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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Show this to a Tide fan and they'll look at you like you just pooped in their corn flakes: http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2007/...ed-drew-brees/ "What If the Dolphins Had Signed Drew Brees? Posted Jun 8th 2007 7:56AM by Michael David Smith Filed under: Dolphins, ...

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What If

Show this to a Tide fan and they'll look at you like you just pooped in their corn flakes:


"What If the Dolphins Had Signed Drew Brees?
Posted Jun 8th 2007 7:56AM by Michael David Smith
Filed under: Dolphins, Saints, NFL Gossip, NFL Rumors, Miami, New Orleans

With Daunte Culpepper about to be shown the exit in Miami, the Dolphins landed a whopping total of two touchdown passes and three interceptions for their investment of a second-round draft pick and several million dollars.

So let's take a stroll down memory lane and remember that last off-season, then-Dolphins coach Nick Saban faced a choice: Trade for Culpepper or sign free agent Drew Brees. Saban chose to trade for Culpepper. Brees signed with the Saints, where all he did was lead the league in passing yards and lead the team to the NFC Championship.

And that leads to an obvious question: What if Saban had made the right choice and signed Brees?

The Saints wouldn't have been the feel-good story of the NFL season. They would have been mediocre at best without Brees, and no one would be suggesting that they had helped the city recover from Hurricane Katrina. There would probably be serious talks that the Saints could move to Los Angeles. The Saints' acquisition of Brees was the single most important move of the NFL off-season, and Saban allowed it to happen.

The Dolphins wouldn't have been a last-place team. In fact, switch the Dolphins' 2006 trio of Culpepper, Joey Harrington and Cleo Lemon with Brees, and you're probably looking at a playoff team. If the Dolphins had been coming off a playoff season, they wouldn't have drafted John Beck or traded for Trent Green this year, so that's two more quarterbacks whose careers were affected.

And, of course, Saban wouldn't have left Miami if he had taken them to the playoffs. So the Alabama Crimson Tide would have a different head coach, and one of the biggest college football stories of the year wouldn't have happened.

We could go on like this all day, and at some point you can drive yourself crazy with all these "what if" scenarios. But Nick Saban made a terrible decision in choosing Culpepper, and that terrible decision had ramifications throughout the football world."

That's about as meaningful as power rankings, but interesting to ponder nonetheless.

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Thats right !!! Geaux Saints ! and Geaux Tigers !!
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Yet another "writer" that's only writing what he heard or read from other media outlets.

1.- Mueller was making the personnel decisions, not Saban.

2.- The Dolphins did not choose Culpepper over Brees. They wanted Brees. But could not afford Brees. The Dolphins could only offer 6 million to Brees because they did not have the money under the cap to give him the 10 million he was asking for. The Saints did. After it was clear that Brees was going to New Orleans and the Dolphins were not going to get him, then the Dolphins went with plan B, picking up Culpepper. When they announced the Culpepper trade, of course they were saying they "chose" Culpepper over Brees and rationalized it with the injury. Was anyone expecting the Dolphins to come out and say "we really liked Brees, but we couldn't afford him, so we were with 2nd best here"?

3.- As for the thought that the team would've been mediocre, looking at the way Coach Payton coaches, does anyone here think that the Saints would've been mediocre sans Brees in 2006? They would not have reached the NFC championship, but I'm sure they would've put up a fight. and at the very least be a contender.

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very good post,tobias.we probably would have one of last years top qb's instead of reggie but this coaching staff would have made us contenders.
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it didnt happen so who cares?
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