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Did you feel a little sorry for Tony Romo after the playoff loss last year

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I brought this thread up about 3-4 months ago on Sr.com and the overwhelming percentage of posters their felt no sympathy for Tony romo dropping what would have been the game winning FG to Seattle last year in the playoffs. ...

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Did you feel a little sorry for Tony Romo after the playoff loss last year

I brought this thread up about 3-4 months ago on Sr.com and the overwhelming percentage of posters their felt no sympathy for Tony romo dropping what would have been the game winning FG to Seattle last year in the playoffs. And you know I was one of the guys who probably still feels he blew it and deserves to be ridiculed for such.

But after the River City Relay debacle in 2003, the more and more I thought about it, I started to feel sme sympathy for Tony Romo, not tha he deserves it of course or that he is a Cowboys, in fact I hate the Cowboys and the whole organazation. But in terms of actual empathy, their is some for the guy, he felt BAD after that missed FG and I dont know for a fact how he handled it now or immediately afterwards, but he probably lower then dirt itself, in that he screwed the pooch.

Think about it if you will, you are facing the defendng NFC champions Seahawks, you play a great game, tight as you can find, toe to toe, and you have a chance to make history if you can do your part and make a FG or hold on to to the ball, and he DIDNT.

That would break me in half emotionally, you dont know if you are ever getting back here agian, this is the playoffs mind you, not everyone gets to go here, only a select few, and he gets the chance to make his own mark and he fails in heartbreaking fashion.

It happened to us in 2003 in Jacksonville and yes it tore me up, and yes it may have started the decline of Haslett as our HC, and seeing tony Romo crying on the field that is a feeling I never would want to have, even for my most hated enemies or rivals.

I say it again, I hate the cowboys and I hate Romo, but I cant help but feel a little bit sorry for him now after having to live down an infamous play like he did, the NFL equivalent of Buckner's missed ball in 1986 WS, thats the comparison I go for, and you arent human if you dont some sympathy for the guy.

Even if you hate the Cowboys and I do as a Saints fan, you have to feel some sense of sympathy for their new QB, he screwed up and did it perhaps unwittingly and may never get their again.

Maybe I am too tender hearted or too soft for lack of a better word, but It is me nevertheless.
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Sympathy for Tony Romo ??? ha I hate this guy as much as Vick I dont understand why they love this kid so much and he got voted to the pro bowl witch blows my mind he didn't even play a whole season he was 2nd string... I laughed when he lost the ball and then got pissed because I thought he was about to score but no he was tackled and lol he just sat there on the turf.... with his head down HAHAHAHA!!! I love it and I loved it when we whoped the overrated cowboys that sunday night ....

I just want a pass rush... Is that so hard to find.... Apparently....
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nope! In fact I laughed pretty hard!
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sympathy for a cowboys player or team??? yeah, all their years of hard luck and struggles warrants a ton of sympathy.........NOT!
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I don't think I'd go as far as to say that I hate the guy. I don't like the Cowboys, and I don't like Romo. I got especially annoyed with "Romo-mania" last season when the guy hadn't proven anything. But I guess I can't help but feel a little bad for the guy. I mean, I live in Dallas, and there were so many hooligans who were ready to crucify the guy. I think he's a mediocre QB who was given unrealistic expectations. I also feel bad for him because he has to play for the Cowboys. So, while I don't like him by any means, I did wince a little bit watching him walk off that field knowing that he let down his team and millions of fans. I don't care who you are, that hurts.
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For a split second i did. That was after I pissed my pants from laughing so hard. Wait, no that split second was not for him. That was for my dog because I pissed on him too. Sorry no tear drops just pee.
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After going to the Saints/Cowboys game last year and having to endure all of the name-calling, heckling, thrown cups, jeers, being cursed at and almost-altercations...... and, yes, this was all BEFORE the game. I'd love it if a meteor fell through the hole in the roof of tx stadium. No love for any cowgirls fan. Especially the ones who still live in the 90's "Glory Days".... Wake up Dallas, it's 2007!!!
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What a softball...No I don't feel sorry for the dude that is banging Carrie Underwood.
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Considering that he undeservedly made the Pro Bowl, NO, I don't feel sorry for him. He had an overall OK year and that was it. If the voting were done very late in the season instead of starting in Week 7, he would not have made it. How ridiculous is it that they started the voting in week 7? So, ridiculous that you get Romo as a Pro Bowler.
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