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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; "Do you think ex-Saints LB Rickey Jackson will ever get into the Hall of Fame?" A Louisiana fan asks about a Saints player. I class Jackson among the second echelon rush linebackers. In the first echelon is Derrick Thomas, a ...

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Cool Dr. Z > NFL Mailbag > Ricky Jackson and the HOF...

"Do you think ex-Saints LB Rickey Jackson will ever get into the Hall of Fame?" A Louisiana fan asks about a Saints player. I class Jackson among the second echelon rush linebackers. In the first echelon is Derrick Thomas, a finalist last year. Ranking alongside Jackson is Andre Tippett. But if you want to rank him with the pure pass rushers, he doesn't measure up to Richard Dent. And if you want to place him alongside the pure OLB's, I'd give Chuck Howley the nod over him. Does that mean he's undeserving and will never make it? No. He was a great player. In a year in which the competition is not that tough, I'd vote for him, and he could sneak in as a dark horse candidate.

"Derrick Thomas is definitely a first tier pass rusher, but I think Ricky Jackson ranks above Andre Tippett. O.K. he say, Ricky doesn't measure up to Richard Dent when it comes to pure pass rushers(I personally think he do), but Dent didn't have to cover RB and TEs either, if Ricky was a DE we wouldn't be having this conversation, he would've been compared to the likes of a Reggie White or a Bruce Smith. Now, Chuck Howley was truly a great one in his time, but Chuck didn't have all the responsibilities Ricky had, that's the thing about CITY CHAMP; he did everything great he had no weaknesses, Ricky rushed the passer, stuffed the run, and covered like a safety. Dr. Z said he could sneak in as a dark house, that's a shame because someone who played the game like Ricky Jackson should be automatic, I bet you if he would have played the game in the 50 or 60's he would've been in along time ago. I guess they appreciated warriors with gladiator hearts in days a lot more than they do today. Man, it just me off that he's not in."

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...which shows you what a dumbass Zimmerman is., comparing Rickey with a DE, and Derrick Thomas, who was a very good player, however, Derrick Thomas was allowed to freelance on just about every single play ( that famous "Falcon" position was basically a "do whatever you want" position ), and basically rushed the passer on every single play, rarely dropping back into coverage, and wasn't anything special stopping the run. Oh, yes, "Dr. Z" forgot about that.

The part I don't understand, is why they let these "writers", being that either they didn't ever put a foot on a field, or wannabes who never amounted to much on a field of play, choose who goes into the HoF. Case and point is Michael Irving. Why is this dufus going into the Hall is beyond everyone, except for Cowboy fans and the dumbasses who voted him in. Yet, you have Art Monk, who had multiple SB rings, and when he retired, had more catches than anyone ever, yet, there are writers (Zimmerman included) who say they would never vote for a Redskin.

And that's why the HoF means crap.

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Derrick Thomas - OLB
AP Defensive Rookie of the Year 1989,
record 7 sacks in a game,
9-time Pro Bowler: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
11 NFL Season Totals
In a 169 games he had 649 career tackles, 126.5 sacks, 1 Int., 19 fumbles, 161 return yards and 4 return TDs.

Most Touchdowns, Career (Opponents' recovered)
5 Jessie Tuggle, Atlanta, 1987-2000
Jason Taylor, Miami, 1997-2005
4 Derrick Thomas, Kansas City, 1989-1999
3 By many players

Most Sacks, Game
7.0 Derrick Thomas, Kansas City vs. Seattle, Nov. 11, 1990
6.0 Fred Dean, San Francisco vs. New Orleans, Nov. 13, 1983
Derrick Thomas, Kansas City vs. Oakland, Sept. 6, 1998
5.5 William Gay, Detroit vs. Tampa Bay, Sept. 4, 1983

He is one of only 22 NFL players to achieve 100 or more sacks,
Off the field, Thomas established the Third and Long Foundation.

Rickey Jackson
A six-time Pro Bowl selection (1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1992, 1993),
In a 227 games he had career tackles, 128.0 sacks, 8 ints, 29 fumbles, non for TDs
During his career with the Saints, Jackson averaged 85 tackles a year.

Jackson ended his career with 128 official sacks, which still ranks seventh on the league’s all-time list, going into the 1999 season.

At the time of his retirement, his 28 defensive fumble recoveries were the second most in NFL history behind Jim Marshall's 29. Which still hold up today

MOST Opponents' Fumbles Recovered, Career
29 Jim Marshall, Cleveland, 1960; Minnesota, 1961-1979
28 Rickey Jackson, New Orleans, 1981-1993; San Francisco, 1994-95
26 Kevin Greene, L.A. Rams, 1985-1992; Pittsburgh, 1993-95; Carolina, 1996, 1998-99; San Francisco, 1997
26 Cornelius Bennett, Buffalo, 1987-1995; Atlanta, 1996-98; Indianapolis, 1999-2000

Most Opponents' Fumbles Recovered, Season
9 Don Hultz, Minnesota, 1963
8 Joe Schmidt, Detroit, 1955
7 Alan Page, Minnesota, 1970
Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh, 1976
Ray Childress, Houston, 1988
Rickey Jackson, New Orleans, 1990

Jackson recorded 10 or more sacks in six different seasons and led the NFL in fumble recoveries in 1990 and 1991 (non pro bowl years).

Player Sacks

Bruce Smith 200.0
Reggie White 198.0
Kevin Greene 160.0
Chris Doleman 150.5
Richard Dent 137.5
John Randle 137.5
Lawrence Taylor 132.5
Leslie O'Neal 132.5
Michael Strahan * 132.5
Rickey Jackson 128.0
Derrick Thomas 126.5
Clyde Simmons 121.5
Simeon Rice * 121.0
Sean Jones 113.0
Greg Townsend 109.5
Pat Swilling 107.5
Trace Armstrong 106.0
Jason Taylor * 106.0
Neil Smith 104.5
Jim Jeffcoat 102.5

NFL: Former Saints Dome Patrol Member Rickey Jackson among 111 on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Nomination List for the Class of 2007

Please some one find Jackson tackle totals for me. For some reason I can not find them.

I would feel comfortable mentioning both in the same breath.

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