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'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Thursday, August 09, 2007 By Benjamin Hochman JACKSON, MISS. -- Hollis Thomas, the Saints' loquacious lineman, is one of the funniest guys in the locker room. He's also the fattest. Thomas is the first to admit he needs to shed ...

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Cool 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

Thursday, August 09, 2007
By Benjamin Hochman

JACKSON, MISS. -- Hollis Thomas, the Saints' loquacious lineman, is one of the funniest guys in the locker room. He's also the fattest.

Thomas is the first to admit he needs to shed pounds -- like, say, an Olsen twin -- and Coach Sean Payton said Thomas' weight is affecting the veteran's play. Veteran defensive tackle Kendrick Clancy has taken increasingly more repetions with the first team.

But entering Thomas' second season with the Saints, the 33-year-old is confident he can shed pounds in the Mississippi heat and become a factor for the Saints' defense. Thomas spoke with The Times-Picayune on a variety of issues, from his role on the defense, his asthma, his movie collection and his impromptu karaoke sessions.

How would you describe your role on the defense?

I'm pretty much a run-stuffer, trying to stop anything coming through the middle and try to cause a little havoc here and there.

How would you describe your role in the locker room?

I'm a prankster. I make for a happy environment around here.

You're a movie aficionado. What's a recent favorite?

The movie "300." It was great. A great epic battle, the powerhouses coming down, thinking they're going to take over the small man's territory.

In your opinion, how is the defensive line doing in camp?

We're doing OK, but we're not up to par yet, including myself. We still have some things we're not doing correctly. Our coach (Marion Hobby) is trying diligently to get us to do them. It's hard when you're a defensive lineman, because sometimes you're going against two people sometimes, and you're supposed to step properly, put your hands in the proper place, and also be in the proper gap -- and then turn and run to the ball. It's a grind. Our coaches . . . they try to get the good out of us. I think they're doing a tremendous job at teaching us our craft.

After all these years, what are your secrets to surviving training camp?

There's really no secret. I just come to grips with it as something you got to do. It's like when you're a kid -- to get to the luscious piece of cake, you have to eat the green beans and broccoli. The cake is the season. You've got to get yourself in shape.

Who on the defense is primed for a breakout season?

I think our defense as a whole should be ready to shock some people. We need to step up and be accountable, week in, week out, myself included.

What are you weighing these days?

That's confidential information. But it's not where I want to be. I'm heavy right now. I feel my step is a little slower. I feel like I take the easy way out on certain situations, trying to muscle my way out. I hope to lose weight and be able to technique my way out. I'm just trying to get my weight down gradually and not hurt myself.

Does the weight issue concern you?

It concerns me a great deal. I want to get it down. I'm trying to get it down. I'm trying to eat right. I have been eating right. I haven't been fast-fooding it up. I'm just trying to keep it green and lean, baby. I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup. It's something I have to take my time with.

Got a target weight?

My target weight is like 335.

Is it doable?

It's doable by the end of training camp. I'm trying to make headway. I wasn't successful in the last weigh-in. I have to go back to the drawing board and do a couple of other things like add some extra cardio on the days we have one-a-day practices.

From a personal standpoint, how would you describe your play last season, your first with the Saints?

It was decent. I was getting acclimated to the system. A lot of times, I felt like I was feeling my way. This year, I'm trying to make it like second nature, instinct. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring the fans more excitement in the backfield and try to create havoc.

Is there one part of your game you hope to improve on from last season?

I want to get more sacks (3 1/2 last season). Sometimes I get S.O.L. -- stuck on the line. Which leads to being S.O.L. My coach gets on me because I stop my feet a lot, and I'm a big guy, so once you stop your feet, it's like hell getting them started again. Running my feet is probably the most important thing that I'm working on during this training camp.

What's an example of your goofiness in the locker room?

I'll say some off-the-wall stuff. And I'll sing off-the-wall songs. I was playing "Bang Your Head" by Quiet Riot. And on my phone with its loud speaker, I played "I Want A New Drug" by Huey Lewis and the News. And then I started singing along.

Last season, you said difficulty with asthma medication during training camp led to your four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. How are you treating your asthma this season?

found a pulmonary doctor in New Orleans, and he found a formula I can use out here. The asthma actually isn't as bad as last year. I think last year my body got shock treatment, not used to being in this climate.

Where do you like to eat in New Orleans?

I like Emeril's cornbread, but I'm a steak kind of guy, so Morton's Steakhouse, Ruth's Chris, and Sweet Fire and Ice.

And you're an accomplished cook. Have you learned any new tips living in Louisiana?

Nah, because I'm not really a spicy type of guy. I'm a savory, seasoning type guy. I don't like to be looking for water when I'm eating my meal.

What are some of your cooking specialties?

What would you desire? Would you like bacon and eggs? Pancakes? Everybody enjoys my spaghetti. Everybody enjoys my chicken and fish. I'm versatile.

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Re: 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

Clancy is starting Friday, so maybe this will be a wakeup call for Thomas
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Re: 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

If you're a fat guy, do you were clown make up as opposed to regular make up?
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Re: 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

I love Hollis, and he's going to shape up by the start of the season, maybe by the last preseason game. He, Clancy, and Young should make up a pretty solid little rotation, and I feel better about having seen Clancy do well for a little while in that game. I think the fact that they'll be able to stay fresher this year will help the ol' run stuffers.
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Re: 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

Who is the fattest Saint of all time? Is it Thomas, or could it be Norman Hand? What about Grady Jackson? Who would win a cracklin' eatin' contest?
Grady used to sweat buffalo wing sauce all over the Superdome turf.
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Re: 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

Green Eggs and ham, Hollis I am. Get's you on the second string everytime. Hollis will be fine. Some one needs to show him southern home style cooking. Not just the cajuin style.
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Re: 'I'm a fat guy. I have a different makeup.'

I had no idea the guy was so eloquent. Sounds intelligent - I'm not used to mammoth DT's using words/phrases like "diligently", "luscious", "what would you desire"... wow.
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