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Haslett Interview

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; TRANSCRIPT: Jim Haslett August 4, 2003 NewOrleansSaints.com Q: Explain what the new no-profanity rule is? A: "They have a rule that if the profanity gets out of hand or you show up an official or if you go out on ...

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Haslett Interview

August 4, 2003

Q: Explain what the new no-profanity rule is?

A: "They have a rule that if the profanity gets out of hand or you show up an official or if you go out on the field as far as the numbers, then you can get a 15-yard penalty."

Q: Does that concern you?

A: "No, I'm fine."

Q: Have you done any of those things in the last three years?

A: "Not that I recall. It's actually a good rule, but you have to police it. That goes for head coach, assistant coaches, and players. You just have to be careful."

Q: Have you started schmoozing the referees yet?

A: "I did a good job with Ed (Hochuli) this weekend."

Q: Why did you continue the end of practice in the rain?

A: "It was almost over. We only had about 15 plays left when it started raining."

Q: Did you have any extra precautions because of the hot weather?

A: "It's New Orleans. It's Louisiana. It is like that all of the time."

Q: Were the trainers monitoring it more than normal?

A: "No, we are fine."

Q: Has anyone had trouble with the heat?

A: "One guy has had an IV."

Q: Did you think about moving practice inside?

A: "No, we only had about 15 plays left."

Q: Did you finish everything?

A: "We finished everything, but punt team."

Q: Why did the practice in Mandeville get canceled for tomorrow night?

A: "I really don't know exactly what happened. They came and said it was canceled. I guess it was because of excessive rain. The field was in poor condition and the parking lot was flooded. That's all I know."

Q: What will you do?

A: "We will stay here."

Q: Did Michael Lewis fully practice today?

A: "He did everything. It was the first time since he was injured."

Q: What were the injuries from the scrimmage?

A: "Henry Ford re-injured his ankle. Darrin Smith pulled a groin today, but he should be OK."

Q: Did David Sloan practice today?

A: "He was not out there. He is going to have surgery on his (right) shoulder at about 6 p.m. tonight. He had some pieces floating around, so we wanted to get them out now. It is going to be about one to two weeks before he will be back. They tell me it will be a week before he can go out and start catching the ball and then another week before he can put on the pads and start playing again."

Q: Is it a scope?

A: "Yes."

Q: Can you talk about Johnathan Sullivan becoming more comfortable with the system?

A: "In the offseason, we put him in the nose position, so he could learn that. Then, we moved him to three technique, which is not much of a difference. We wanted him to learn both positions, so we took our time with him. He is still a little bit overweight, but he has shown great strength and quickness. He has great feet. He has great hands. He can play with really good leverage. He has a chance to be a pretty good player for a young kid. I think he will be ready to go full speed in about a week or so."

Q: How has Martin Chase been doing working with the first group?

A: "He was a little inconsistent in the scrimmage. When he plays with pad level and leverage, he is a pretty good player. When he doesn't, he is not as good as you would like. He played some really good plays in the scrimmage and he played in some plays that really wasnt up to par."

Q: Where do you see Johnathan Sullivan playing?

A: "He will probably play in both positions. We will only dress three defensive tackles for the game, so he is going to have to know both. So, if your other two are nose guard types, then he will stay where he is. If the other guy is a three technique, then he will have to be the one who moves back inside. We also have the advantage of putting Willie Whitehead in there. Then, we can get more speed."

Q: Is Darrin Smith making a strong bid to become the starter?

A: "He is starting with the first unit. He has played extremely well. He had a little setback today. I don't know who the middle linebacker is. It is either him or Orlando (Ruff) because Cie Grant hasn't played. We would like to have all three in the mix, but we need him to get out on the field."

Q: Are Derrick Rodgers and Sedrick Hodge locking up starting positions?

A: "I would say Sedrick is playing a lot better than he has played since he has been here. Derrick Rodgers is playing extremely well, but James Allen is going to be a heck of a player. It will be an interesting battle once we go into these preseason games."

Q: Was there anyone that really stood out in the scrimmage?

A: "I would say Montrae Holland stood out the most on offense. He is going to be a really good player in this league. I thought Kareem Kelly had an outstanding day. (Jon) Stinchcomb did a good job. Talman Gardner has a chance to be a pretty good player. He dropped a couple of balls, but he made six catches. Joe (Horn) didnt play, but Donte' (Stallworth) and Jerome (Pathon) did a pretty good job. There were better players on defense because we had six starters out on offense. It was a little misleading. Guys were playing different spots. Kendyl Jacox was playing center. We really had three rookies playing and we had Spencer (Folau) and Victor (Riley) playing the right spot. We had four different bodies in there from the regular starters. On defense, (Darren) Howard and (Charles) Grant played really well. I thought Kendrick Allen really made a step forward. Keyuo Craver played really well. Both safeties did a good job. Michael Hawthorne did a nice job when he was in there. Defense probably had a little more action than the offense."
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Haslett Interview

The answer Haslett gave to the question \"Was there anyone that really stood out in the scrimmage?\" is interesting in that he singled out Montrae Holland as the one player who stood out the most on offense and proclaimed that he is going to be a really good player in this league. They have been real high on this pick from the moment they drafted him this year and he gets raves from the coaching staff each time they mention him. Three other rookies were mentioned including Stinchcomb, Kelly, and Gardner as having impressed, but it is Holland they seem to feel was the steel of the draft. The Saints will have starters returning on the offensive line with proabably Fontenot, Jacox, and Bentley starting where they did so last year. Gandy is a lock at left tackle. Riley is trying to replace Folau, last years starter at right tackle. If this were to be the opening day starting lineup, the Saints would be blessed with both depth and personnel that can play more positions than one. Folau can play guard. Jacox and Bentley can both play center. Stinchcomb will see some playing time at some point at right tackle. The coaches have also had good things to say about Setterstrom at guard. Sanderson will most likely be the backup at left tackle. Then there is Montrae Holland trying to make a splash at guard. With a blend of experience, youth and versatility, this may be the best overall group of linemen the Saints have ever assembled together.

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Haslett Interview

I was thinkin the same thing Gator. Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. This IS a young team, and especially on Defense this year. I hope everybody can manage to keep their head in the game.
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