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Not sure about you guys

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; but I really liked what I saw. Given the players we were missing atleast so far for the first half I was pleased. No Injuries! no sacks unless I was AFK.. Strief impressed, D Line was awesome. Nice work from ...

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Not sure about you guys

but I really liked what I saw. Given the players we were missing atleast so far for the first half I was pleased. No Injuries! no sacks unless I was AFK.. Strief impressed, D Line was awesome. Nice work from Linebackers. Maybe a few but not many mistakes from Secondary. Thoughts?
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Re: Not sure about you guys

Craft and F. Thomas need to go. I like Thomas but it's just time for him. I really like that Palko kid. Made a couple of mistakes. But I saw some good decision/playmaking ability from him tonight.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

I too was impressed with Palko. I'm not sure that after tonight, I wouldn't rather see him #2 rather than Martin. I like Martin but his age scares me. I still want to see more of this Pierre Thomas kid, for some reason I really like him and have the feeling that if we let him get away he will come back to bite us. I want to see him make this team. Lance Moore was all over the place making plays. He's having a great camp. I was getting down on our 1st rounder, but his touchdown catch was a pro catch. I hope he gets better and over his jitters.

Our defense was much better wwith Lake and Clancy. They will give old big boy some trouble getting back in the starters. As far as backup players, Troy Evans (linebacker) is impressive,by far the best of the free agent players yet. I thought Mitchell did pretty well on special teams.

We lost but they showed heart and passion to play.

Overall, i'm satisfied with the game,at least much more than the HOF game.

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Re: Not sure about you guys

<---- not pleased with defense. Exception would be MAYBE the 1st string line.

Tyler Palko gets the thumbs up from me over Martin.

1. He can actually *move*.

2. He's got a good arm, fairly accurate even on the run.

And again, the defense merely looks like 11 other Bills players on the field.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

yea i'm with ya on jason craft...i've never liked him...he's always "behind the guy" running to catch up...see ya craft.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

i've seen a couple of post regarding how accurate Palko is, but he threw two int's, can someone explain this to a guy who had to work during the game? Thanks!
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Re: Not sure about you guys

One of Palkeauxs picks was in the end zone, which is never good...but the other one was worse. The throw might have made a decent pooch punt. I thought his best asset was his escapability, which he needs because he kind of has a slow, awkward delivery (lefty, and sidearm). This was especially obvious on playaction passes when he had to turn his whole body around. He seems to throw off his back foot a lot.
He had some nice runs, especially a bootleg (fourth down?) later in the game that faked everybody out. There was some potential there, and he was fun to watch (in an exhibition.)
But this team is in big trouble if he is taking snaps in a meaningful game this season. In my opinion, the backup QB situation looms as the biggest question mark right now. How can we not have addressed this?
Other game thoughts:

-- Whats deal with Usama Young? Did he play? I dont recall seeing him in the game.

-- Pittman is starting to grow on me, and seeing Meachem make a play made me feel a lot better about that situation.

The cb, #30, Jones, should be the first player cut next week. He missed two tackles on the Bills TD drive that cost us the game.

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Re: Not sure about you guys

I am glad to see this because I was about to post for everyones opnions on Palko. I love the kid. He is quick, steady headed, and he IS accurate. His downfalls are what seems to be a lack of arm strength, he floats the ball too often and he is an undrafted rookie. I like the runs he made last night. He was blazing past the DL and LBs, and he is VERY elusive.

With that said WHAT ABOUT REGGIE! He was simply amazing. He hit the holes with speed. He had an amazing catch that he made look simple. Devery was another person who impressed me. HE CAN CATCH! Brees bounced back after a 1-6 game on Sunday, He looked sharp. I like Eric Johnson at TE. Deuce is starting to get a chip on his shoulder with all the Reggie talk. No one seems to want to talk about our favorite back in the mass media. Meachum made a spectacular catch, BUT he has yet to impress ME! and I was the biggest Meachum fan on here. I like Copper and Moore, I am worried about Mare kicking field goals. I like the pressure the defense put on the QB, but we need to get to him. Finally, WE NEED TUNROVERS. I haven't seen anything that shows we are improved as a turnover team. The DBs can't catch, the LBs aren't getting fumbles. This is the key duiring the regular season. WE NEED TURNOVERS! Other than that it was a good game. Showed the offense is ready to make another great season.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

No one mentioned the special teams play? that is an area that needs a ton of work. I am expecting improvement here but it has not happened. Cover team must be coached by the secondary coach. The return unit is not clicking. Better ML phone number handy.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

It was discouraging that after 4 drives it was 3-0 instead of 21-0 or 17-0.
On the plus side, Henderson & Brees looked great, Eric Johnson very good, and Reggie was Reggie. Meachem's catch was simply beautiful.

Special teams are still a concern on both sides of the ball. Moore tried to do too much and ended up with nothing. Lots of penalties, too.

Heard this before? DB's were weakest unit on the field, led by David. I hope he adjusts soon.

Who makes the team? Evans looked good, Moore helped himself, and Pittman's perfrormance will send Stecker packing. Not sold on Goodwin as a backup center- can Alleman snap?
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