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What's Up With Drew Brees

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Aaron Brooks syndrome....

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Re: What's Up With Drew Brees

Aaron Brooks syndrome.
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Re: What's Up With Drew Brees

Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
Here is more proof... go and actually watch the games and cound how man seconds Brees has before he has to step up or make a move.
I don't have every game taped or I would. Give me a place I can get them from or a torrent where I can d/l them and I'll go look at it.
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Re: What's Up With Drew Brees

Originally Posted by LordOfEntropy View Post
Is the O Line guilty? Hell yes, of course it is. But does anybody -really- believe Aaron Fumblitis Brooks could lead a team to a Superbowl? C'mon.

If Aaron Brooks had any value whatsoever - he'd have a job in the NFL.
If I'm not mistaken...Dree Brees hasn't lead anybody to the superbowl neither.
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Re: What's Up With Drew Brees

Originally Posted by CheramieIII View Post
There is something wrong with Brees and we all know it. When he attempts a downfield pass (more than 15 yards) they look very very weak. One of the longer passes he completed (against the Titans) was a lame duck and he's glad it wasn't intercepted. I don't care what you guys say about the blocking there is something wrong with him. He doesn't look like the leader of last year.
Simply put...Agreed!!
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Re: What's Up With Drew Brees

Drew's completion % for last year 64.3 that is pretty good and he led the league completing 50% for passes of 20+ yards.
Drew's completion % for this year 63.8. Son of a b*tch can we trade him? The boy has lost his touch he hears footsteps in the huddle does he need glasses did the laser surgery on his eyes miss. Wait I just looked up some stats his #2 wr has been thrown to 11 times and has caught 4 of them. So he completes 65% of his passes to everyone except his #2 wr.
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Re: What's Up With Drew Brees

Did anyone else notice that the only time Brees made meaningful, good throws was when the play was a designed bootleg to get out of the pocket. He'd then plant his feet and throw it downfield to a Colston or Henderson.

I don't understand for the life of me why they didn't run more of those - because they were the only pass plays that worked. And they kept the pressure off of Brees. WAKE UP coaches.
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