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why should I have confidence this year

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Can anyone give me any good reason I should have confidence that HAZ and Co. will have anything different this year then they had last year. I am lifer when it comes to the saints and every year I would ...

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why should I have confidence this year

Can anyone give me any good reason I should have confidence that HAZ and Co. will have anything different this year then they had last year. I am lifer when it comes to the saints and every year I would think they are going to the superbowl. This year is the first year I honestly don't beleive they will. This is caused mostly by the coach speak coming out of Airline hwy.

Did the saints go into the season last year saying they had a poor defense? NO. They said the defense would be good and as the year went on they made excuses for why it was not good. Did they over estimate the defense capability last year? How do I know they are not over estimating it this year?

Last year the saints had the fans beleiving the Delhomme was a quality backup that was jus a step off Brooks heals. Well when Brooks was hurt and could not throw the ball at the end of the year they refuse to insert Jake. Later we are told that an injured Brooks who can't throw is better then a healthy Delhomme. Is Bouman really as good as they tout? Will he be better than Brooks if Brooks can't throw?

Last year the saints traded a player and a 4th round pick for Keaton to be the backup. We were told the guy was a steal. Well Deuce goes down and now the saints have no RB and the offense stalls. Do they have this problem fixed?

Last year we were told the def. line was above average. How do we know they will be average this year?

See what I am saying? Last year we were told to drink the punch and we did. It made me sick. Why should I get back in line for a second serving of that punch?
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why should I have confidence this year

Tampa Bay would better suit you this year. Take them or Philly.
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why should I have confidence this year

I\'m assuming this is a loaded question, but let me say this anyway... (much to the shock of pretty much everyone on this board).

The Saints have a very talented offense. If McCarthy can keep the play calling like it started last season then they will be successful on that side of the ball. Deuce is a very good up-and-coming back who has potential to be great. Donte has shown flashes. Brooks is the wrong quarterback for this team, be even still he is more physically gifted than any QB this team has seen in a long while and if he can actually play smart (don\'t get your hopes up) he will be successful.

That being said, I think the Saints offense will play very well, but not up to their full potential. I see them ranking about 10th in the league in yards and points.

The special teams is very good and will continue to be one of the best units in the league, so that\'s reason for celebration.

Unfortunately, both of the previous sections are completely overshadowed by this one GIANT IF - the defense. Many crazies believe that they\'ll be one of the better units in the league. I give that possibility a 1 in 99 chance. Some optimists believe that they\'ll get better enough for the offense to carry them into the post season. This IS possible, but it won\'t make them a real contender. The appear to be a faster unit, and it does look generally like they want to hit. Of course, Venturi, who I believe to be a very bad coordinator is still at the helm. There seem to be too many ifs from a personnel standpoint. I have the distinct advantage of not being in the NO-area where fans are fed a lot of information from coaches and hometown journalists and sportscasters that are often biased either on accident or by design (b/c in case you couldn\'t tell by this board fans don\'t want to hear honest assessments of their team, they want to hear how good that team will be). What\'s being said outside of NO - at least what I\'m hearing - is mostly that the saints did not do enough on defense to get them over the edge. I will say this though, the Saints are one of those teams that seem to be hard to place thus far. Some analysts think they\'ll just make it (9-7) others thing they\'ll fall off (7-9). I\'d say 8-8 is a safe bet, and Haslett will be around again next season.

I hope for 12-4, but I predict .500.

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