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"The Night Before Kickoff"

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 'Twas the night before Kickoff, when all through the Dome Not a whodat was stirring, we all were at home; The Jerseys were hung by the TV with care, In hopes that Sean Payton soon would be there; The Helmets ...

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"The Night Before Kickoff"

'Twas the night before Kickoff, when all through the Dome

Not a whodat was stirring, we all were at home;

The Jerseys were hung by the TV with care,

In hopes that Sean Payton soon would be there;

The Helmets were polished all shiny and gold,

And offset by fleur-de-lis black trimmed and bold;

And mamma in her face paint, and I with gold chest,

Had just settled down for a night of no rest,

Tomorrow in the dome there will arise such a clatter,

Where Legends are made and dreams they are shattered.

Away thru the line they’ll run like a flash,

Thunder and Lightning, the bolt and the crash.

The Colts unprepared will fall to the masses

When the Saints they march in, come for their asses

Stronger than Eagles in a post-season game ,

Coach Payton will shout, and called them by name;

"Now, Reggie! now, Deuce! now, Marques and Drew!

On, Charles! on Will! on, Scott and J-Crew!

To the start of the season, It’s been a long road

Now go out and win! Go Black and Go Gold!

"defence's personal to allwats double team or watch is over, that one reason why the saints or not any good." - Vador101
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

Not bad, if I do say so myself.
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

Great Poem.
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

I can't wait for this 'Christmas in September', up all night, waiting to take the new chatroom for a spin, praying for no crashes, and eventually celebrate with fellow fans and a few brews, thanks for the awesome poetry whodat205! It's true, the anticipation tonight is just like xmas eve, true dat!!!
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

Now I'm thinking about skipping work today. My productivity will be nil.

This IS like being a kid again, waiting for Santa to come! grrrrrrr
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

Can we start the weekend now?
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

I can't help but wonder if there's a lymeric version.

"There once was maiden from Indy".....

No, I can't do it.
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Re: "The Night Before Kickoff"

so i left for work this morning, and kissed the wifey goodbye. This is the last time I kiss her today, for she is the enemy as of now. I hung all the saints jerseys in the bedroom, along with my "Go Saints" budweiser banner. The dog is wearing her McAllister jersey, the laptop is playing "The Saints Are Coming" on loop. I have black and gold streamers in the Living Room. The big screen has the Xbox 360 on, playing Madden with the Final Score being Saints 79, Colts 0. I cant wait til she wakes up, sees all of it and calls me........

is this all really happening????
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