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AssGrinch 06-25-2007 03:21 PM

Devery Henderson for a second
and a bag of potato chips. We need to get something for this guy now before it's too late. He is no better than what Stallpepper! What do you guys think :P

Euphoria 06-25-2007 03:59 PM

Devery is perfect for what we need him for. We need a jet to get down the field. We don't need him to catch the short possesion passes thats for other players.

This is why our offense was so successful. When you have many deminsions no Defense will be able to match up to every deminsion.

bobcat4u2 06-25-2007 04:01 PM

must be related to nemesis for this idea.

papz 06-25-2007 04:29 PM

There are star studded receivers that have been had for less. Getting a second for Devery would be a miracle. Therefore, he needs to stay... at least until we see what Meachem is all about. I wouldn't think Devery would have much value right now on the trade market... he's more helpful to us catching passes.

Nemesis 06-25-2007 04:32 PM

What are you talking about, bobcat? If you took exception to some comment of mine, then presenting your counterpoint probably would've been respected and responded to. I don't roll like this.

WVSaint 06-25-2007 04:33 PM

There's no way anyone would give up a 2nd for Devery, we'd be lucky to get a 2nd for a player of Deuce's caliber.....and Devery isn't even close to that.

Nemesis 06-25-2007 04:41 PM

DH has shown flashes of settling into his role as a deep threat speed merchant. Those guys are often squirrely. The staff is taking exra time to develop him into a more consistent player this year. His contract season may offer more incentive to step up. I'd hold on to him, and try to re-sign him while his value isn't too high. I think he could be a marquee player, if he only decides he wants to become one. He has all the physical tools.

saintsfan1976 06-25-2007 04:46 PM

Good point, Nem.....

Guys, don't forget the chemistry that DH has developed with Drew. Our offense needs a guy to stretch the field for the dinks and flats passes. (remember the Dallas game last year??):handguns:

cadilacin 06-25-2007 10:26 PM

I like DH! A nice lil field stretcher. by all means...keep him.

Mr. Saint 06-25-2007 10:56 PM

I am pulling for Devery. He needs to just take that talent he has and get a confidence boost I think. He needs to come to TC with the attitude that he can be great and go out and do it. We need him to do this - not start over with another guy at this point.

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