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falcons could release vick this week

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falcons could release vick this week

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Of course they could release him... They can release him any time they want.... The part that makes me laugh is where Arthur Blank is ready to "lay down the law"... As if he would actually do this... He's just buying time.
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yeah, sure the falcons will cut vick....and then do what. The whole team has been built around the man, Blank himself has pretty much sunk a large chunk of his money into the team and vick.

Im sorry, but I cant stand Vick the QB, and I think that has more to do with the fact the saints have to face that fool twice a year. The Falcons can cut him now, and be in salary cap hell for the next two years. Thus start rebuilding all over again, in a divison that now has Reggie "The Next Big Thing" waiting to step up and blaze a new path, and that path will run through ATL twice a year.

You say that were nuts for pulling for them, you call them sorry, you wonder why we deal with them year after year. Well New Orleans is like no other city in the world, and no fans are anything like saint fans.
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If I'm not mistaken, the Falcons asked him to take a paid leave from the team. They will not cut him... they've invested too much money in him not to ride this thing out.
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I think the only way he will be cut is if the Falcons can get cap relief from the league. If that happens...bye bye Ron.

However, if he gets convicted, they are s*%t out of luck anyway, and have to rebuild. So either way, they are screwed.
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Whether he is cut or suspended, the Falcons still incur $6 mill this year and $15 mill next against the cap. No way they get relief- what kind of message does that send?

Blank bought himself this mess- Vick has been dogfighting since 2001. He signed the big contract (37 mill signing bonus) in 2004. Why didn't Blank spend $20 K on a private investigator to gather some background info on his investment before he offered the contract?
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good point Scott
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I dont see him getting released unless he gets a guilty verdict.
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If they release him, I hope he gets with another team, soon.
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... guess Blank would be left with the good memories, like him pushing Vick's wheelchair all over the Georgia Dome, whispering sweet nothings to his ear... ahhh ... almost brings a tear to my eye.

... wonder how much Petrino is regretting leaving Louisville.
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