watched. Even in college at TCU it was obvious he was a level above.

3. Bo - The size of a LB with the speed of a return man. I still feel jipped about his injury.

2. Barry - The human pinball. Send Emmitt to Detroit and put Barry behind that Big D line and there wouldn't be any records left to break.

1. Walter - All the best things come from Mississppi.

Honorable Mention: Robert Smith

I'm sure I'll get flack from the old timers, but these were the guys I saw play. I've seen clips of Jim Brown, and he was great, but the competition he played against looked like Deuce suiting up for Lena high school.

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LT did one thing I really liked last year and that was set the record in 14 games. That was big in my eyes. He is almost the perfect RB. Like I said when he is done I will have to debate on him or Brown as the best to ever play the game. If the the chargers had a passing game to open up the field then imagine what his numbers would be like. Gates can only do so much. Every team knows if you are going to beat the Chargers you must stop the run or at the least limit it in some shape or form. LT just keeps on going. Plus he has class.

now for Ki Jana Carter lets give him some respect too

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