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Fantasyguru.com O-Line rankings

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; You have to have a subscription so I just posted the whole article. Here is the link if you do have one. http://www.fantasyguru.com/football/...nerankings.php R Team Run Grade Pass Grade Overall Grade Comments 1 San Diego 90 90 180 Line is ...

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Fantasyguru.com O-Line rankings

You have to have a subscription so I just posted the whole article. Here is the link if you do have one.


R Team Run Grade Pass Grade Overall Grade Comments
1 San Diego 90 90 180 Line is young but experienced and played very well for the run and the pass last year. Hard to be much better than this group.
2 Philadelphia 89 89 178 Line was terrific for the run last year and should continue to be plus they were also very good for the pass.
3 Indianapolis 88 89 177 Not overwhelmingly good but very solid inside and on the outside plus Manning always makes them better.
4 New England 90 87 177 Very solid overall and excellent inside. Good enough on the edges thanks mostly to LT Matt Light.
5 Cincinnati 90 87 177 Excellent on the edges still and despite loss of G Steinbach should be solid inside and in the running game.
6 New Orleans 89 88 177 LT Brown played well and team struck gold in the draft with G Evans so they are also solid inside and for the running game.
7 Chicago 90 87 177 Very good inside and for the run and still solid enough in pass protection.
8 Carolina 89 87 176 Healthier and transition to zone scheme works with personnel. If rookie Ryan Kalil excels their depth will be excellent.
9 Denver 89 87 176 A little shakier at T but likely strong inside again and overall this line, while not as good as previous, should be solid
10 Washington 88 88 176 Still very good at both T spots but need G Thomas healthy to have solid interior. Dominated in the running game last year though.
11 San Francisco 89 87 176 Younger line but now experienced. Especially solid inside for the running game but weak at RT.
12 Jacksonville 89 87 176 Particularly good blocking for the run and decent enough in pass protection.
13 Pittsburgh 89 87 176 Need G Alan Faneca in the lineup or else their potential issues at RG and RT could be more prevalent.
14 Minnesota 90 86 176 Issues on the right side but might be the best LT-G-C trios in the league. Should be strong for the run and decent in pass protection.
15 Dallas 88 87 175 If T Adams can come up with a big year and G Davis pans out this should be a very good line overall.
16 St. Louis 87 88 175 Need to find a good C but guard play is okay plus the bookends as a pair are very good.
17 NY Jets 87 87 174 The potential loss of G Pete Kendall would be huge but this should still be an above average line for the run and the pass.
18 Buffalo 87 87 174 Team added solid depth and overall the line has the potential to come together very well this year.
19 Green Bay 85 88 173 Very good at T again and while guys inside were up and down last year they are young and could improve more.
20 NY Giants 88 85 173 Still have good players and the potential to be good for the run but the situation at LT is worrisome. 1-2 injuries could really hurt.
21 Seattle 85 88 173 T Jones is still excellent but the right side is in flux and team needs to quickly find a winning combination.
22 Kansas City 87 86 173 Should be okay inside blocking for the run but questions at T for sure and this line will miss presence and play of G Shields
23 Baltimore 86 87 173 Ogden is still a stud but there are issues everywhere else. Team needs rookie G Grubbs to pay immediate dividends
24 Tennessee 86 87 173 Nothing special inside or on the edges but this group is solid enough overall.
25 Tampa Bay 87 86 173 Improving line looks better on paper but still needs to come together. Shaky on the edges but should be solid inside for the run.
26 Atlanta 85 86 171 Overall about average but should be okay switching to power scheme.
27 Cleveland 86 85 171 Potential is there due to upgrades but T Thomas and Steinbach aren't the greatest power guys
28 Arizona 84 83 167 Potential is there and coaching will help a lot, but young and still overall shaky.
29 Houston 84 82 167 Have some experience and ability inside but big questions on the edges. They need T Spencer to be healthy in the worst way.
30 Oakland 84 83 167 Will benefit from better coaching and system but this group is young and has weaknesses all over the place and for the run and pass.
31 Detroit 84 82 166 T Backus needs to rebound and G play could be very shaky so this is one of the worst lines on paper in the league.
32 Miami 82 83 165 Major patchwork being done here and will need a minor miracle to find good play outside and also inside for the run.

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